2002 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Horse

2002 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Horse

There are twelve animals from all walks of life making up the Chinese zodiac, and yet few can match the gracefulness and peaceful outlook enjoyed by the tender and loving Horse.

That is the animal that rules the year 2002, from the Lunar New Year onwards of course.

Understanding how people born in 2002 behave can be helped along by some insight into the 2002 Chinese zodiac – the Year of the Horse – and to that end, there is a wealth of information awaiting you below.

Personality type of the 2002 Chinese zodiac

Each year is attributed to one of twelve animals, according to the Chinese zodiac, and these same animals are evocative of certain characteristics that define all souls brought into the world during that year.

With that being the case, 2002 is the year of the Horse, and that makes people born in 2002 lucky, likeable and brimming with energy.

Many people who study Chinese astrology remark that there is a talent for natural showmanship within every person born in 2002, and that could well be due to the influences of the Horse of the Chinese zodiac on an individual’s personality.

A love of the limelight is very keenly seen among even the most otherwise shy of these folks, and they adore entertaining others and being a focal point for the room’s attention.

There’s also a sense of grace and quiet reserve to people born in the Year of the Horse though, which only serves to make this even more remarkable – indeed, this sense of play and theatrics in them often surprises people.

Yet whether they are being the life and soul of the party, or the concerned comrade in arms, nobody can deny that people who were born in 2002 make superb and lasting friends.

People who were born in the Year of the Horse just can’t help but be popular, thanks to their sense of humour and superb insight into how people behave.

However, they are far from all play and no work, in just the same way as even the rowdiest real life stallion knows when it’s time to chomp on the bit and pull the cart to market.

When it’s time to go to work, the Horse is diligent, rational, thorough – and very good at making money indeed.

It’s a talent that often sees them handle it on behalf of others via a career in accounting or banking, but it also holds them in good stead for their own endeavours.

People born in the Year of the Horse are rarely very flashy, but if they’re able to spend some cash on a good time for themselves and their loved ones, they’ll whip out the wallet without a second thought.

What element is 2002?

Far from being ruled by an animal of the Chinese zodiac alone, 2002 is the same as any other year in Chinese astrology – it also has a ruling element.

This not only shapes the tone and expectations for a coming year according to professional astrologers and spiritual readers, but it also has quite a pronounced effect on the individuals born in a given year too.

In this instance, 2002 is the Year of the Water Horse.

This means that the already lively Horse has the fast-moving and mercurial Water element as part of its persona, and this energy affects everyone born after the Chinese New Year in 2002.

One characteristic that is very indicative of how the Water element affects Chinese astrology is that it adds a sense of scattered thoughts to proceedings.

In this instance, people born in 2002 often come across as a touch indecisive – that is because the Horse in Chinese astrology is one to continuously change his or her mind, or not conclude projects they have started in an excited and impulsive moment.

The Water Horse people born in 2002 experience an even greater feeling of paralysis when forming decisions though, and become almost intimidated by big choices sometimes.

Settling on just one opinion in a world so big, inspiring and confusing is quite a big deal for them, and putting pressure on someone born as a Water Horse to make a fast decision only makes this worse.

This also comes through as a remarkable talent for procrastination, as someone born as a Water Horse is very keen to get to the likes of chores around the home, homework or deadline sensitive assignments ‘later on’.

They, of course, never specify when ‘later on’ might be, and it’s not exactly a well-kept secret that they would much prefer that time never came at all!

The energy of the Water Horse in Chinese astrology is also very skittish, meaning that getting a solid date and time for meeting up with these people is often quite tricky.

They prefer to play it fast and loose, and plans can change at the last second – something that leads many friends to chuckle, but those more keen on reliability and punctuality to throw up their hands in exasperation.

Best love matches for the 2002 zodiac

It’s very important that the ideal partner for someone born in 2002 is fun, entertaining but also supportive and, to put it bluntly, not about to steal the spotlight from their Water Horse partner.

Although funny, caring and devoted, this individual bores easily, and so many a Water Horse will be tempted to give up on a relationship that is going through a quiet spell, fearing it has lost its spark.

Luckily, many a wild card and live wire in Chinese astrology is able to meet the Horse blow for blow and keep things exciting and fresh.

A good example is the love match of the Horse and Tiger of the Chinese zodiac – two energetic and fast-moving folks who feel intensely and want to live life in the fast lane.

