1966 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Horse

1966 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Horse

Personality Type of the 1966 Chinese Zodiac

If you were born in 1966, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Horse.

Horse people are very animated, energetic, and enthusiastic about everything in life.

They love to be part of a crowd, and they are in their element when attending parties, concerts, meetings, performances, and other fun events.

They possess a clever sense of humor, making them masters of pleasant conversations.

They delight in having audiences everywhere, and they will not say no to being on center stage and in the spotlight.

Sometimes, Horse people can come off as a bit self-centered. This does not mean that they don’t care about other people’s problems, though.

Horse people are really more slick than intelligent, and this is probably the main reason why a lot of them don’t possess real confidence.

They want people to believe that they are passionate, charismatic, and generous.

Although they are blessed with many shining points, they also need to admit to themselves that they have flaws or weaknesses in their characters.

Most Horse people have very pleasant personalities. They are easygoing, honest, and warmhearted.

This is one of the reasons why they always have a lot of people around them. Their strength and independence make them powerful, inspiring others not to give up easily during tough periods in their lives.

Horse people love to spend money, and their biggest challenge is staying financially well off to fund their many social activities.

Most of the time, they lack the persistence to keep going on their path to success. They don’t have the motivation to finish something they have started.

Although they have a very positive attitude towards life, they can’t help but give up when they encounter small obstacles.

But Horse people are openminded, independent, romantic, and generous.

When they’re in the room, people will definitely know it. They have a very commanding presence that will liven up the atmosphere.

Independence is also a strong and impressive point for Horse people. They can overcome many obstacles in life without asking help from others.

Most Horse people adopt a very happy and positive attitude towards life, and this makes them a good influence.

They are very eloquent and talented leaders.

They have insight into other people’s minds, helping them provide a proper response each time.

They also have an acute ability to learn. Any knowledge or skill can be easily acquired in a much shorter time compared to others.

Horse people can also be stubborn, vain, outspoken, and extravagant.

They love to spend, so it’s a challenge for them to save money in the bank. They seldom prepare for the unexpected, too.

Sometimes they are too straightforward and forget to think about what the other person may feel.

Some Horse people are also terrible at keeping secrets, causing them to fail at relationships or even business dealings.

They sometimes lack perseverance and give up halfway, causing them to lose what they really want to have.

They can also be weak to follow or listen to advice. They like to stick to what they believe which can sometimes lead to wrong judgment.

What Element is 1966?

Horse people born in 1966 belong to the element of fire.

Fire Horses are known to be very energetic and smart. They are also bold, and they can find it hard to accept the opinions of other people.

With their tremendous leadership skills, Fire Horse people can manage people with love and authority.

They are often loved and respected by the people they work with, and this can help in building a very harmonious working relationship.

Fire Horse people are also known to be very emotional. They need to learn self-control instead of doing whatever they want.

If a Fire Horse can find a way to accept people’s views and opinions and respect the teachings of the wiser and more experienced elders, they can be very successful in life.

The flighty personality makes Fire Horse people very charming. They will keep you on your toes, and you will never know what to expect from them in different situations.

Fire Horse people approach their job with enthusiasm and confidence. They perform excellently at everything, making them well-loved by their superiors.

They don’t yield when the job becomes difficult or when they start to get pressured. They often achieve great results on their own or with the support of their colleagues.

They can work different kinds of jobs to improve their skills and abilities. They strive to become efficient at everything, and they finish their tasks well ahead of schedule.

But they prefer a job that is not monotonous. They crave change, and they will constantly be looking for or creating change.

Work that’s very challenging will stimulate their minds and encourage them to reach their full potential.

However, Fire Horse people should not accept challenges that are beyond their own physical or intellectual abilities because they will be hugely disappointed by the setbacks.

When it comes to love, Fire Horse people are very single-minded. They have an irresistible appeal and are always surrounded by adoring fans and pursuers.

Best Love Matches for the 1966 Zodiac

In general, the Rabbit, Tiger, and Sheep are great love matches for the Horse.

When a Horse gets together with any of these Chinese zodiac signs, a happy and enviable married life will be created.

There will be love, care, and respect. Happiness and wealth will also be gained by efforts from both parties.

A Horse and a Tiger make a perfect and loving couple, and they can live in peace, love, and harmony for the rest of their lives.

The Horse and the Sheep will never get tired of each other. Their love and passion for each other will last a lifetime!

The Horse and the Rabbit can make a loving, happy, and comfortable home. They can raise happy and healthy children together and be each other’s source of love and support.

