2000 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Dragon

2000 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Dragon

Perhaps the most sought after of all the creatures to be in all of the Chinese zodiac, the gifts of the Dragon are nevertheless bestowed upon a select few.

This beautiful and mystical creature is central to much of centuries-old Chinese folklore, but also makes for an intriguing and magnanimous personality for those born under its influence.

The turn of the millennium saw many babies of the new century born under the 2000 Chinese zodiac – the Year of the Dragon. But how does Chinese astrology summarise these people best?

Personality type of the 2000 Chinese zodiac

Across the world, there was a huge amount of anticipation for the year 2000 to begin, as well as some fears as to what exactly might happen when the calendars clicked over.

Yet for those individuals born this year, lucky stars certainly convened indeed, for they have the proud mantle of being born in 2000, the Year of the Dragon.

As dramatic as it might sound, the personality of people born in the Year of the Dragon is often surprisingly humble and sophisticated.

For further insight into this energy at work, you need look no further than the ancient Chinese folk tale behind how the animals of the Chinese zodiac were first chosen.

In an event known as the Great Race, in which the mystical Jade Emperor challenged creatures from across the land to meet him across a raging river, it was perhaps the mythological Dragon who was best equipped to win first place.

Yet the Dragon is the fifth creature in the Chinese zodiac, meaning he was the fifth to meet the Jade Emperor in the ancient, legendary event.

Why? So the story goes, the Dragon stopped the race explicitly so that he could assist townsfolk who were fighting a raging fire that was sweeping over their community.

This shows the altruism and protectiveness of the Dragon personality beautifully – these are people who will put all their lofty ambitions aside in an instant to aid those in need.

Yet as loyal, loving and protective as a Dragon person can be, people born in 2000, or any other Dragon year, are not to be trifled with.

Get on their bad side, and a ruthless and combative energy with seemingly infinite strength and a refusal to back down is exposed.

What element is 2000?

Every year marked in the Chinese zodiac is not just ruled by its governing animal or mythological creature, but also by an element that further shapes and moulds their personality.

It helps to create far more nuanced and differentiated souls, so even two Dragon people generations apart who meet will find there are distinctive differences in their nonetheless remarkably strong personalities.

With that in mind, the most accurate description of the turn of the century in this instance would be the year 2000 – the Year of the Metal Dragon.

Quite the magnificent title indeed – but one that people born in the year 2000 are often quite capable of living up to.

As we will see, this is not just due to the natural grace of people born under the Year of the Dragon in general, either.

Metal is solid and unbreakable in all but the most severe of circumstances, and people born in the Year of the Metal Dragon have a similarly iron will and a cast iron constitution to go with it.

Rarely ill or sick, and never succumbing to injury or insult for long, they are unbreakable in spirit and unshakeable in what they believe in.

Metal Dragon people command respect and display utmost strength in all they do, albeit in a quiet and dignified way.

However, they expect strength in all they meet too, and are more likely to respect someone with their own wealth of inner power and conviction than someone keen to simply flatter the Metal Dragon’s own power to try and curry favour.

Metal Dragon souls born in the year 2000 believe in what they believe incredibly strongly, and will follow it through to the end of their personal journey.

In fact, even if literally every other person on the planet disagreed with a given Metal Dragon person’s perspective, they would stand by their convictions and follow them through alone without a word of complaint.

Best love matches for the 2000 zodiac

As one might expect from someone born in 2000, the Year of the Metal Dragon, there’s a sense of mysticism and overall impressiveness to these individuals that means it’s often quite a simple thing to attract a mate.

Strength and confidence are always attractive, but Metal Dragon people also have the capability to be gentle and kind as the situation requires too – a solid combination if ever there was one.

Yet it’s still as important for them to consider good compatibility in Chinese astrology as much as anything else.

A good mixture of proud elegance is the love match between the Dragon and Rooster in Chinese astrology.

This blends vivid colours and self-confidence with some healthy mutual respect, and might just help the pair loosen up and help one another to take life less seriously from time to time.

For an intellectually charged love match, the compatibility of a Dragon and a Rat in Chinese astrology is also very romantically favourable.

This is because the Rat complements so many of the Dragon’s more loud and proud energies with softer spoken and more subtle ones, and both partners get to enjoy exploring new ideas and embracing new horizons with a keen adventurous spirit.

The kind of wisdom and guidance that Dragons can offer also makes them a good love match with the Monkey.

Quick wits are appreciated by each partner here, but so is an abundance of energy that lets each partner lead a healthily independent life in the fast line, while never losing sight of their connection to one another.

Wealth and fortune for the 2000 Chinese zodiac

People born in the year 2000 were born into a technological era the likes of which the world has never known.

