1990 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Horse

1990 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Horse

Personality Type of the 1990 Chinese Zodiac

People who were born in 1990 belong to the Horse Chinese zodiac.

According to Chinese astrology, they possess the best manners and place great importance on how they look.

They are always well put together and sporting the latest or most elegant fashion. If you ever need fashion advice, people with the 1990 Chinese zodiac should be your go-to person!

The Horse likes extravagance and luxury, and they work hard in their careers and business to be able to afford the material things that will give them happiness.

But their wealth is not only to lavish on themselves, but also to those they love and care about, including strangers who are down on their luck and need financial help.

People with the 1990 Chinese zodiac are always on the move and looking for new things to try out and business opportunities to explore.

They are generally unfettered spirits who are happiest when they have the freedom to roam and pursue their adventurous desires.

They often have liberated and modern views about life and how they should live theirs. The Horse has a positive attitude towards everything. They also very rarely beat around the bush.

You can always expect a straightforward response or reaction from them, even if it will make things awkward, strained, or hostile.

As independent as the Horse, they hate it when they’re being restrained or suppressed. They will keep their distance if they sense something in people that threatens their sense of freedom.

The Horse also does not easily accept help from other people. It will take a lot from them to admit that they need help, and it will take even more for them to approach friends or family for help.

They are very openminded, making it very effortless for them to make new friends. Their expressiveness, eloquence, and ability to persuade people also make them natural leaders.

The Horse is kind, joyful, and cheerful in nature. These traits allow them to get along with people and to be well-liked wherever they go.

People who know the Horse often say that they are blessed with insightful perception and comprehension.

They seem to know what other people are thinking even if they don’t know them that intimately.

People with the 1990 Chinese zodiac have a wide variety of interests, like sports, arts, travel, and food. But they’re usually very physically active and enjoy sports-oriented activities.

It’s no surprise that they move directly towards their goals because the Horse is very hardworking and creative.

They learn new skills quickly and easily, and they can be very good at them.

The Horse usually makes excellent business people who can take on a lot of tasks and complete them with the least amount of supervision but with amazing accuracy.

The problem with the Horse it that once challenges and frustrations arise, they can grow impatient and shift their attention to other things.

They don’t like doing things on their own and would prefer it if they were embraced, encouraged, celebrated, and admired by other people in a team.

The Horse is bright and high-spirited. They have the flair for breaking the ice, lightening the mood, and making the best out of a bad situation.

They can also acquire wealth very easily because of their many skills and talents.

They are always changing their strategies and trying different things, increasing their chances of success with every new pursuit.

But because of their open and laidback nature, they are not that good at keeping secrets. They are also more inclined to invade other people’s privacies because of this.

The Horse can also be very impulsive and try everything without much thought, causing them to fall short sometimes.

Luckily, they are very hopeful and resilient and don’t surrender to their own feelings of failure. Because of this, they are able to achieve their goals eventually.

They possess incredible talents and know just how they will deal with things effectively. But because they know just how talented they are, they can be ambitious, arrogant, and selfish.

They can also have a blatant disregard for other people. They rarely feel sorry once they have what they want, even if it’s at the expense of others.

This trait is often their biggest stumbling block as well.

When it comes to romance, the Horse has no problems expressing how they feel. However, they are often emotional, and their feelings are easily hurt.

But they can readily sacrifice many things for true love. This is what makes them both strong and fragile when it comes to relationships.

Because of the contradictory nature of their personality, the Horse can be both endearing and infuriating at the same time!

What Element is 1990?

People with the 1990 Chinese zodiac also possess the metal element. The Metal Horse is the most uncompromising and most stubborn of all the Horse types in the zodiac.

They are also one of the friendliest and most warmhearted, and these traits endear them to a lot of people.

The Metal Horse loves to be physically active that it’s often challenging to keep up with them.

They thrive on excitement, and they love challenging themselves so that they will experience new things and reach greater heights.

At their peak, the Metal Horse has an unyielding focus that will drive them to finish the job successfully.

They are more than capable to accomplish their tasks and very rarely depend on others to help them.

They are driven and focused, but they can also be stubborn and irresponsible. They are fiercely independent and will strongly oppose any kind of regulation or monitoring.

The Metal Horse especially hates it when someone tries to meddle in their affairs and interfere with their goals. They don’t like being told what to do.

If situations are not giving them what they want, they become bored and frustrated.

This causes them to be unreasonable and irresponsible, making it harder for them to make long-term commitments in their career or romantic lives.

