2017 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Rooster

2017 Chinese Zodiac – The Year of the Rooster

Personality Type of the 2017 Chinese Zodiac

If you were born in 2017, your Chinese zodiac sign is the Rooster.

The Rooster has many admirable qualities. They are highly intelligent and ambitious, and they are expressive with their feelings and honest with what’s going on in their heads.

They are also head turners because of their natural good looks and impeccable taste in fashion.

People born under this Chinese zodiac sign don’t depend on other people because being independent and self-reliant gives them a natural kind of high.

But the Rooster can get really excited about something for a while and then lose interest completely, making them prone to not finishing what they started and leaving a trail of incomplete projects.

This is why the Rooster needs to practice more patience and commitment. They need to have the strength and devotion to stay for someone and to stick with something.

The Rooster is also known for being tenderhearted and perceptive. They are kind and compassionate, and they instinctively know when something is bothering someone.

They can also accomplish their tasks and achieve their goals with honor and a high level of self-respect.

But they can be very impatient, selfish, narrowminded, and critical as well. People with the 2017 Chinese zodiac are very sharp and observant.

They are brimming with creativity and can be counted on to come up with something great even when working with so little.

They work hard until they get the results that they desire, and they work hard long after the job is done. The Rooster is bold and confident and will never back away from a good challenge.

Even if they sometimes just want a low profile, they can’t help their popularity. Perhaps it’s because of their magnetic personality, or their natural good looks.

People always want to be around them because the Rooster always makes sure that everyone is having a great time. Sharing what’s on their mind is not hard for the Rooster.

Wherever they are, be it a conference, a focused group discussion, a book club meeting, or a heart to heart talk with the family, they will always speak honestly.

They will not hesitate to tell the truth because they believe that people deserve it, even if it hurts or is unpleasant sometimes.

The life of the Rooster is usually an open book. They don’t hide anything from people. This is mostly the reason why they are so genuinely liked and attractive.

The Rooster feels happiest when they are with a lot of people. They enjoy having the spotlight on them and being the center of attention.

Whether it’s a dinner party with friends or a social gathering for work, they like the opportunity to charm their way into people’s hearts.

They expect everyone to stop what they’re doing and listen to what they have to say, or else they will feel insulted.

The Rooster is also known to brag about themselves and everything that they have achieved. They also have the tendency to be very vain and self-centered.

People can be annoyed and turned off by their attention-seeking ways.

People who are easily hurt may find it challenging to get along with the Rooster because of their self-absorbed behaviors.

Despite these flaws in their character, the Rooster makes a very loyal and loving friend. When they make a promise, you can be sure that they will not break it!

What Element is 2017?

People born in 2017 under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster carry the fire element. The Fire Rooster is an extremely determined and dedicated person.

They are effective leaders in the workplace and a fantastic organizer in the home.

They can go very far in their careers and climb up the corporate ladder if they can just overcome their natural timidity and shyness.

The Fire Rooster can handle big tasks very well, and they are very skilled multitaskers. They also have a bright and colorful personality.

They have so many friends and can establish good relationships very easily. The Fire Rooster will always help the less fortunate as they are very caring people.

They are usually very refined people who will always dress smartly and cleanly. They also usually have a large family and take a particular interest in the education of their children.

They are thorough in all they do and like to plan their activities well in advance.

They are usually very intelligent and have a love for books, art, and travel. They are also known for their sharp wit and good sense of humor.

The Fire Rooster can talk up a storm. They love to talk about anything under the sun and can spend a whole day just sharing their thoughts.

However, they should avoid acting on the spur of the moment because of their erratic nature.

The Fire Rooster is usually well off or financially successful because of their ability to accumulate wealth at any stage of their life.

They are very ambitious people, but they can be unrealistic in some of the things that they want to achieve.

They have a very active and colorful imagination. When they are in one of their creative moods, they don’t like people distracting or disrupting them.

The Fire Rooster may be stubborn about the little things. But they are also honest, trustworthy, and reliable, and this makes up for their stubbornness.

Best Love Matches for the 2017 Zodiac

When it comes to love and relationships, the Rooster makes the best love matches with the Snake and the Ox.

The Snake and the Ox will give the Rooster a rich and happy life. There will be a lot of love in this relationship, and there will also be peace of mind.

They have a lot of things in common, and these will help them achieve their goals together and create a deeply satisfying relationship.

The Rooster and the Ox will know each other like the back of their hands.

