1968 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Monkey

1968 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Monkey

Personality Type of the 1968 Chinese Zodiac

If you were born in 1968, your Chinese zodiac is the Monkey.

Monkey people are happy and energetic by nature. This zodiac animal also symbolizes flexibility.

People who fall under this zodiac sign are intelligent, charismatic, wise, inventive, loyal, and a natural born leader.

If there’s anything that Monkey people are not proud of, it’s their tendency to become snobbish, restless, arrogant, egotistical, and scheming.

The general image of Monkey people is always someone who’s clever when it comes to wealth and career.

Monkey people are very versatile, quick-witted, and enthusiastic. Their honesty and kindness will also bring them true love and happiness.

Even if Monkey people were born with talents that other people will be jealous of, they still have their flaws and shortcomings.

They have a furious temper, and they have a tendency to look down on other people.

They can also be jealous for no reason and selfish in relationships. Sometimes they also believe in their own suspicions even if there is no proof.

But they are full of life and can bring a bright energy everywhere they go.

They can come up with the best ideas and are confident enough to present them to people who can help turn them into something more concrete.

Monkey people are highly intellectual and skillful at many things. They are great leaders and motivators.

As young students, they rake in the prizes at school and are appreciated by their teachers.

They are good with money and in organizing their finances, and they usually live their lives without having to worry about food, clothes, or shelter.

Monkey people are also known to have a quick temper. This can lead to problems with their career or business because it can affect their success.

They should learn to exercise patience in any kind of situation because you never know who’s looking!

Monkey people also have the tendency to project themselves to look more appealing or attractive to others.

They have an incredible ability to read between the lines and sense a person’s motive. This helps them make the right decisions, whether in their professional or personal lives.

They are very thoughtful and sweet to the people they love. They never pass up the chance to spend time with them.

Monkey people are responsible and dependable. They know what’s expected of them, and they always play the part.

They have a great sense of humor and can make people laugh effortlessly. People gravitate towards Monkey people because they know that they will have a great time.

Monkey people have a stubborn streak and they can be very immature sometimes. However, they can also be one of the most patient people you will ever meet.

They can look past imperfections and shortcomings, and they are very quick to forgive, especially when the person deserves it.

They forgive and forget. Holding a grudge is just not in their DNA.

It’s hard for Monkey people to work on a goal because their goals are always changing.

They are also opportunists and cannot keep a lasting relationship.

Monkey people are very sociable and friendly. They can connect with other people effortlessly.

You can put them in a room filled with strangers and they will leave the room with ten new friends. People are just unconsciously drawn to their great personality and good looks.

They have high standards as well as high expectations. They are very competitive and always full of ideas.

They are not the kind of people who will just give up when the going gets tough. They also don’t need people’s sympathy when they’re going through a difficult period.

They don’t surrender when faced with difficulties. Sympathy and comfort from others aren’t needed as well.

Because of their confident attitude, they can sometimes be too optimistic. However, they are very versatile and responsible and can quickly adapt to the changes that may take place in their lives.

What Element is 1968?

When your Chinese zodiac sign is the Monkey and you were born in 1968, your element is Earth.

The Earth Monkey is very intelligent. They are well-read and very academic people.

They can be famous in their chosen fields if they’re willing to devote time and energy to achieve this famous status.

Earth Monkey people are not as outgoing or extroverted as the other types of Monkeys. They prefer a simpler and quieter life.

They are quite generous to the less fortunate, and they come up with creative ways to help the needy.

Because of their generosity, Earth Monkey people are often successful in business and financially well off until they grow old.

They are naturally inquisitive people who love to observe everything that’s happening around them.

They go out on a limb to support and help others. They can always be counted on to give a hand, and they don’t expect anything in return.

Earth Monkey people are very smart because they are eager to learn. They have very sharp memories, which can also be very useful in business.

A lot of Earth Monkey people make successful and brilliant linguists. They are very good talkers because they are articulate and wise.

They enjoy being a part of meetings, presentations, debates, and discussions.

They do well in careers in public relations, politics, education, and any job that needs persuasion and communication skills.

Earth Monkey people can also be quite cunning and dishonest. They can resort to taking opportunities which are less than honorable just to earn a quick buck.

They will not hesitate to tell a few lies here and there if it means outsmarting their opponents.

They are also very confident about themselves that they think they no longer need people’s advice or support.

Earth Monkey people possess so many incredible talents that they can use to make money.

They will not run out of moneymaking ideas, and this will help them achieve a comfortable financial standing in life.

To be happy and satisfied, Earth Monkey people need to enjoy a sense of freedom in their lives.

