1970 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Dog

1970 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Dog

Personality Type of the 1970 Chinese Zodiac

If you were born in 1970, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Dog.

It’s the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac and symbolizes honesty and loyalty.

Dog people have a strong sense of responsibility. They are also very smart, straightforward, and faithful.

You can count on them to give their full support and to be by your side forever. They are easy to get along and one of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

They are kind and generous, but they can also be cautious around certain people who tend to abuse their kindness and mercy.

You can trust Dog people with your biggest secrets because they are very discreet and trustworthy.

Your secrets will be safe with them, and they will take them to their grave!

Dog people will also give their all for the people who are important to them. They will shower them with love, care, and attention, and they will move mountains just to see them happy.

They are born with a very good and kind nature, so it’s very unlikely for them to do anything criminal or to use dishonest means for financial gain.

They will be perfectly content with a happy and peaceful life and a loving family. They will also do their part to keep the world a happy, safe, and positive place to live in.

Dog people are always ready to encourage, support, and help others that they sometimes forget about their own needs or interests.

This is why they get deeply hurt and shocked when they are deceived or betrayed by dishonest people.

Their kind and easygoing nature make them such a delight to be around in the workplace. They help their co-workers who are having difficulty performing a task, and they will not expect anything in return.

They share the workload happily, and they put their heart and mind to their own tasks, making them such valuable employees.

Because of their devoted and loyal personality, Dog people will be successful in careers that are oriented on serving others.

Dog people will be phenomenal working as counselors, police officers, politicians, educators, nurses, and teachers.

On the negative side, Dog people are not very good communicators. They find it hard to articulate their thoughts and feelings to others, especially people that they’re not close to.

As a result, people think that they have a snobbish or stubborn personality.

When people disappoint them, or when the world lets them down, Dog people think that everything and everyone are complicated, toxic, and evil.

After which they criticize and conclude with a very pessimistic point of view.

They can also be quite slippery when asked about certain things that they find uncomfortable to answer.

They have a tendency to be cold and silent, as well as self-righteous.

When they’re in a real mood, they can be very critical of others, too.

People born in the year of the Dog are independent and freedom-loving.

They know what they want, and they know just how they’re going to get it. They are decisive and seldom go back on a decision once it’s made.

Dog people are not afraid of the challenges that they may face in life. They don’t run away from their problems and are ready to tough it out.

This courage and determination help them have a strong and harmonious relationship with the people in their lives.

They would rather lose than create problems for others. They also just can’t find it in their hearts to do a bad or immoral thing.

They are friends with everybody, but the friends they truly hold dear are the most loved.

They take their time getting to know them and determine whether or not they’re someone they can love and trust.

They don’t like getting hurt or being used, so they take these cautious steps before giving their heart to friends or romantic prospects.

But once they get really close, Dog people will be loyal and faithful forever!

When it comes to love and romance, Dog people don’t fall in love easily. They like to get to know the other person very well first before entering a relationship or saying ‘I love you’ back.

They also experience emotional ups and downs, but they have great faith and optimism in love!

What Element is 1970?

If your birth year is 1970 and your Chinese zodiac animal is the Dog, your element is metal.

The Metal Dog is the most decisive and the most organized out of all the Dog types in the Chinese zodiac.

One should never the question the Metal Dog’s confidence because they firmly stand for their principles and everything they believe in.

Metal Dogs handle all their matters with their loving but outspoken nature and strong sense of passion.

But their greatest quality is their loyalty. There’s nothing that they wouldn’t do for a dear one who’s in need.

Metal Dogs are known for their strong, logical, and structured minds. You can count on them in any situation where planning and organization are required.

Their will is strong, and they can easily find success in any career and in any field.

Their ideals and sense of justice are perfect for a career in social work, law, education, or law enforcement.

They will also do a great job in fighting for a cause, whether in the non-profit sector or in politics.

The Metal Dog’s unbending nature can be detrimental in certain situations. It’s also dangerous when they are too stubborn or uncompromising in their personal views.

This inflexibility or stubbornness make them difficult to get along with or agree with.

When they believe in something too intensely, they will not accept any exceptions and their relationships are bound to suffer.

Metal Dogs are encouraged to be more relaxed and lighthearted to help counteract their obstinacy and seriousness.

Best Love Matches for the 1970 Zodiac

The Dog can get along well and make a great love match with the Rabbit, the Rat, and the Tiger.

