December 16 Zodiac

December 16 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on December 16?

If you were born on December 16th, your Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

As a Sagittarius is born on this day, you are energetic and full of life. You love being outdoors and going on out of town trips.

Your friends would say that you’re someone that they can depend on.  They see you as an unselfish friend.

People who have worked with you would say that you are a highly punctual person. You hate being late,  both in attendance and on delivering your tasks.

Additionally,  you are the type of lover who puts your partner above you. You are loyal and faithful when in love.

Love Horoscope for December 16 Zodiac

A lover born on December 16th  is generous to his or her partner.  They like spoiling their lovers with gifts.

Because of this trait,  other people often take these persons for granted.

To attract a person born on December 16th,  you should show that you are appreciative of his or her efforts, especially when it comes to doing things that make you happy.

You are very easy to misunderstand. You give and give and give, precisely because you show your love and appreciation this way.

You are quite fearless when it comes to relationships because a lot of people would normally shy away from any seeming imbalance in relationships.

In many cases, people are quite hesitant to give because they might not get anything in return.

You don’t have this hesitation. You tend to jump in with both feet as far as relationships are concerned.

This is why it’s really important for you to be selective as far as the people that you’re going to trust with your heart.

Flings, physical intimacy, and casual exploration are one thing, but love is another. Know the difference.

Unfortunately, a lot of people born on December 16 often entrust their generosity and deep abiding love to people who don’t deserve it. These people are not serious. These people are often users.

Other people repay kindness with cruelty. They’re hurting so bad that the only way they can process the love their partner is giving them is to respond in harshness, cruelty, and even violence.

Avoid those people. They are toxic because they can leave you with lasting emotional scars.

Make no mistake about it. Your ability to love is one of the most powerful and precious personal assets. Don’t let it go to waste by getting burned by the wrong partner.

Career Horoscope for December 16 Zodiac

People born on the 16th of December are reliable in the workplace.

They are highly skilled and punctual. No matter how hard the task is,  they make sure to deliver on time.

These people are highly suitable for a writing or editing career.

People Born on December 16 Personality Traits

People born on December 16th are time conscious. They also work well, both independently and in a group setting.

They also love being appreciated for the efforts they put in their relationships and in their careers.

Positive Traits of the December 16 Zodiac

If your birthday is on the 16th of December,  people respect you and see you as a good example.

This is due to the responsibility you show others in handling all types of situations in life.

Negative Traits of the December 16 Zodiac

People born on December 16th have a tendency to become restless.

They are also proud beings.  Sometimes they tend to boast about their achievements.

December 16 Element

As a Sagittarius born on December 16th, your element is Fire.

Fire symbolizes energy and passion.

The fire also influences you to have a high degree of professionalism. It is also because of this element that you give so much importance on time.

December 16 Planetary Influence

As a Sagittarius born on December 16th, your planetary influence is Jupiter.

Jupiter is a planet of abundance and hope. It influences your will to push forward, and your determination to inspire and encourage yourself no matter what the situation is.

My Top Tips for Those with a December 16th Birthday

You should avoid: Stressing yourself out too much and overthinking.

Lucky Color for the December 16th Zodiac

If you were born on December 16th, your lucky color is Blue.

Blue is the color of royalty and integrity. It also represents seriousness when there is a need to.

Blue is said to influence traits like timeliness and being affectionate to those around you.

Lucky Numbers for December 16th Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for those born on the 16th are – 2, 3, 13, 18, and 21.

Why Do People with a 16th December Zodiac Attract the Wrong People?

It’s easy for love to get confusing to someone born on 16tth December as a Sagittarius – however warm, giving and loving your heart may otherwise be.

It’s incredibly easy for people to take people born with this zodiac configuration for a ride, in some horribly cruel ways.

That’s because you yourself are so honest and forthright, you expect people are always upfront with you in kind.

To you, the idea of lying about yourself to impress someone or get them into bed is far from your capabilities – yet far too often, people try it on you.

Beware of those partners to be who promise the stars and always seem to come up short.

It can be frustrating and heartbreaking dealing with these people time after time, but remember the old saying – actions always speak louder than words.

Final Thought for the December 16 Zodiac

As a person born on the 16th of December,  you should keep on giving importance on time, and the universe will surely reward your efforts.

You should take care of your health, however.  Don’t exhaust yourself too much and know when to stop and rest.

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