1999 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Rabbit

1999 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Rabbit

Although symbolic of springtime and fertility in the Western world, in Chinese astrology, the Rabbit has a personality as complex and intriguing as it is welcoming and warm.

It’s this animal that people seeking information on the 1999 Chinese zodiac – the Year of the Rabbit – soon discover summarises them, presuming their birthday falls after Chinese New Year of that year.

Read this in-depth guide to discover not only the most notable personality traits of people born in the Year of the Rabbit, but also lucky symbols for people born in 1999.

Personality type of the 1999 Chinese zodiac

Many of us assume, because of how the real animal behaves, that the Rabbit is shy, quiet and always hiding from the rest of the world.

But people born in 1999 in Chinese astrology, meaning they were born in the year of the Rabbit, teach us that the wisdom of the East has plenty to teach us about these people.

While it is true that people born in 1999, the Year of the Rabbit, are disinclined towards conflict or rowdy discussions, they aren’t as shy as they sometimes are made out to be.

It’s more a question of people born in the Year of the Rabbit being humble or keen to not self aggrandise, which is one of the many gifts they possess that help their personal magnetism shine.

Indeed, people born in 1999, as with any Rabbit of the Chinese zodiac, enjoy a great amount of natural charm.

These are people through and through, who like to form gatherings, get together with friends and loved ones, and mix with crowds from every walk of life.

However, a friendly face doesn’t make the Rabbit person naïve in any way. In fact, these people are gifted with some enviable insight into the motivations behind how people behave, especially in social settings.

While we all have a mask that we wear in public – many Eastern philosophies explore this concept in wondrous depth – people who were born in the Year of the Rabbit are more talented than most at seeing who really is beneath them.

Capable of sniffing out lies and deception cleverly, but not necessarily stirring up a confrontation because of that, the Rabbit is far wiser than his or her appearance often suggests.

And of course, even those young and lucky enough to have been born in the Year of the Rabbit of 1999 often show wisdom beyond their years.

The Rabbit is the fourth animal of the Chinese zodiac, who are so numbered due to the order they were said to have finished the Great Race of ancient Chinese folklore.

In a grand journey to each meet the Jade Emperor in ages past and claim their place in the Chinese zodiac he was creating, the animals each faced several trials – the Rabbit enduring some of the worst in many tellings of the tale.

Yet the fact that she was able to come in fourth place beautifully shows the quiet spirit of determination in these people.

What element is 1999?

Besides the animals representing each year of the calendar, the Chinese zodiac also attributes each year to a given element, which further refines the personality of the people born within it.

So, for example, people born in 1999 were born in the Year of the Earth Rabbit.

This is a more precise classification than to simply say that someone born in 1999 was born in the Year of the Rabbit alone.

It also sheds further light on how these folks differ even among other people born in the Year of the Rabbit elsewhere through the decades.

In this case, the Earth Rabbit enjoys a kind of level-headedness and grounded approach beyond even that of his or her Rabbit contemporaries born outside of 1999.

Although never taking this approach to an extent that lacks emotion or compassion, things like common sense and decent logic mean a lot to people born in 1999.

They like to have some solid evidence backing up things they are told, for example, and prefer to take their time making decisions that affect themselves or those close to them.

It pays, often quite literally, to let an Earth Rabbit personality born in 1999 form these decisions in their own good time.

This almost tactical mindset allows them to know where best to apply their energies – and make no mistake, these Rabbit people are very hard workers.

This Earth energy also makes people born as an Earth Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac very altruistic and giving to others.

They have no qualms in putting others before themselves, and even those formidable career ambitions are often set in motion to provide for others as much as secure comfort for themselves.

Best love matches for the 1999 zodiac

The best love matches for the Earth Rabbit in Chinese astrology can feel tricky to pin down sometimes.

After all, the Rabbit is an alluring individual who often experiences quite a selection of suitors, whatever their gender preference may be.

But they are sensitive souls too, so it’s best to avoid heartbreak and consider compatibility carefully.

Love compatibility between the Rabbit and the Sheep in Chinese astrology is often highly recommended, especially for those looking for a wholesome relationship without any drama.

Both of these people have a gentle and tender side that will flourish under the compassion of the other – but can also direct their shared energies to remarkable accomplishments that surprise others with their tenacity, too.

The faithful and dependable Dog is also a good match for the Rabbit Chinese zodiac animal.

For an Earth Rabbit born in 1999 especially, the Dog has a level headed and loyal outlook that meshes very well with the Rabbit’s need for stability.

The dog is someone who only connects with someone if he or she sees long term potential in it, so the Rabbit needn’t worry that their lover will stray.

A more playful love match between the Rabbit and Monkey in Chinese astrology is also often recommended though.