When it comes to love and romance, Horse people are very loyal, charming, and loving.

They can start off shy and quiet, sometimes even dull, but they have a lot more to bring to the table if you give them a chance.

It can be challenging for them to show their true hearts, and they may look clumsy doing so.

But once they get their groove, you will fall in love with how flawless your conversations are with them and how safe and secure you feel around them.

They may be puzzled about what’s going in the relationship or even lack romantic ideas, but they will always be loving and faithful to that special person.

Horse people are loyal, sweet, thoughtful, and realistic.

Loneliness can still fill their hearts, so it will be easy for them to accept love from someone who shows sincerity and honesty.

When a lover becomes too open or too passionate too early, Horse people can also get spooked and retreat.

A lot of Horse people like to delay getting married because they want to learn about love and relationships as much as they can while they’re still young.

Once they decide to take the leap and make that life-long commitment, though, they will grow more tender, loving, thoughtful, and committed to their partner.

Horse people value their freedom so much, so their partners should learn to give them the room and freedom that they need.

When they don’t want to talk about something, it’s not a good idea to force the issue when they are unwilling to talk about it.

Horse people can be spontaneous and fall in love hard and fast. They give themselves fully in every relationship, which chips away at them every time a relationship ends.

Luckily, this trait mellows with age, and their relationships grow stronger and more stable.

The fire will always burn inside the hearts of Horse people. They will always be inclined to live life on the edge because this is the only way they know to keep things interesting.

They will always be yearning for change because change will keep them on their toes.

Horse people are faithful, romantic, sentimental, and passionate. They like their freedom, but they will be willing to be tied down to someone that they’re really crazy about.

They can choose to be alone sometimes and accomplish their goals on their own. But at the end of the day, they still want someone they love to come home to.

They can be emotional and sentimental in relationships. When they fall in love, they will do everything in their power so that they will also be loved back.

They can be very happy and giddy on the sweetest days, but they can also fall into a deep depression during moments of heartbreak.

When they get married, they will be very loving, loyal, and responsible partners. They will be faithful and protective of their family.

They will also adopt realistic attitudes towards love and marriage and willing to let go of their unrealistic expectations.

Horse people will put work and duty first so that their family or marriage will enjoy stability and harmony for a very long time.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1966 Chinese Zodiac

Horse people enjoy good luck in wealth and can find solutions to problems quite easily.

They get very satisfying results from their consistent efforts, even if their good luck seems to be blocked by frequent changes in their circumstances.

It’s suggested that Horse people buy more real estate to preserve or grow the value of their money.

Horse people are very hard workers. They also have a talent in handling money matters and making decisions about their financial future.

They often accumulate their wealth during their twenties and thirties, so financial shortage will not be a problem for them.

But their love for spending can put their financial stability in jeopardy, so it’s best for Horse people to control their spending.

Horse people are good savers, even if they don’t make a lot of money sometimes. A simple life without the excessive pleasures is really needed.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The lucky numbers for the Horse are 2, 3, and 7 and other combinations that contain them, like 23, 27, 32, 37, etc.

The lucky colors are purple, red, green, and yellow.

Marigold, jasmine, and calla lilies are the lucky flowers.

The west and the southwest are the directions of auspiciousness, while the west is the direction of wealth.

South is the direction of love.

Make sure that you have a piece of crystal with you because this is the lucky mineral for the Horse.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1966 Chinese Zodiac

In Chinese culture, the Horse is one of the most important animals for people to befriend.

The Horse symbolizes strong character. It also signifies independence.

It is believed that Horse people have the best manners because they pay attention to the small things. They are also very generous and extravagant.

My Final Thoughts

Horse people are free spirits who desire freedom and space to just be themselves.

They are always full of energy and don’t seem to ever get tired. Sometimes this can be a bit too much for some people who can’t keep up.

They have a love for study and sports, and they believe that every person should chase after their dreams and do everything to make them come true.

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, happiness is what they’re truly after and not fame or wealth.

Horse people expect everyone to work at the same speed, and they don’t understand it when they can’t.

If they ever show contradicting characteristics, this is because of their constantly changing emotions.

They can be very short-tempered and irritable. But once the high emotions have passed, they will also forget about them just as quickly.

Their biggest fault is probably how they become blind to their own faults.

Even if they know what their shortcomings are, they find it hard to change.

Regardless, they are truly impressive at what they do. Support and motivation from others are not important.

As long as Horse people are doing what they love, they will always be successful!

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