What Does It Mean When You Have Dreams About Being Pregnant?

Remember that dream you had that you were pregnant? It felt so real that when you woke up, you were ready to announce the great news to your friends and family.

Everyone’s had dreams that are quite easy to interpret, like falling from the Eiffel Tower, or running stark naked across a busy intersection, or having Thai takeout with the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

But what about dreams about being pregnant? What does it mean to be pregnant in your dreams when you’re not even pregnant in real life or thinking about getting pregnant? Read on and find out more.

Why Do You Have Dreams About Being Pregnant?

Dreams about being pregnant point to creating or building something new.

These dreams should never be taken literally, so don’t go freaking out when you have this kind of dream three nights in a row.

Instead, look at their symbolic meaning. When you’re pregnant, it means that you’ve created a new life and you’re carrying it inside your womb.

Dreams about being pregnant can be your subconscious sending you the message that you need to be more creative and imaginative in some other aspect of your life.

Even if you’re working a boring desk job from 9 until 5, you can still inject a little creativity in your everyday routine by going to painting sessions when work is finished.

You can shoot your latest cover, sing your heart out, and upload it to your YouTube channel. You can also write a few chapters in the novel that you’re working on during your commute from work.

Conversely, dreams about being pregnant can symbolize an aspect of your life where you feel most suffocated or unfulfilled.

There’s something that’s censoring you in a creative sense.

If you’re having troubles about a certain responsibility or a decision that you need to make, dreams about being pregnant can make you more aware about it.

Dreams About Being Pregnant: What Other Meanings Can There Be?

They can be quite a shock because different scenarios will start playing in your head when you see yourself with a growing belly in your dreams.

However, it’s important to know that dreams are symbolisms of what’s in your subconscious or unconscious mind.

Sure, some women dream about being pregnant because they are pregnant. But for many others, they dream pregnancy dreams even if they have nothing to do with actually being pregnant.

Dreams about being pregnant can signify possibilities and expectations.

You usually get this kind of dream when you’re conceptualizing or nurturing a new creative undertaking, like building your new home, composing a song, writing a book, or painting a mural.

You may also have dreams about being pregnant when you’re thinking of taking your life on a new direction.

Maybe you’re thinking of doing your postgraduate studies, or you’re considering switching careers. Perhaps you’re thinking of getting married or starting a family as well.

Being pregnant in your dream can symbolize inner reflection or being connected to your own divine creative abilities.

It can encourage you to identify the sacred feminine in your life and work on your qualities of being attentive, nurturing, instinctive, and receptive.

Dreams of being pregnant can also symbolize growth and expansion. They can reflect your sense of fullness in life, as well as your joy and celebration.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, dreams of being pregnant signify your unrealized potential.

They can also encourage you to reflect on the role of motherhood in your life, including how you were raised by your mother, and how you act as a mother to the people in your life.

Dreams about being pregnant will give you a shock to the senses, especially when you’re certain that you are not pregnant.

But this can just be the shake-up that you need to know what you’re capable of and just what you can achieve.

It can give you the opportunity to reflect on what you have inside of you and rebuild your connection to your divine creative nature.

Other Interpretations of Dreams About Being Pregnant

If you keep having the same dreams about being pregnant, your mind clearly wants to tell you something.

More often than not, this kind of recurring dream suggests that you should pay closer attention to your ambitions as well as your unresolved goals.

Take an honest look at them and decide whether they can be achieved or not so that you can make the necessary adjustments.

It can be pretty scary to change something in your life. But you keep having these pregnancy dreams because you are not truly satisfied with your current situation.

This is a loud and clear ‘note to self’! There’s no use ignoring it, either, because your mind will not stop until you listen to what it’s trying to tell you.

Regardless of what’s going on in your life right now, you can still have recurring dreams about being pregnant that signify your anxiety about things to come.

If you dream about taking a pregnancy test, it’s an indication that you’re entering a new phase or beginning a new chapter in your life.

It can be a new relationship, a new career, a new business, or a different lifestyle choice.

How you feel about the result of the pregnancy test is reflected by how you feel about these new changes happening in your life.

If you dream about labor pains and giving birth, it usually signifies being anxious and afraid about this new phase that you are about to enter.

If you have dreams about being pregnant and you miscarry or abort the baby, it symbolizes losing an opportunity or losing an important person in your life.

It can signify losing your trust or confidence in someone. What if you dream about being pregnant but it was a false pregnancy?