They can be very disgruntled when they start to feel bound by rules and restrictions.

They will lose interest if they feel like they can’t do what they want and just move on to new things.

Earth Monkey people are very good organizers both in their personal and professional lives. They are always ready with their plan of action.

They don’t let their failures bring them down. They just charge them to experience and take the lessons with them as they move on to the next challenge.

Earth Monkey people love to impress and surprise. This is just one of the reasons why they have so many admirers.

They also marry quite young. For the marriage to work, their partners should give them the time and freedom to pursue their interests and passions without making them feel guilty about it.

Best Love Matches for the 1968 Zodiac

When it comes to love and relationships, the Monkey makes the best love match with the Dragon, the Rat, and the Snake.

A relationship between a Monkey and a Snake can be extreme. Either they will clash, or they will be very compatible.

They share a very similar personality, but one will be the yin and the other will be the yang.

When a Monkey and a Rat fall in love, it will be a hoot. This is because they can make one another laugh.

Whenever they’re together, all the troubles and worries will simply melt away because they will both be busy laughing!

The Dragon can also bring love and joy to the Monkey. They can be fierce competitors, but they can also be incredibly attracted to each other and willing to work through their differences together.

When it comes to love, Monkey people are very romantic, thoughtful, gentle, and responsible.

They win people over with their charming personalities. When they’re in love, their partner and their relationship are the most important things in their lives.

When they’re in love, they can give up everything just to make their partner happy and the relationship work.

Their focus is the love that they share and the relationship that they’re in.

People easily fall for Monkey people because of their crazy stunts and hilarious sense of humor.

They are also the sweetest and most romantic and can make any person feel like the most important person in the world.

Whenever there’s trouble in paradise, Monkey people will usually just remain calm and try their best to make things right.

They like to collect many beautiful and lighthearted experiences in love. But they’re still human and will feel insecure every now and then.

When they’re in this mood, it’s best that their partners stay with them and boost their morale.

Monkey people are very loving and loyal. When they settle down, their purpose becomes being a loving partner and a wonderful parent to their children.

They are great problem solvers who will effortlessly deal with problems in their marriage, and this makes them the ideal lifetime partner.

They are honest, tender, and kindhearted, and they will not hesitate to show their affections openly.

If someone they love did something wrong, they are ready to give them a second chance.

They love to receive words of praise, admiration, or appreciation from the people they love. Just the words ‘I love you’ or ‘Thank you’ will mean so much.

Monkey people can show their stubborn side sometimes. But being patient, sweet, and understanding to them will make them calm down quickly.

A lasting relationship with a Monkey needs plenty of patience and understanding.

They can be the most irritable and impetuous people, so their partner needs to be their complete opposite to achieve a healthy and loving balance.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1968 Chinese Zodiac

Monkey people are not easily satisfied and will want to try everything. This quality makes them suited for risky or challenging careers, like stockbrokers, stuntmen, or athletes.

They are also very levelheaded and will succeed in fields that require logical thinking.

They are knowledgeable about many topics and can excel in any field, so they will always enjoy financial independence and personal wealth.

Being a freelancer is also another lucrative option for Monkey people. They can choose different short-term jobs depending on their interests at the moment or their skills and interests.

In their pursuit of wealth, the Monkey’s ability is unbeatable.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The lucky numbers for Monkey people are 1, 7, and 8, as well as any combination that contains these numbers, like 17, 18, 178, etc.

Blue, gold, and white are the lucky colors.

Crape-myrtle, alliums, and chrysanthemum are the lucky flowers.

The west, northwest, and north are the lucky directions.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1968 Chinese Zodiac

The Monkey is the ninth animal in the list of Chinese zodiac animals.

It’s also associated with the Earthly Branch shēn, as well as the afternoon hours of 3 to 5. In terms of yin and yang, the Monkey is yang.

In Chinese culture, peaches, which Monkeys love to eat, are symbols of longevity. The Monkey also became associated with long life because of this.

My Final Thoughts

The Monkey is clever and always full of ideas. He never stops entertaining people, drawing them to him wherever he goes.

They are always ready to compete, and they want to be on top every time. They are very creative and ambitious, even if sometimes they can be reckless with their methods.

They prefer to work using their own talents and resources. They’re never not busy, and their minds are constantly churning out new ideas to try out.

Monkey people are curious about life, and they’re not afraid to ask the questions.

They will show respect to anyone who holds the answers, and those who don’t may be overlooked.

All in all, Monkey people need to work on their humility. They can easily become arrogant and egocentric because of the many wins they receive in their lives.

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