What’s the Meaning of Your Dreams About Bears?

Dreams about bears are not that common. But when you do dream about them, they can simply be trying to tell you something about yourself or your current life situation.

Just what do bears in your dreams signify? Read on and learn more.

Interpretations of Dreams About Bears

When you have dreams about bears, it usually signifies success in the near future. You will also enjoy good luck in your endeavors.

The bear represents your personal strength, independence, and power.

Because bears are known to be wild animals, they are dream symbols that represent your own untamed habits and wild behaviors.

Dreaming of bears also signifies yourself as a mother figure to the people you are closest to.

When you see a bear in your dreams but don’t have any contact with it, it often signifies a rivalry or a competition in your life.

This can be a silent competition that you have with someone at work.

You may not realize it, but you’re constantly doing things and making decisions based on how better and more effective it makes you look compared to this person.

You are unconsciously outsmarting and outdoing this person because you don’t want to lose to them. This can also pertain to the unspoken rivalry that you have with your friends.

Somehow you want to always have the best vacation photos, the best parties, the best-looking boyfriend, and even the best-behaved dog.

You love your friends very much, but you don’t like being upstaged or being out of the spotlight.

If the bear in your dream is peaceful and calm, it often points to your independence and self-reliance. You have the ability to take care of yourself and to live your life on your own terms.

You don’t rely on other people, and you don’t expect them to provide you with what you need because you know you can achieve it on your own.

When you have dreams about bears and they are aggressive, it signifies your anger at something. It also indicates that you get easily irritated by small and silly things.

Dreams that feature a resting bear symbolize that you are going through a period of reflection and retrospection.

Perhaps you are about to make a major decision that can possibly change the course of your life. Dreaming about bears is your subconscious mind’s way of reminding you to think about it long and hard.

When you have dreams about bears who are part of the circus, this means that you will soon meet someone honest, quiet, and true. This person will also make you very happy in all aspects.

If your dreams about bears show you killing a bear, this points to your ability to overcome all your obstacles and challenges.

You may whine and rant and vent about how everything sucks. But at the end of the day, you can still focus on what needs to be done.

You can work hard at resolving the problem, and you will not easily give up when things get tough. When you dream about yourself as a bear, it’s a reflection of your confidence and autonomy.

You make things happen, and you don’t need other people just to have an enjoyable time.

This kind of dream also suggests that you need a break or some alone time so that you can get the creative juices flowing and confidently express your creativity.

This may be a sign for you to register for that writer’s retreat in some exotic location. It can also be the best time to pick up a new hobby that will keep you always creatively inspired.

Meanings of Dreams About Bears

When you’re hugging a bear in your dreams, it usually indicates that you can still be nice and friendly even in hostile or unpleasant situations.

You don’t let the negativity affect you and cause you to be mean and harsh.

You have the ability to always find the good in every situation, and you pass on the positive energy to people around you.

If you dream about owning a bear as a pet, it indicates that you should learn to have a better handle on your emotions.

You should not lose your temper at the small and insignificant things. Learn to relax and laugh at life’s imperfections!

When you dream about a bear running away from you, it indicates your tendency to run away from your own problems in real life.

This dream may be warning you to own up to your mistakes and face your own problems instead of escaping from them or pretending that they don’t exist.

If your dream shows that there is a bear inside your house, it signifies a female figure that is influential or dominant in your life.

It can be your own mother or your mother in law. It can even be your sister or boss who has been kind of a mentor to you as well.

You look up to these women, but you’re also equally terrified of disappointing them or making them angry.

When the bear in your dream is chasing you, it often indicates that you are running away from your pains or your problems.

You’re not yet ready to deal with them. You’re trying to entertain yourself so that you will eventually have the answers.

If the bear in your dreams is attacking you, it means that you have so much anger inside you that you can’t wait to unleash it on the first person who provokes you.

The anger is building up and threatening to burst out of you. Your subconscious mind is trying to remind you that instead of lashing out, try to channel this fiery energy into something safe but effective.

You can sweat it out through exercise or other forms of aggressive sports. You can even write all these feelings down in your journal, compose a song, pen a poem, or write a story.

What Are Your Dreams About Bears Telling You?

When your dreams about bears show you fighting them off, they often signify an injustice that you will experience in the near future.

However, because the bear symbolizes power and strength, the enemy may be so much stronger or more influential. Proceed with caution.

If you dream about a sleeping bear, it signifies a need to do some soul searching and self-reflection before you share your thoughts with others.

It may be because so many things are going through your head lately, and you don’t know which thoughts are healthy or not.

When you process your own thoughts and evaluate their own soundness, it will make you less vulnerable in the eyes of other people.

If you dream about a bear standing up on its legs, it usually signifies how you should defend your own beliefs and opinions.