The more quick-witted and mischievous sides of each of the partners can come out to play here, but so can a great deal of mutual respect and intelligence.

Wealth and fortune for the 1999 Chinese zodiac

Because of their ability to blend into the crowd, the Rabbit is often an individual to whom one doesn’t attribute the capacity to generate superb amounts of wealth.

However, that is often quite the underestimation of their energy and capabilities though – albeit one that the Rabbit him or herself is swift to use to their advantage.

These people are not deceitful by any means in their business deals though, especially because people born in 1999 as the Earth Rabbit Chinese zodiac animal have that extra elemental grounding.

It isn’t so much a principle as being quite simply something that never passes their mind – what use is there in lying, when these deceptions are often so easily found out?

Earnest diligence takes the Earth Rabbit far, but so does teamwork – which they often excel at due to their highly appealing personalities and charm.

Rather than steer people to do what they want through this charisma though, the Rabbit will instead form strong and lasting alliances, although their overall business sense is not always too strong – the Earth Rabbit being the exception.

The Earth element governs all that is material, after all, so people who were born in 1999 in Chinese astrology enjoy a distinct advantage over their contemporaries.

It’s also worth pointing out that people born in the Year of the Rabbit are very articulate and talented at communication, be that verbal or oral.

Because of this, they are well suited to careers involving the accurate conveyance of information, or mediating roles such as diplomats or public service officials.

Lucky symbols and numbers

While rabbits and bunnies are often seen as lucky to begin with, in Chinese astrology there are lots of different ways in which a given zodiac sign can enjoy further good fortune, across all areas of life.

Attracting this good luck is often a case of knowing what to look for – something the keen observational talents of the Rabbit folks of 1999 will find no trouble in doing.

For example, the lucky numbers for the Year of the Rabbit in Chinese astrology are 3, 4 and 6 – while unlucky numbers for these people are 1, 7 and 8.

Even if a given individual born in the Year of the Rabbit doesn’t follow Chinese astrology, he or she may well show a fondness for or aversion against some of the numbers subconsciously throughout life.

The same goes for colours too, and the lucky colours for people born in the Year of the Rabbit are perfect ways to summarise the springtime in which rabbits are so often seen playing and running around.

Those colours are pink, purple, red and blue – beautiful, floral colours that spark up thoughts of vibrancy and life.

Conversely, those colours that speak of the ending of summer and the coming of winter, perhaps appropriately, seem to be unlucky colours for people born in the Year of the Rabbit – white, brown and muddy dark yellow.

True enough, people born in 1999 much prefer to avoid such lifeless and dreary hues whenever they can.

3 unusual facts about the 1999 Chinese zodiac

The more you explore Chinese astrology, the more you discover quirks and hidden gems of knowledge that only help to flesh out the folklore behind whoever is being researched and predicted for – and that includes Earth Rabbit people born in 1999.

Firstly, the lucky and unlucky numbers for these folks are incredibly interesting.

Perhaps the most obvious point here is that 7, viewed as a universally lucky number in the West, is regarded as very unlucky for Rabbit people.

But on top of that, 4, a number viewed as very superstitious and even macabre in the East, is a lucky colour for the happy go lucky Rabbit.

Secondly, it’s worth looking deeper into the generosity and emotional intuition of people born in the Year of the Rabbit.

With so much love to give, they can be sometimes indecisive, or too quick to lavish it upon those who don’t deserve it.

Likewise, Rabbit souls must be wary of letting their good natures be taken advantage of.

Thirdly, and perhaps related to the above, it’s wise to keep in mind that people born in 1999 under the Year of the Rabbit have a tendency to be somewhat flirty!

People around them can get quite the wrong impression, interpreting interest where there is none, and likewise particularly jealous spouses and partners can read too much into what are genuinely innocent exchanges.

If course, this doesn’t give the Rabbit individual any excuses to misbehave either!

My final thoughts

Bright, charming and often attractive, the Rabbit is one of the most well loved members of all of the Chinese zodiac.

People born in 1999 as the Earth Rabbit enjoy all of these advantages, but also the more measured and sensible way of life bestowed upon them by the Earth element indicative of their birth year.

It’s quite a winning combination, although the Earth Rabbit is content to go their own way and lead a humble but happy life, rather than insist on massive ambitions and lofty goals though.

Don’t be fooled though, because the perseverance and persistence in these people is very strong, and although emotionally sensitive, they are not the kinds of people who will let adversity stop them from achieving their goals.

The Earth Rabbit is a very gifted and highly sought after lover, but someone born in 1999 must also watch to ensure that their natural charm doesn’t give anyone the wrong impression.

Similarly, ensure that love affairs are entered into with eyes wide open, for these folks are far too sensitive to allow themselves a broken heart.

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