When Dogs get together with Rabbits, they can make beautiful music together and have a happy relationship or marriage.

Rabbit people are very understanding and truthful, and these qualities will help them maintain a blissful and honest relationship.

They will support each other in all the ups and downs, while keeping the love and passion alive every day.

They can accept and fully understand one another. They will also make use of their gifts and talents together to make a bright future.

Rat people are very sweet and joyful, and this infectious energy will do good to Dog people.

Quarrels or disagreements will not happen often because everything will just flow smoothly between these two.

Their similar hobbies and interests will give them plenty of things to talk about, and their relationship will be filled with a lively energy.

Tigers and Dogs were born to be a great match. Both are big idealists and share a lot of common beliefs and attitudes.

With this love match, they can easily achieve a sweet and lasting relationship that many others will be jealous of!

Even if Dog people are very trustworthy, they find it hard to trust others. It takes them a long time before they can truly feel at ease with someone.

When trust has not yet been established, they can be quite dismissive and judgmental of others.

People can also be scared off by Dog people’s anxious and insecure nature. They have a tendency to be overly critical and emotionally distant.

They are fully committed in all that they do, especially to relationships. Their expectations for themselves and for their future partner are high, and this brings added pressure.

Dog people are responsible, loyal, kind, and gentle lovers. These are qualities that everyone looks for in a partner, and these make Dogs very attractive and desirable.

Even if they are not good at communicating with people in general, their lovers are the exception.

Dog people will share whatever is in their heart or mind to feel close to their partner, and to help resolve issues before they get worse.

If you’re in love with a Dog person, being patient and showing them that you are listening will help you become a good partner to them.

Dog people look forward to creating a happy, loving, and harmonious family with their partner.

They like their personal lives to be simple but loving and stable.

Once they fall in love with someone, they will do their best to share what they’re feeling or thinking, and what their dreams are for the both of them.

They trust their partners and are willing to give them the space and privacy that they need.

Their marriage is usually relaxed, and they don’t allow the little things to get to them.

But most Dog people cannot stand crabby and boastful partners. They lose their patience and end up backing away.

Dog people also sometimes behave stubbornly. They will contradict themselves just to make a point.

They want their partners to know them inside and out, but there are also days when they just want to be left alone.

For a relationship with a Dog to work, their partners need to be understanding and patient, to know them well, and to accept all their idiosyncrasies.

Dog people are sincere and wonderful partners. They will take care of their loved ones even while they are taking care of their own careers.

Their calmness and independence can be very helpful in resolving marital problems. They are also very understanding and tolerant of their partner’s flaws and shortcomings.

Give them more patience and privacy and you’ll be just fine. When they’re in one of their moods, don’t push, and don’t probe.

Sometimes they will hesitate and be filled with doubts. Give them time to muster the courage, and then your 100% love and support.

Knowing that somebody loves them and believes in them will make them feel like the most wonderful person in the world, which they totally are!

Wealth and Fortune for the 1970 Chinese Zodiac

The Dog’s energy and determination will help them spot opportunities that will make them famous or wealthy, or both.

They are accustomed to earning money by using their good looks, intelligence, social network, clever strategies, and even extreme methods.

They don’t usually have major problems with money, as long as they keep a low profile and a reasonable spending habit.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The lucky numbers for the Dog are 3, 4, and 9 and any number combinations containing them, such as 34, 39, 43, 49, etc.

Purple, green, and red are the lucky colors for this zodiac animal.

The lucky flowers are cymbidium orchids and roses.

The lucky days are the 7th and 28th days of each Chinese lunar month.

The northeast, east, and southeast are the considered the lucky directions.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1970 Chinese Zodiac

The Dog is known as man’s best friend. It does not discriminate and only knows how to love.

The Chinese regard it as a very auspicious animal. If a dog happens to visit a house, it signifies the coming of good fortune.

In Chinese legends, the God Erlang had a trusted wolfhound who helped him capture monsters.

My Final Thoughts

Dog people are the most loyal, honest, and reliable people you will ever know. They are also the best and truest friends you can ever have.

They will stand by you no matter what happens, and they will give their full support in both your professional and personal lives.

They are genuine and straightforward. They are also highly opinionated and will be ready to correct anyone to defend their beliefs.

They care deeply for the people they love, and they will work to be more understanding and flexible, just so they can have a happy family or married life.

They may be strong and unbending to other people, but their stubbornness will disappear when it involves their loved ones.

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