1973 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Ox

1973 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Ox

Personality Type of the 1973 Chinese Zodiac

People who were born in 1973 fall under the Ox Chinese zodiac sign.

Ox people are determined and hardworking, and they will stick to their tasks longer than anyone.

They believe in their own capabilities, and they live their lives knowing that there are only two things that exist in this world: the good and the bad.

Ox people follow a strict code of conduct and high standards, and they judge other people who don’t have the same ideals.

They are not party animals.

If they ever go to parties, they are the quiet ones who are standing by the pool or the DJ’s booth and not interested in mingling.

Ox people may look calm on the outside. But they can be seriously terrifying when they get mad.

They are fearsome when they get angry, so you better not do something that will set them off.

They have very sharp memories because of their keen observation skills.

They are good with faces and names, and they can remember something in vivid detail even if it happened several months back.

Ox people are very good around the home. They are very handy with a lot of things, and they can truly make a house feel like a home.

Ox people can succeed in the arts, in real estate, in medicine, and in business.

They have a very creative nature, and this helps them achieve success in different fields.

They can be very stubborn and fanatical. They believe in the soundness of their decisions, so they very rarely regret them.

It’s a bit disappointing for Ox people to know that the closest people to them don’t really get them.

But they are patient, loving, and caring. They are the best friend that you can ever have.

They make outstanding leaders, and they have a good sense of justice.

There are times when they can get ahead of themselves and think that they’re smarter than they really are.

They can also make rash decisions without listening to what other people have to say first.

They place more importance on their own abilities and don’t depend on good luck to achieve what they want.

Even if Ox people put importance on their social status and personal wealth, they don’t waste time on silly people and frivolous things.

What Element is 1973?

If you were born in 1973 and your Chinese zodiac animal is the Ox, your element is water.

The Water Ox has an arresting and sharp personality. When you meet them, you will either be impressed or intimidated.

They are excellent at organization, and they will show their work in a very efficient style.

They are not as old-fashioned like the other types of Ox, and they look forward to engaging other people in their goals and plans.

Water Ox people are often a good fit in public service. They are a good judge of character and know when someone is being sincere or not.

They are well-liked and quite influential, and they don’t experience a lot of challenges in accomplishing their goals.

Water Ox people are also very good with children.

They take their responsibilities very seriously and will take advantage of opportunities by being decisive.

They are very sincere and trust their friends very much. But they are quiet and reserved and prefer to keep their thoughts private.

They also value their independence and would much rather do things their own way.

Water Ox people have a calm and relaxed attitude. But if they’re ever disappointed by anyone, they can exhibit their temper that’s quite frightening.

They usually get their own way. But if they don’t, they can be a sore loser and take the loss very badly.

Water Ox people are deep thinkers, and they usually have a serious expression on their faces.

They are not known for having a sense of humor, but they can surprise you with a really hilarious story when they’re in their element.

They are quite old-fashioned with their views, and they are not a fan of change or new ideas.

The Water Ox’s home is often beautiful, warm, and welcoming. They are filled with all the things that Water Ox people hold dear.

Their home is also their refuge and happy place. They’d rather spend time at home than go out and party.

Water Ox people make sure that their loved ones maintain a close relationship. They make sure to spend time with each other no matter how busy everyone is.

They are very easygoing people who just like things done a certain way. They know how to have fun and let loose, but they prefer to do it with the people that they really like.

You can only expect truth and genuineness from Water Ox people. They will be faithful to you, and they will make you feel like you’re the most special person in the world.

But they can appear detached and isolated. They really don’t mind if people think of them this way.

They know that their detachment is only on the surface. Underneath all that is someone who’s strong, determined, focused, and even ruthless when need be.

Water Ox people will always have the support of their family and close friends. In turn, they will always be prepared to defend them or fight for them.

Best Love Matches for the 1973 Zodiac

Ox people are sensual and passionate, which means that flings and casual hookups will never do.

It may be difficult to get to know them because they don’t like going out that much and would prefer to stay at home than hit the clubs.

They just prefer small gatherings and intimate interactions with a few people, like their best friends and family.

But once people get to know the Ox, they will realize that they are wonderful friends and lovers.

They are loyal and steadfast companions that you can’t help but love as time goes by.

Ox people value love, romance, and relationships, and they will have no time to waste on meaningless encounters.

The best love matches for the Ox are the Rat, Snake, and Rooster.

