1979 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Goat

1979 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Goat

Personality Type of the 1979 Chinese Zodiac

If you were born in 1979, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Goat.

Some of the key qualities of people born under this Chinese zodiac sign are intelligence, sweetness, peacefulness, and a predisposition for music and art.

They are some of the friendliest and most charming people you will ever meet, and everyone who meets them will feel very special and loved.

They have a legendary good sense of humor and optimism that only the people they consider worthy can witness and experience.

But deep in their hearts, Goat people are often hesitant and anxious.

The magic of their magnetism is what allows them to feel comfortable in their environment and even bring them to meet influential people in their fields.

Their kind heart and generous spirit always push them to help those who are most in need, even if it means putting themselves in precarious situations.

People who don’t like Goat people are usually jealous of their many talents, and they often use desperate measures just to discredit them.

Despite this, they are able to keep their faith, as well as their kindness and compassion for the people in their lives.

Goat people easily fall in love to the point that they love several people all at the same time.

They are prepared to endure unpleasant or difficult situations without saying anything because of their love for someone.

But when they feel like their love is not being reciprocated, they will not hesitate to leave them behind and move on to greener pastures.

In their everyday lives, Goat people are easily satisfied and happy with whatever the world has to offer.

They have excellent and very sharp memories. They can forgive easily, but they also will not be blind to the behaviors of people around them.

When it comes to business, they are good at evaluating a complicated situation and can be a good negotiator.

When Goat people choose to have a political or artistic career, they can easily achieve success.

They value their freedom so much, but they must also remember that freedom is only achieved through independence.

They must also remember to work on pursuits that are for the long-term, and to do it with commitment and perseverance.

What Element is 1979?

If you were born in 1979 and your Chinese zodiac sign is the Goat, your element is earth.

Earth Goats are giving, compassionate, and always ready to help out someone in need. But they can become suspicious of anyone who asks them too many questions.

They are big dreamers and can use their many talents in all the artistic fields that require them to be strong and persevering, like film, music, dance, poetry, and theater.

The earth element is associated with the practicality and stability of this Chinese zodiac sign, particularly with their temperament.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the emotional rollercoasters caused by other Goat people, Earth Goats are able to demonstrate composure in everything.

While Goat people are sensitive by nature, Earth Goats can effortlessly cope with the vagaries of life with just the right amount of detachment.

The influence of the earth element also grounds their personalities so that they make more practical choices instead of emotional decisions.

They are able to keep good jobs and work independently on their projects.

Earth Goats are also better at following a schedule and keeping a budget compared to other types of Goats. This signifies that they are better prepared to succeed in life.

They are also more patient and understanding. They are not motivated by thrilling adventures or countless social relationships.

They are more at peace with their inner selves and their environment. They are more likely to move forward in life in slow but sure steps.

Although it may take them longer to achieve their goals, their efforts are backed by stable emotions and readiness for hard work.

Goat people are strongly attracted to anything beautiful, sophisticated, and sensual. They also like to be surrounded by creature comforts.

They take pride in a well-maintained and tastefully decorated home. But Earth Goat people are the least extravagant.

They don’t have a strong tendency to splurge. But being Goats, they have a discriminating nature and innate sense of how much something is worth.

When it comes to relationships, Earth Goats are driven by the need for security and stability.

They are big homebodies, and they like knowing that at the end of the day, their love and affection will be reciprocated at the same level by their partners.

Best Love Matches for the 1979 Zodiac

The Goat will make a wonderful love match with the Horse.

They can create a very fun relationship if they’re willing to make compromises. Even if they are different in some ways, the differences are often complementary.

Horse people are quite unpredictable and never like to settle down. They always want to be stimulated, and they are attracted to the artistic nature of the Goat.

Goat people can be unpredictable and emotionally high-strung. But they are progressive thinkers, and Horse people know that they can find a right match with them.

They know that when they fall in love, it will be exciting and stimulating in all aspects.

When the Goat and the Horse fall in love, their chemistry will be undeniable, and their connection will be magical. But where it goes from there will be completely up to the two.

Horse people tend to be in love with love and throw themselves heart first into any new relationship.

Goat people are dreamy and could quite easily be swept off their feet by Horse people’s romantic gestures.

Problems may arise when Horse people’s restlessness sets in again, urging Goat people to move on.

Goat people’s sensitive side will most likely come to the fore. But because they try to avoid conflict as much as possible, they may hold off their hurt feelings instead of expressing them.

Whatever their relationship becomes, these two are likely to have a very strong physical connection.