They will fall in love every day, and they will allow the other to discover many new things about themselves, both the good and the bad.

This will make them grow closer on an intimate level as each day passes. Their love and respect for each other will propel them to have a happy and harmonious life.

The Ox can also give the Rooster everything they will ever need, including financial support and career advice.

Because they share so many interests and have the same personalities, it will definitely be a happy relationship for these two.

The Rooster and the Snake are so compatible that they can be considered soulmates. They are always all out when it comes to love, romance, and passion.

The Snake will always be loyal and honest to the Rooster, and the Rooster will be the same to the Snake.

Their intelligence will also help them build their wealth together and achieve the life that they have always wanted.

The Snake has a loyal and optimistic attitude that will rub off on the Rooster. They will make sure that the Rooster always feels safe, loved, and secure.

When the Rooster falls in love, they become the best versions of themselves. They become sweeter and more romantic, and they become more excited and mature.

They know what loving means, and they understand that it will not always be a bed of roses.

They are not above doing romantic gestures, like surprise gifts, quick getaways to somewhere beautiful, and public displays of affection.

They are willing to be cheesy and ridiculous just to see the person they love happy! While doing so, they will also seek a little space and freedom in the relationship.

The Rooster believes in a relationship that is loving and strong and demonstrates respect, freedom and equality.

There is no relationship problem too big to resolve for the Rooster. Once they have established a strong relationship, the Rooster becomes dreamy lovers.

They become more loyal and loving to their partner and their family. They grow more comfortable and secure in themselves and with the person they love.

They are attracted to people who make them proud and make sure that life is never boring. When it comes to love, the Rooster is energetic, adventurous, and openminded.

They possess many unique traits that make people fall at their feet. They also play an active role in their relationships.

They are straightforward with what they’re feeling and will never hesitate to tell their partner. This eliminates mind games.

Being in a relationship with the Rooster does not put pressure on their partner because they just want a relationship that’s loving, trusting, and laidback.

They will be very devoted. They will also do everything to keep their partners interested and wrapped around their fingers.

If you want to make a Rooster fall in love with you or stay committed to you, make sure to give them the freedom that they desire.

They don’t want to feel tied down even if they are in a committed relationship.

But you can expect them to always know their boundaries, and they can be counted on to never cross the line that can jeopardize the relationship.

They love with all their hearts, but they give importance to their own privacy.

When they’re going through some troubled times, the Rooster can be snappish or irritable. They need someone who will be patient and understanding with their moods.

Being in a relationship with the Rooster will be truly an interesting and unpredictable ride!

Wealth and Fortune for the 2017 Chinese Zodiac

The Rooster is hardworking and extremely practical, so saving money for major investments like a car, house, or retirement comes naturally to them.

As a Rooster, they tend to be very picky about what they buy, which curbs any urge to make an impulse buy.

Although these are great qualities to maintain financial health, but they’re not very fun. It’s no secret that when they want something, they’ll figure out a way to get it.

By all means, the Rooster sets themselves up for a stable and financially secure future. But they should also allow themselves to enjoy their money once in a while.

Lucky Symbols and Numbers

According to Chinese astrology, the lucky numbers for the Rooster are 5, 7, and 8. The lucky colors are yellow, gold, and brown.

Cockscomb, impatiens, and gladiola are the lucky flowers. It’s also believed that the most auspicious directions are the west, southwest, and northeast.

The 4th and 26th days of the Chinese lunar month are the lucky days.

3 Unusual Facts About the 2017 Chinese Zodiac

The Rooster symbolizes punctuality and fidelity. During ancient times, the Rooster’s crowing was a very important indicator to start the day.

In Chinese culture, the Rooster is also used to exorcise evil spirits. People with the Rooster Chinese zodiac sign born between 5:00 and 7:00, both am and pm, tend to be the most outgoing.

My Final Thoughts

The Rooster is a naturally hard worker because they like the feeling of earning their own money and buying the things that they want with their own money.

They love knowing that they can provide for themselves and the people they love. The Rooster will also not stop until they discover the truth or uncover the nature of a problem.

They are very active and energetic people. When it comes to friends, they want to have a lot and be surrounded by them all the time.

They rely on their own reputation to establish trust and gain recognition.

They are great people to have around during times of adversity because they can calmly find solutions to problems.

However, they are also known to be quite proud and will not easily accept other people’s opinions. They often have good luck with money because they know how to earn and save money.

The Rooster will always get the support that they need from people who love them and believe in them, so they will definitely have a brilliant future!

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