The Tiger might prove a bit too hot to handle at times, keen to sink in his or her claws in ways that limit the Horse person’s freedom – but there’ll be so much laughter going on here that nobody will be able to argue for long.

The Horse is compatible with the Rabbit too, finding in them that their humble nature and ability to blend into any crowd does nothing to diminish their sense of humour.

The Rabbit is intelligent, sparking wonderful debates with the Horse partner about all kinds of topics, while also letting the Horse hog the limelight and entertain the masses while applauding more lovingly than anyone else from the sidelines.

Wealth and fortune for the 2002 Chinese zodiac

Don’t let the happy go lucky and often impulsive behaviour of someone born in the Year of the Horse fool you into believing that he or she isn’t secretly quite the monetary genius.

In even the most austere of times, when everyone in the community seems to be feeling in their pockets for the last loose change for a loaf of bread, the Horse always seems to be quietly sitting on a nest egg.

People born in the Year of the Horse have great respect for money – how it is made, how it is spent, and how it is kept aside for emergencies.

It’s there that their more responsible side starts to show, to say nothing of their fantastic work ethic.

An individual born in 2002, a Water Horse, will happily agree to well-compensated overtime without complaint – even if some of the work conducted is spent half daydreaming about what they plan to spend that bonus on. Something fun, no doubt!

The winning personality of the Horse person in Chinese astrology also means that they become something of the office hero, wherever they choose to work.

Good teamwork is all but guaranteed with the person born in the Year of the Horse in one’s workplace, and they are just as skilled at delegating and taking initiative as working solo or undertaking the directions of others.

Lucky symbols and numbers

Although it is the horseshoe that often is said to be lucky in Western society, in Chinese astrology there is a huge number of ways to attract good fortune in one’s personal, romantic or business life.

More than this, the ways to good fortune differ for each zodiac animal throughout, so it’s a good idea to understand just what is lucky for someone born in the Year of the Horse.

People born in 2002 are lucky by welcoming the numbers 2, 3 and 7 into their lives – however those manifest.

It could be numbers in a financial transaction, lottery number choices, patterns or even just an inexplicable fondness for one of these numbers that the person born in the Year of the Horse can’t logically explain.

Either way, these are the figures said by Chinese astrology to bring the best fortune to these souls.

However, you cannot have light without dark, nor good luck without bad.

You can certainly do your utmost to avoid bad luck though, and people born in 2002 as a Water Horse are advised against the unlucky numbers of 1, 5 and 6.

There are other symbols of good luck for Horse people in Chinese astrology to remember, too. The jasmine flower is one example of that, as are the colours purple, yellow and brown.

These colours often call to people born in 2002 in subtle ways, finding their way into their wardrobes or homes without their conscious choosing.

3 unusual facts about the 2002 Chinese zodiac

Chinese astrology is rich and complex, and that means that even seemingly straightforward Chinese zodiac animals like the Horse have hidden depths to learn about.

Firstly, people born in 2002 as the Water Horse are a little notorious at being less than skilled at keeping a secret.

New information is always exciting and interesting to them, but not as much as sharing that information to learn what others’ opinions on it are.

Without thinking, people born as a Horse in Chinese astrology can let slip some juicy secrets that can rock the boat, without meaning to.

Secondly, for all their talent in making money and keeping it, people born in the Year of the Horse can be more easily tempted to blow a ton of cash on things than they care to admit.

Because they love having fun and enjoying the moment, they sometimes struggle to take a step back and consider the long term ramifications of opening their wallet.

Thirdly, many people take the spirit and enthusiasm of the Horse in Chinese astrology to be the character of the nation of China overall.

This is believed by some to be the case because China is always seeking to move forward, to overcome obstacles with an almost celebratory enthusiasm, and to improve itself and those around it as effectively as possible – all very much characteristics of the Horse in the country’s native, ancient astrological practice.

My final thoughts

Born into a highly connected, technological era full of serious discussions as much as light-hearted absurdist humour as seen online, people born in 2002 have inherited quite the remarkable world.

Because, or perhaps in spite of, this true, people born in the Year of the Water Horse are easily underestimated, owing to a constant need to be the entertainer.

Have no fear in knowing that the Water Horse persona is just as capable of knuckling down for hard work when the situation demands it.

They are also solid and loyal friends, albeit ones difficult to get hold of from time to time – a quirk of their personality to perhaps be more diligent in.

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