This kind of dream signifies that you may be finding it hard to achieve a new goal or accomplish a new task. You’re worried that it may end up in failure.

If you’re pregnant in your dream and you see yourself having a pregnancy scan, the baby that you see in the scan symbolizes the results of your hard work which are just within your grasp.

It means that they are materializing right before your eyes and you can’t wait to share them with everyone.

If your dream about being pregnant shows someone else pregnant and not you, it means that a change is happening that may or may not affect you.

It can also symbolize jealousy and insecurity on your part, especially if you have been trying to conceive for a while but unable to.

You may be feeling insecure about other people’s achievements, as well.

Your mind can be filled with doubts about your own capabilities because you feel like you’re not where you should be.

If you dream about your water breaking, context is significant. Pay close attention to who’s with you when your water broke and how you felt when you realized that your water broke.

When your water breaks, it means that you’re about to give birth. In dreams, this can signify potential failure.

If you dream about announcing your pregnancy news to everyone, it indicates that you are ready to share your dreams and ambitions with the world.

If pregnancy is on your mind and you dream about making pregnancy announcements, it can be telling you that you will soon be pregnant in real life, too.

But if your dream shows that you’re keeping the pregnancy a secret, it means that you’re not yet ready to go public with your plans.

Dreams About Being Pregnant and Your Emotions

In your dreams about being pregnant, were you mostly happy and excited, or more anxious and panicky?

If you’re pregnant right now and you have these pregnancy dreams, do you think they mirror what you feel, or do you think they’re simply random dreams?

If you’re often anxious, panicked, or worried in pregnancy dreams, it reflects your emotions and attitudes when working on a project or when handling something challenging in both your personal and professional lives.

If you’re mostly excited, satisfied, and happy in your dreams, it means that you’re confident about what you’re doing, and you feel like things are going as they should.

Why You’re Having Dreams About Being Pregnant

You’re not pregnant yet you keep having dreams that you are. This signifies that you have potentials that you have not yet realized and creative needs that you still have not met.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a filmmaker, but you don’t have the connections or the financial backing. But you know that your job at a production company can bring you closer to that goal.

If you envisioned yourself making thought-provoking documentaries that will win awards all over the world but ended up creating reports and spreadsheets, you can have recurring dreams of being pregnant.

You will also have pregnancy dreams when you’re experiencing a period of personal growth, or when you’re starting a new relationship.

Of course, you will have dreams about being pregnant when you are trying to get pregnant because that’s what will be in your mind most of the time.

If you’re pregnant in real life, expect to have more pregnancy dreams as well. Your mind will be working overtime trying to calm your fears and anxieties about becoming a mother.

When you’re pregnant, you are also more likely to experience richer and more intense dreams. You will also remember most of the things you dream about.

Did you know that dreams about being pregnant can also mean that you’re about to come into some wealth? A growing baby bump can symbolize a growing bank account.

If you dream about someone else being pregnant, it means that you have a close relationship with this person, and that you want to be there for them every step of the way.

Alternately, this dream can also signify that this person has left something unsaid or unfinished.

Other Meanings for Dreams About Being Pregnant

These dreams are mainly associated with your natural creativity and the birth of new ideas.

If you dreamed about being pregnant but did not realize that you were, this indicates that you are still in a state of denial about something significant.

If you do not want to get pregnant but always have dreams about being pregnant, it symbolizes your fear of taking on new responsibilities.

But if you do wish to get pregnant, this dream can be an indication that your wish will come true.

The important thing to remember when it comes to these kinds of dreams is to pay attention to your creative nature to see if you’ve been nurturing it.

Dreams About Being Pregnant: What Can You Learn from Them

If you’re trying to decode what your dreams about being pregnant mean, the best place to start is with yourself.

You need to find out if you’re doing something creative that satisfies your creative nature.

If the answer is no, it’s very likely that your dreams are reminding you to channel your creative energies elsewhere.

If you felt happy and excited in your pregnancy dream, though, it can be reassuring you that you’re on the right path. Keep doing what you’re doing because this is what’s right for you for now.

Dreams about being pregnant are also symbolic of something coming to fruition.

When you keep having pregnancy dreams, more often than not, it’s because of all those opportunities you let go and all those goals that are still waiting to be accomplished.

They are buried deep in your psyche, and your mind replays them every now and again to remind you about them.

At one point in your life, you need to forget about your own dreams and ambitions for a while to focus on more crucial matters.

But when you have the time and energy to pursue them but you’re still unable to, your subconscious will start giving you signs in the form of pregnancy dreams!

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