1962 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Tiger

1962 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Tiger

Personality Type of the 1962 Chinese Zodiac

If you were born in the year of 1962, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Tiger.

Tiger people are known to be strong, competitive, brave, confident, and unpredictable.

But they are very well-liked because of their irresistible charm and friendliness.

Still, you can’t deny the fact that Tigers are more likely to be irritable, impulsive, and overindulged than not.

Because of their tough judgment and stubborn personalities, Tigers work energetically and have no problems expressing themselves.

They often accomplish their tasks in a dictatorial or authoritarian manner.

They never go back on something they have said, and they will work hard to deliver as they have promised.

Tigers are often known in the workplace as very competent leaders because of their indomitable strength, fortitude, and confidence.

They can be unprepared for certain tasks or situations, but you will never notice because of their sheer talents. They can handle anything that comes their way.

Tigers are bold and energetic people who will always say yes to a good challenge. They will always be on the lookout for the next big adventure.

Tiger people are very confident about their own abilities and go all out in their endeavors.

They can also be expected to face any kind of challenge instead of ignoring them or passing them on to the next unwitting person.

Tiger people are calm and cautious. They pay attention to what’s happening around them when people think that they’re too busy to notice.

They are aware of what’s wrong and what’s good with humanity, and they don’t like any form of rigid or fanatical procedures.

But they have no issues with accepting current ideas and popular trends. They are willing to try new ideas that will help them decide on certain things more clearly and help them make fewer mistakes.

However, Tiger people still need to watch out for their moments of indecision. If not, they will waste time and effort and cause delays to the plans.

They should be aware of when to use their good judgment if they are determined to succeed at something or they risk losing the opportunity altogether.

Tiger people learn quickly. They love novelty, and they can be a master at them in no time.

Because they have a high level of self-esteem, Tiger people insist on doing things their way and are very proud of their abilities.

This is why it can be difficult for them to accept other people’s views and opinions, and this is what causes them to fail in their endeavors.

But they seldom fail or make a mistake, making other people jealous or envious of their talents and skills.

When it comes to the career, they can experience all kinds of good luck and bad luck in their lifetime.

If friends, colleagues, and partners give them a hand, they will never run out of business or career opportunities.

But they should learn to not trust very easily. They should also carefully handle their business and personal affairs so that they can preserve some of their strength.

Tiger people should also be prepared for emergencies or the unexpected so that all their plans can be executed successfully.

If they are willing to put in the necessary effort, they will always get the reward that is due them.

Tiger people are very friendly, likeable, and benevolent. Sometimes they can be brash with their decisions and hard to control, but this is what makes them such exciting and challenging people to work with or love.

Regardless of the amount of challenges or difficulties they face, Tiger people will never give up.

They don’t live extraordinary lives because they also lead average lives with moments of disappointment, sadness, and happiness.

What Element is 1962?

The 1962 Tiger Chinese zodiac is a water element.

Water Tigers possess strong learning abilities and have a high sense of self-esteem.

They like to participate in all kinds of activities and are willing to try new ideas. They will not think twice about venturing to someplace they haven’t been in the name of adventure.

They have a humble nature and are known to be highly perceptive and adaptable.

The Water Tiger can be counted upon to remain calm in emergencies, but they can be quite indecisive.

However, they have a winning personality and can communicate with everyone effortlessly.

Their convincing and charming nature usually help them achieve or get what they want out of life.

Water Tigers are very adventurous and daring people. They can be very strong-minded about something and will pour all their time and effort to making something work.

They are willing to take risks and don’t like to be bound by expectations or conventions.

Water Tigers are also admired for their honesty and trustworthiness.

Your secrets are always safe with them, and they expect the same level of honesty from the people they love.

They hate lies and insincerity. They can be blunt and will not hesitate to dish out the truth when a situation calls for it.

They can show defiance when it comes to authority, and this is the reason for most disagreements.

Best Love Matches for the 1962 Zodiac

Tiger people born in 1962 love the feeling of being in love.

They can be clumsy or awkward when it comes to flirting, but they more than make up for it in action.

Tiger people have a special charm that makes people instantly fall for them.

But they can come across as too eager or overenthusiastic, and this can scare some people away.

Tiger people are often very lucky when it comes to love and relationships because they find real love quite easily.

They are also always surrounded by admirers in both platonic and romantic ways.

Male Tiger people are direct to the point. If they want you, you will certainly know.

They are also some of the most passionate but possessive people that you will ever meet.