The Goat and the Snake also make a wonderful love match even if they are such different creatures in the animal world.

They both have a strong love of home and a relaxed pace of life.

This zodiac match will most likely come together because of their shared interests in the beautiful and finer things in life.

Both the Snake and the Goat love sensual pleasures and are attracted to things that delight the senses, like a really delicious meal, elegantly flattering outfits, and artistic pursuits.

The Goat can literally spend a small fortune in minutes on designer dresses and personal adornments.

This trait is not because of vanity or a compulsive desire to spend, but a natural trait in Goat people to wear or arrange things beautifully.

While the Snake may be motivated differently, they also have a highly discriminating nature.

The Snake and the Goat will enjoy common tastes and pamper each other with similar indulgences when they’re in a relationship.

Another equally strong reason for the Snake and the Goat to stay together comes from their mutual attachment to their home.

This is more so in case of the Goat who takes immense pleasure in domestic comforts and interests.

While the Snake is not as big of a home lover as the Goat, they will still prefer to stay in their homes, enjoy the sunlight in their backyard garden, or have a beer while lounging by the pool instead of going out with friends to a party.

Also, the Snake can be quite fussy when it comes to what they eat or drink, so a homely and nurturing partner like the Goat who can cater to such indulgences will be perfectly suited to them.

Both the Goat and the Snake are alike in their social inclinations. They are both comfortable in intimate and familiar surroundings and will prefer it every time.

They complement each other in a relationship. The Goat can be an emotional wreck sometimes and can quickly lose control.

The Snake partner with a steadier mind and greater self-possession can help the Goat strengthen their emotional moorings.

On the other hand, the Snake can be prone to extreme jealousy when they become restless or insecure.

But the Goat’s emotional obedience will give the Snake no reason to feel jealous or give in to their negative feelings.

Wealth and Fortune for the 1979 Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese believe that good fortune smiles on the Goat because of their pure nature and kind heart. They are generous with their time, resources, and money.

When you have no money and nowhere to go, you can be sure that your Goat friend will not turn you away.

They will always have the three most important things in life: food, shelter, and clothing. Wherever they go, they are bound to meet people who can and will assist them.

A person of this sign will make it a point to marry well and will be cherished not only by their partner but their in-laws as well.

But even in the roughest circumstances, the Goat will still possess their three basic needs, and people will care deeply for them.

Goat people have great luck. People often leave them money in their wills, and even the poorest of them will be able to inherit something valuable from their family or friends.

Admirers will shower the Goat with beautiful and expensive gifts, and rich and powerful supporters will readily take them under their wing.

Famous personalities will adopt them and treat them as their protege.

Somehow, the lucky Goat will always have everything made easier for them. Their every fall will be cushioned by those who protect them and look out for their interests.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

The lucky colors for the Goat are white and blue. The lucky numbers are 4, 8, and 12. The best directions for their careers are the east and the northwest.

The best jobs and careers for them include being a politician, environmentalist, scientist, archaeologist, musician, writer, sculptor, painter, actor, or poet.

The most beneficial essential oil is lavender, and the lucky stone is the Smoky Quartz.

3 Unusual Facts About the 1979 Chinese Zodiac

According to Chinese astrology, the best age to start a business for Goat people is between 30 and 50. The best career or field for the Goat is in publication.

The best business for Goat people to venture in are beauty salons or anything that has to do with pampering or beautification.

My Final Thoughts

Goat people are kind, gentle, compassionate, and generous. They are also very sensitive people, but they are quick to forgive and understand other people’s faults.

They are very polite, creative, artistic, and wise. These people are always willing to help and take good care of others.

They can easily draw people to them, thanks to their delightful personalities.

When it comes to accomplishing their tasks, they are not impulsive but will always go about it thoughtfully and meticulously.

They want a peaceful and quiet life and will do anything to avoid conflicts. Goat people don’t like being the center of attention. They always prefer to watch from the sidelines.

They do have the tendency to be pessimistic, fickle, afraid, insecure, and easily influenced by others.

They lack confidence most of the time and are vulnerable to being taken advantage of. Goat people fall in love easily, and sometimes they’re able to love several people at once.

You can’t help but love them. But they are overly sensitive people who need to be constantly reassured, so they tend to be very clingy and emotional.

However, Goat people can make great lovers who will do anything to make their partners happy.

They’re very kindhearted, giving, and family-oriented. But because they’re very private and shy, it can be hard to get them to open up.

They need a partner who is attentive, supportive, and reassuring. Someone who can help them develop their own self-confidence!

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