The Metal Horse will work on their goals purposefully and with unwavering confidence until they achieve them. They can overcome their challenges and meet them head on.

You will also find the Metal Horse very much drawn to a lifestyle that demonstrates their independence and self-reliance.

It’s hard for them to admit defeat or surrender to something more powerful than themselves. They are as demanding as they are unforgiving.

Best Love Matches for the 1990 Zodiac

One of the best love matches in the Chinese zodiac is between the Horse and the Tiger.

The Horse is known to be very energetic and confident. They are brimming with ideas and can quickly understand how things work.

Including relationships that, for some, can be exhausting and complicated. The Tiger also has the same strong and quick abilities to conceive significant and out-of-the-box ideas.

While the Tiger will appreciate the Horse’s abilities to come up with brilliant plans and ideas, they will be even more impressed by their ability to turn them into something concrete.

On the other hand, the Horse will find the Tiger’s intellect and sense of idealism a delicious challenge!

Both the Horse and the Tiger are very sociable people. They thrive on having a large circle of friends and social network.

But what really makes them a compatible love match is their shared love of freedom.

The Horse does not like being ordered around, and the Tiger is a rebel who does what he pleases and believes their own set of beliefs.

They like living by their own rules and having enough breathing space. They will also accord the same amount of freedom to the people they love.

Too much emotional intimacy or over possessiveness are not for them.

The Horse and the Tiger are happy to live an independent life, but they also find extreme satisfaction in being in a relationship where they can indulge in their romantic fantasies.

This is not to say that they don’t have varying traits. But if they decide to prioritize their relationship, they will complement each other perfectly.

The Horse will be responsible in bringing the optimism in the relationship, and the Tiger will give it meaning and purpose.

It may look like this love match has no chance of surviving because they are both easily bored or seduced, but this is quite a solid match.

They both have drive and ambition, and they both share an optimistic view on life.

The Horse and the Tiger also have the same interests, and this will make their relationship so much stronger.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1990 Chinese Zodiac

Although the Horse is generous and always has enough money to give or lend to others, they don’t always have the time to spend it on themselves.

They are self-starters and can accomplish their tasks effortlessly and efficiently. But they are always busy with work and can become so preoccupied with it.

They drive themselves by setting goals and working hard to accomplish them. They don’t actively look for new ventures all the time, but they stumble upon them and just grab them.

This makes the Horse one of the most financially successful signs in the Chinese zodiac.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

People with the 1990 Chinese zodiac work best as theater or film actors, designers, artists, diplomats, politicians, PR consultants, and charity workers.

The Horse is associated with the Earthly Branch Wu and the yang energy. The lucky flowers are known to be calla lilies, jasmines, and marigolds.

Topaz is the lucky gemstone, and the luckiest directions are the northwest, southwest, and northeast.

Their best matches are the Dog, Sheep, and Tiger. The lucky numbers are 3, 7, and 11. Blue, white, and larch green are the lucky colors.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1990 Chinese Zodiac

The Horse is an excellent parent. They love their family more than anything else in the world, but they can be quite strict disciplinarians.

They will never say that they don’t know something, even if they have no clue about it.

When it comes to love, the Horse is said to be very fickle. But they’re truly not! They are just waiting for the right person to come along.

My Final Thoughts

People with the 1990 Chinese zodiac are fiery, loving, and generous.

They are always surrounded by people who love and admire them because they are so good at getting along with people.

They may not be the world’s best secret keepers, but they will always try to be the best friend for the people they love.

The Horse likes to be active and prefers social activities over everything else. If you want to get along with the Horse, be ready to spend a lot of time outdoors or at the gym!

They are positive and openminded, but they also insist on doing things their way from beginning to end.

Although they can demonstrate a positive attitude at the start, they can give up easily when they encounter obstacles. Because of this, they can give the impression of being irresponsible.

When it comes to love, people with the 1990 Chinese zodiac is open, straightforward, and give importance on physical appearance.

The Horse is always well put together, elegant, and attractive. But because they are easily bored and can shift directions quite easily, they could not go long without physical and emotional intimacy.

Their idea of love is straight out of romantic novels and movies. They still expect love and relationships to be all about roses, chocolates, and poetry.

They may not easily recognize the right person because they are so busy with work and are always surrounded by people. They may end up marrying someone that they’ve only been with for a short while.

The Horse can be easily get caught up in their circumstances and swept away by their emotions. Still, they will be hopeless romantics and big suckers for love if they feel that’s what they’re getting!

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