As we as a society have learned over the years, this has given us as many advantages as it has risks and dangers – yet if anyone is equipped to overcome risks and the fear of the unknown, it’s the Metal Dragon.

Emboldened by a seemingly unending inner strength, these people are able to establish strong business ideas, and their natural leadership abilities mean that they often attract wealth at an almost subconscious level.

Yet owing to their generosity and need to nurture and protect, people born in the year of the Dragon don’t just hoard all their treasure like the dragons of Western fantasy might do.

Instead, they use the power wealth gives them to uplift others – but it has to be said that a Metal Dragon especially was born to be a leader and not a follower.

They can never truly feel satisfied in their career unless they are the ones calling the shots, whether that means ascending the corporate ladder rung by rung and proving their worth to their superiors, or going into business for themselves and establishing a valuable corner of the market to call their own.

All of these things and more are within the reach of the Metal Dragon in Chinese astrology, although it’s important not to be so fixated on achievement and accomplishment that downtime and relaxation is forgotten – even those with strength such as this need it sometimes.

Lucky symbols and numbers

Even the most powerful of Chinese zodiac creatures needs a little luck on their side from time to time, and the practice of attracting and keeping good fortune is very culturally important in the East.

As such, the Metal Dragon has plenty of ways of drawing in some good fortune that’s sure to smooth the course of people who were born in the year 2000.

For example, flowers such as the Hyacinth and Larkspur, with rich colours and almost regal bearing, are said to bring great good fortune upon people born in the Year of the Dragon.

Similarly, colours most associated with success and opulence, namely gold and silver, are very lucky indeed for Dragon people.

Other colours often don’t smile so favourably upon people born in the Year of the Dragon.

Those include red, black, green and purple – all colours that are a far cry from the more glistening hues that so bless people under this mythical creature.

You are also advised to keep the lucky numbers for people born in the Year of the Dragon in mind – assuming that the individuals themselves aren’t subconsciously aligning their activities with these numbers in some way, as is often the case.

Lucky numbers for the Dragon in Chinese astrology are 1, 6 and 7 – while unlucky numbers to be avoided wherever possible are 9, 8 and 3.

Chinese astrology also often delves into which directions of the compass best bless certain astrological animals and creatures within it, too.

In the case of those people born in the Year of the Dragon, those directions on the compass that are considered their luckiest are West, North and, of course, Northwest between them.

Many Dragon people arrange their homes in such a way as to best take advantage of this flow of fortuitous energy.

3 unusual facts about the 2000 Chinese zodiac

The more we explore the Chinese zodiac, the more fascinating and curious become the facts and myths that we find.

This is especially true of the Metal Dragon of the year 2000, a remarkable Chinese astrological character even to say the name of.

There’s even more to delve into in understanding these people, however.

Firstly, and perhaps most apparently, the Dragon is the only animal in the Chinese zodiac to be represented by a mythical being.

As has already been discussed, the Dragon would have won the Jade Emperor’s Great Race effortlessly were it not for the sense of heroics that saw him divert his efforts to helping a community in need.

That’s because the Dragon moved by walking the skies themselves – and people born in the Year of the Dragon are similarly unstoppable in thought and deed.

Secondly, it’s worth diving into just how respected people born in the Year of the Dragon tend to be in China – it’s an extremely celebrated and revered Chinese astrological sign to have.

In some more traditional perspectives, those born in the Year of the Dragon in China are stated to have descended from the legendary creature itself in centuries past.

Thirdly, a darker secret that the proud Dragon personality might not be so swift to admit – so huge are his or her ambitions, so far reaching their goals and so all-encompassing their charm and grace, that they can often feel unfulfilled.

With everything feeling so grandiose and elegant, it can be a tough act to follow for Dragon people sometimes, and some victories might well feel hollow – battles won for winning’s sake, more exhausting than rewarding.

My final thoughts

If you’re looking for perhaps the most prestigious of Chinese astrological signs, look no further than the year 2000 zodiac – the Year of the Metal Dragon.

An already renowned and mystical ruler of the skies, strong and forthright, is imbued with even more strength and solidness of mind thanks to the backing of the Metal element.

It is an enviable sky to be born under indeed, and that’s before you consider how it must feel to be one of the first people in the world to be born in the 21st Century.

Nevertheless, the power and might of the Dragon is here infused with a softness and kindness that helps these people from going too far into ambition and desire for accomplishment.

Obsession with these goals will ring hollow if left to go too far, so Metal Dragon people are advised to take the time to reflect alone and connect with those whom they love most whenever they want to remember what it is they’re fighting for.

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