1964 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Dragon

1964 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Dragon

Personality Type of the 1964 Chinese Zodiac

Out of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac, only the Dragon is an imaginary animal, and this is what makes it so special.

The Dragon is considered the most powerful and most important beast in the Chinese zodiac, even if it also has the reputation of being bad-tempered, hotheaded, and sharp-tongued.

Ancient people once thought that dragons controlled the world with their ambition and dominance.

People born in 1964 share the same traits as the Dragon.

Dragon people are blessed with keen intelligence, diligence, and courage. They are confident about themselves and enthusiastic about life.

They don’t crumble in the face of adversity, and they’re not afraid of challenges, no matter how big or small.

They are risk takers, and they are willing to go out on their own to explore something that’s unknown to them.

But Dragon people are also sometimes regarded as angry, aggressive, and not good in receiving criticism.

They don’t think of themselves as arrogant, annoying, or stubborn, even if they prefer not to follow tradition when they’re building their own futures.

Dragon people are known to be very excitable, energetic, and enthusiastic.

They are an intellectual lot that can easily tell right from wrong.

They’re frank and honest, but they can also be a bit impatient and arrogant. They do have a tendency to be too confident as well.

Dragon people hate gossip, lies, and hypocrisy. They can smell from a mile away when they’re being buttered up or lied to.

They respect honest people who have the guts to tell them the truth. They can handle their own challenges and don’t like being manipulated or controlled by other people.

Dragon people are strong decision makers. They inspire others with their courage, strength, and mental fortitude.

They are very kind and generous. They are driven by ambition, but they are also quite romantic and sensitive to the people they love.

However, Dragon people are also known to be unrealistic, eccentric, and intolerant. They have a fiery temper that you don’t want to see.

They can hurt feelings intentionally or unintentionally because of their tendency to be tactless.

The Dragon signifies ambition and dominance. People born under this sign prefer to live by their own rules.

When they can do what they want when they want, they are usually very successful.

They’re passionate in everything they do, and they do everything with flair.

Unfortunately, this amount of enthusiasm and passion can leave them feeling exhausted, uninspired, or even unfulfilled.

While Dragon people will not hesitate to help others whenever they can, they will not ask for help when they need it.

People are always attracted to Dragon people because of their colorful personalities, but they usually like to be alone.

This is because they find the most success when they work alone. But this desire to be on their own usually get misconstrued as arrogance.

What Element is 1964?

In the Chinese zodiac, the year 1964 is a Wood element.

The Wood Dragon is a very curious and creative person that will dive into many experiences and try their hand in different subjects.

They will usually think of unique ideas and put them to good use. When they’re completely focused on a task, they can achieve mind-blowing results.

The Wood Dragon is motivated and driven to make their ideas into reality.

They are more diplomatic compared to other Dragon types and have a wonderful sense of humor.

They have a keen perception regarding business matters and can be very giving and generous to the people they care about.

The Wood Dragon is an enthusiastic and energetic person with a never-ending supply of self-confidence.

They are very smart and can quickly spot opportunities. They are determined to excel at anything they put their energies on, and they usually do because they are just naturally talented.

Wood Dragon people are also perfectionists and will work hard to keep the high standards that they set for themselves.

They take things very personally and will be quick to criticize anyone that attempts to make a fool out of them.

People can see Wood Dragon people as blunt and direct. They can be insensitive to other people’s feelings and not very diplomatic.

But they can be quite naïve and believe whatever people tell them.

Be warned, though, because the Wood Dragon does not take insults lightly. If you insult or hurt them deeply, it will take a long time for them to forget what you’ve done or to trust you again.

The Wood Dragon is a very outgoing person and is a master at drawing attention or attracting publicity.

They enjoy being the center of attention. They handle their problems well, and people will not even notice that they are going through a tough time in their lives.

A Wood Dragon’s opinions and views are also well-respected and highly regarded because they always have something wise or interesting to say.

They are willing to work long hours just to achieve what they want. But they can also be a little impulsive at times and don’t think about the consequences of their actions.

They don’t like to be kept waiting and can grow quickly impatient over the smallest delays.

The Wood Dragon has a lot of faith in their abilities and this makes them overconfident. This can sometimes lead to bad judgments, resulting in disastrous situations.

However, the Wood Dragon can easily bounce back and pick up the pieces.

In terms of career, Dragon people will go very far. They have a very confident personality that will push them to be successful in everything they do.

They have strong management qualities and will thrive holding a position that allows them to put their own ideas into play.

Wood Dragon people will always follow their own judgment, but sometimes they can mock the advice of other people.