They may not be the popular opinion, but you can still express them in a way that will make others consider it and even accept it.

If there’s a dancing bear in your dreams, this can be an indication that someone will give you financial help before you even ask for it.

This person knows your struggles and how you don’t like asking people for help. But they will be very supportive and generous that you will not feel ashamed that you even have to ask for help in the first place.

When you dream about a talking bear, this often means that someone wise will give you very useful advice that you can apply to your career, family, and romantic relationship.

You always go to this person whenever life starts to get so complicated, and this person always has a way of uncomplicating things without being mean, judgmental, or harsh.

The Hidden Meaning of Your Dreams About Bears

When you dream about a dead bear, it often sends the message that you are in charge of your life and no one else.

This can be both impressive and sad. Impressive because you decide your own fate and you create the life that you want.

Sad because you are on your own most of the time, and success does not taste as sweet because you have no one meaningful to share it with.

This kind of dream also focuses on how you should protect your own territory. You should be proactive when it comes to protecting your possessions as well as your loved ones.

However, this dream can also have a negative meaning. Because the bear, which is a symbol of strength and power, is dead in your dream, it can also signify that you’re losing your strength and power to fight your own battles.

If you see the bear alone and peacefully content in your dreams, it means that you have the ability to go through life on your own and survive. In fact, you do more than survive — you flourish!

But when the bear in your dream is angry, it reflects the anger that you have inside you for others or for yourself.

This kind of dream indicates that you are too quick to anger, and you get annoyed by even the smallest things.

Something has to change. Otherwise, you will end up pushing people away and feeling lonelier or more isolated than ever.

Dreaming of bears also signifies a possessive kind of love. It can be yourself who’s being possessive in your relationship or someone else in your life.

It can be your mother or sister who’s craving too much of your attention.

Perhaps it’s your best friend who wants to spend every moment with you because they don’t like being alone at the moment.

The Message Behind Your Dreams About Bears

When you dream about bears and setting traps for them, it often indicates that there will be obstacles in your path that may be a little tougher to overcome.

The bear trap is symbolic of weakening abilities and decreasing strength to be on your own.

If you’re the one setting the trap, it may signify that your bad habits or stubborn behaviors are setting you up for your own failures.

More Interpretations of Dreams About Bears

Seeing a specific kind of bear in your dreams can also have different meanings and interpretations.

Dreaming about bear cubs signifies how much you are loved and protected by your family and friends. This may also symbolize the love that you have for your children.

When you dream about a polar bear, it represents your will to survive your dark and challenging times.

Dreaming about a black bear often signifies how dangerous you can be when angered or provoked. A dream about brown bears usually points to your passions.

Dreams About Bears Further Explained

Overall, dreams about bears are considered good omens because they signify a strong and stable life, as well as a strong will and character.

When the bear appears in your dreams, it means that you are someone not easily distracted or disturbed.

Bears are symbols of both activity and inactivity, representing duality in your nature as well.

When you see a bear in your dreams, it suggests that you are entering a new phase in your life, depending on what the bear is doing in your dream.

Bears in your dreams also signify a time to stand for your own beliefs and work hard for your own goals.

These animals are often considered powerful inner guides, symbolizing your own personal inner strength.

Because bears are also known to be solitary animals, dreaming about them can indicate your need to have some time for yourself.

It indicates a need to free yourself from the ties that bind you to your everyday life. It encourages you to create your own brand of extraordinary!

Dreams about bears can also signify your desire to have inner peace again and to unload the unnecessary burdens in your life.

Maybe it’s time to find a less stressful job, to be in a more laidback relationship, or to be with kinder friends.

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Miranda Nichole said on

My dream about bears was weird. I found myself in a brown bear enclosure like at a zoo but it was in a room with blue walls, it was like a faded swimming pool blue, and there was huge grey rocks with stairs. I was at the top of the rocks surrounded by baby brown bear cubs and there were maybe 3 adult bears at the bottom, one was laying down resting, one was standing and one was looking at me. At first they were all calm and just checking me out and telepathically they were communicating with me through energy, they knew what kind of person I was and we had a mutual respect for each other, I was just looking at how cute the babies were and beautiful the big brown bears were, I was in awe but terrified at the same time because I knew at any moment they could attack and I had to get out of there, but all the sudden the mama bear started charging at me, I was scared but I understood that she was just protecting her babies, and I have a baby too so I understood but I knew I had to get away so before she could get up there I jumped all the way down from the top of the rock and landed on my feet and then I was able to get to a door and escape. The bears weren’t aggressive towards me it was just the mama protecting her babies. It was like we were one for a minute and we knew neither one of us were a threat but then mama decided she wasn’t taking any chances and she didn’t want me anywhere near her babies.

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