Male Tiger people like having a few romantic potentials at the same time.

They need a partner who’s opinionated and shares the same interests.

When you show them your intelligent and intellectual side, they will be faithful to you because they are easily seduced and impressed by a person’s mental prowess.

Unfortunately, some male Tigers will continue with the flirting and the romantic affairs even after settling down because they have a natural playfulness and seduction.

However, they have a loyal heart and will only get married when they know they can provide everything that’s needed to have a happy married life.

When it comes to love, female Tigers are romantic but also independent.

They enjoy the game of love and romance and are known to be very passionate lovers. They are always full of life and dive into love very quickly.

They will be happy in a relationship that gives them a lot of freedom to control the reins and make decisions. But only if you’re willing to follow their lead.

Female Tigers are very happy and optimistic and demonstrate great character.

If you want to be in a relationship with a female Tiger, make sure that you have plenty of energy and power because they will not be happy spending time with someone who’s always tired, confused, or sad.

Mutual enthusiasm will promote a healthy and passionate partnership with female Tigers that will last for a lifetime.

If you want to get along harmoniously with a Tiger, you need to know how to be a patient listener first.

Tigers are very confident people who always feel good about themselves. They don’t like it when people tell them they are wrong or point out their mistakes publicly.

They like to win, so it’s best not to steal their thunder in certain occasions.

They are also used to playing the dominant role, especially when it comes to making decisions.

If you wish to make a suggestion, it’s best to do it in a very tactful and convincing way.

Overall, the Tiger Chinese zodiac sign makes a good love match for the Pig, Horse, and Dragon.

These love matches will result in a good, strong, loving, and lasting relationship.

The Dragon has a similar personality with the Tiger. They are both ambitious, bold, and decisive.

They will also work for the same goals and give one another support and encouragement.

The Horse is also a great love match for Tigers. Just like the Tiger, the Horse is outgoing and dynamic.

They need one another to keep themselves stable and grounded. They can achieve a good and harmonious life together and raise a very loving family.

The Pig and the Tiger also make a good match, especially in married life. They will make the necessary sacrifices for each other to make the other person happy.

They will always put the happiness of the other person above all else. Their passion will also keep the relationship feeling like brand-new.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1962 Chinese Zodiac

Tiger people experience financial losses and gains just like everybody else. But they usually reap their rewards from stock market dealings or lottery wins.

They also don’t have problems with financial opportunities and potential partnerships because of their friendly but professional demeanor.

Tiger people are natural born leaders. If they are forced to do something that they don’t like or enjoy, they will not put their best effort into it.

They need to work a job that will make use of their skills and talents.

A Tiger’s job should not be just about earning money. It should also be something that gives meaning to their lives.

They will be more financially satisfied and at peace when they live to work instead of the other way around.

Tiger people will easily spend their money on what’s popular and fashionable. If you want to be updated with the latest, call your Tiger friend because they are always in the know.

They love spending their hard-earned money in expensive boutiques or flea markets, as long as there are trendy finds there.

But they will only spend their money on something that they know are worth their money, whether it’s a big purchase or not.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The lucky numbers for Tigers are 1, 3, and 4 and any other combinations that contain them, like 13, 14, 34, 43, etc.

The lucky days are the 16th and 27th of the Chinese lunar calendar month.

Lucky colors are known to be orange, white, gray, and blue.

Cineraria and yellow lily are the lucky flowers for Tiger people.

The lucky directions are the north, south, and east.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1962 Chinese Zodiac

In Chinese culture, Tigers are believed to be the guardian of the children. Babies wear shoes adorned with Tiger designs as protection against evil spirits.

The Tiger Chinese zodiac sign is associated with the Earthly Branch yín. It’s also associated with the morning hours of 3 to 5.

When it comes to yin and yang, the Tiger is yang.

My Final Thoughts

People born in the year of the Tiger are brave and strong. They are also very friendly and charming and blessed with good luck and personal power.

They are good and inspiring leaders and will enjoy both big and small successes in all aspects of their lives.

They value their health, which is why they like being active in sports and other activities.

Tigers are very enthusiastic when it comes to work. If they feel exhausted after a day’s work, they will find creative ways to relax and refresh themselves.

When it comes to relationships, Tiger people always play the dominant role.

They tend to be very commanding when dealing with people. Even though they know a lot of people, they very rarely pursue anything deeper.

When you are good friends with a Tiger, that means that they have found something good and trustworthy in you.

The key to being happy with a Tiger is being patient, understanding, and tactful.

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