They love being self-sufficient. They love it so much that they sometimes choose to be single all their lives.

Best Love Matches for the 1964 Zodiac

People born in the year of the Dragon are the best love match for the Rooster, Rat, and Monkey.

Both the Dragon and the Rooster are independent and can be a great help to each other in all their endeavors in life.

They are both willing to work hard and boost their financial standing and achieve a loving and happy relationship.

The Dragon and the Rat also share a lot in common. They know each other on a deep level, and they can trust in each other no matter what happens.

Being married to Rat people will certainly be fun, exciting, and romantic ride.

The Dragon will also be very happy being in a relationship with a Monkey.

Both are very good at socializing and entertaining. They are also both capable of protecting each other and managing their finances and their lives in general.

Their support, encouragement, compatibility, and cooperation will lead to a sweet and happy ever after.

When it comes to love and relationships, Dragon people often find themselves in a passive situation because they will not actively pursue people.

They are some of the most honest and giving people that you will ever meet, and this plays a big part in winning the hearts of people.

They are not bothered by love affairs because they believe in developing relationships the right way.

They can give and give, but they will not demand for their loved ones to give back.

As aggressive or hot-tempered as they are with other aspects of their lives, they are big idealists when it comes to love and romance.

If they don’t succeed in love, they have a tendency to live in the past for a while.

This is why they choose to marry late in life so that they are emotionally prepared for a lifetime commitment.

Dragon people usually have a peaceful and harmonious married life.

They can be nervous when the relationship is just young and new, but they will show you their loving, considerate, and responsible side at the onset.

They can be anxious in relationships because they’re afraid of behaving improperly and disappointing their partners.

They are very considerate and caring, but they can also get disgruntled by their own oversensitivity.

When they meet challenges in their relationship, they will often react emotionally.

If you shower a Dragon person with lots of praise, they will be a happy partner. It’s also best to avoid stealing their thunder.

They have natural leadership qualities, so you know that you’re in good hands when you’re in a relationship with them.

However, they can be a bit narrowminded. They should never be forced into doing something that they don’t like or else they’ll just walk away and leave.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1964 Chinese Zodiac

Dragon people have money because they work hard for it.

They have great innovative ideas and can earn a fortune from them for themselves or the people they work with.

They put their 100% effort into everything they believe in and contribute greatly to their company with their ideas.

Dragon people are most productive when they are their own boss.

They will also thrive when you put them in high-ranking roles because they love working with a lot of freedom.

They don’t have any problem with a little extravagance. They will spend a fortune on their loved ones because they love them and they know that they deserve the best things in life.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The lucky numbers for the Dragon are 1, 6, and 7 and any combination that contains these numbers, such as 11, 16, 17, 167 etc.

The luckiest days are the 1st and 16th day of the Chinese lunar calendar month.

Grayish white, silver, and gold are the lucky colors.

It’s believed that the lucky flowers for Dragon people are dragon flowers and bleeding heart glory bower.

The east, west, and north are the lucky directions.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1964 Chinese Zodiac

Dragon people like to take risks and face their challenges. Working jobs that let them test themselves are always a good idea.

The Dragon is highly regarded in Chinese culture. It’s the symbol of luck, success, honor, dignity, and authority.

It’s also associated with the Earthly Branch chén and the morning hours of 7 until 9. In yin and yang, it’s the yang.

My Final Thoughts

Dragon people are strong, courageous, and independent, but they also yearn for love and encouragement.

They are loyal to their beliefs, and they will not run away from their responsibilities.

When you’re born under this Chinese zodiac sign, people trust and depend on you.

Dragon people don’t squander their money, but they also don’t pay too much attention to their wealth.

They are committed to the work that they do and have a healthy sense of self-esteem.

They will not ask too much from people, only that they respect them and recognize their efforts.

A lot of Dragon people forego marriage to just focus on their careers. If they do choose to get married, they will make great lifetime partners.

Dragon people constantly think about their life goals and find ways to achieve them. They don’t mind taking on project after project to make this dream possible.

However, it’s important for Dragon people to review their achievements and take a break to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

They should not get caught up by all the hustle of work.

The most important concern for Dragon people is their health. Because Dragon people are naturally hard workers, they refuse to slow down or take a break when working on something important.

If you’re a Dragon, don’t let your frustration over setbacks or challenges in your career affect your stress levels.

Take a deep breath and slow down. Find fun ways to relax and get rid of your stress.

It may be difficult for you to delegate tasks, but it will not be the end of the world if you do!

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