The relationship of an Ox and a Rat will be very rewarding. Ox people are looking for security and stability, and the Rat partner will gladly provide it.

The Rat will also inspire the hardworking Ox to take a break and enjoy. They will be able to soften the Ox’s rough edges.

The Snake is the Ox’s potential soulmate. It’s the yin to their yang, and the missing piece of the puzzle.

When these two get together, it will be a perfect fit, and they wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

The Rooster is also a wonderful partner to the Ox. These two possess similar traits, like responsibility and devotion.

When they compensate for their differences, it will not be a burden but an enjoyable experience that will strengthen their bond.

Ox people are traditional, so they will enjoy a long courtship. They prefer a relationship that takes time to build than something that just kind of happened.

This is because they are slow to warm up and develop real feelings. They want to go through all the motions and experience every moment.

Ox people will work hard not to disappoint the people they love. They will remain faithful all their lives.

They are a no-nonsense type of lover. They will take care of you every day, from the simplest things to the biggest.

They will spoil you and show you how important you are to them.

Even if they don’t like doing a particular thing, they will make an effort and do it for the people they love.

If you think Ox people are boring because they are too set in their ways, think again.

They are honest, hardworking, devoted, loving, and above reproach.

When you are in a relationship with an Ox, it’s your job to make sure that they are having fun and that they are well taken care of.

Sometimes they are too busy taking care of others that they forget to take care of themselves. They usually take on more than their share of responsibilities.

A lot of great things come wrapped in plain paper, and the Ox is one of them.

Once you open the package, you will realize that they are worth their weight in gold.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1973 Chinese Zodiac

The Ox will always insist on clearing off their debts. If they owe someone money, they will not rest until they have shown their appreciation in some grand and tangible way.

Words of appreciation will not be enough, so they will think of something that people will truly appreciate and always remember.

The Ox is a symbol of prosperity and abundance achieved through hard work and determination.

It represents a person who’s reliable, organized, and calm.

It’s the symbol of a tireless and patient worker who achieves his dreams with his blood, sweat, and tears.

Ox people will always enjoy financial success, wealth, and abundance because they work hard and don’t stop until their dreams are within reach.

They keep their heads down and keep a low profile. They are focused and don’t let doubts to start creeping in.

They avoid trouble, deal with their problems in a mature way, and fulfill all their responsibilities.

Most of all, they spend their money wisely.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

In terms of yin and yang, the Ox is the yin. Its birthstone is Aquamarine, and its season is winter.

The lucky numbers are 3, 8, and 9, and any combination of these numbers.

Purple, red, and blue are the Ox’s lucky colors.

Tulips, peach blossoms, and roses are the lucky flowers.

The Wu Lou and Arowana are some examples of lucky charms for this zodiac animal.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1973 Chinese Zodiac

The Ox is associated with the Earthly Branch chou and the morning hours between 1 and 3.

The old adages ‘ox temper’ or ‘strong as an ox’ is because of the Ox’s incredible physical strength. It represents hard work, as well as the persistent spirit.

The Ox is very detail-oriented. It imparts the wisdom that slow and steady will still win the race.

My Final Thoughts

Ox people often take on other people’s burdens as their own and get more than their share of responsibilities.

They can be prone to exhaustion and depression. But they are known to be physically healthy people.

It’s just their overwhelming desire that keeps them going even when they should be resting or slowing down.

They don’t like letting people down, and they don’t like to feel like a total failure.

They have very keen minds which only proves that still waters run deep.

Ox people often worry about money, but they are not materialistic. It gives them comfort knowing that they have money kept away for the rainy days.

They are practical, enduring, and ambitious. They also stick to their beliefs and values.

They have a proper use for everything, and they never run out of valuable contributions.

Ox people, particularly Water Ox people, will be more flexible and reasonable. They will be open to suggestions but may still not go with changing tried and tested methods.

But unlike the other Ox types, Water Ox people will not take it personally when they are asked to bend to the wind.

They are more concerned about improving their image and sense of security.

Water Ox people will make their mark by cooperating and working harmoniously with others.

They know they can still head to the direction that they want without any challenges, provided they don’t become too rigid or demanding.

Water Ox people can focus on several goals at a time and can wear out the opposition with their organization, coolness, determination, and patience.

A Water Ox friend or lover will truly be a wonderful addition to your life.

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