What’s the Meaning of Your Dream About Killing Someone?

If you’ve never broken the law, or you’re the kind of person who instantly feels guilty after saying something unkind to another person, dreaming about killing someone can certainly make you feel alarmed and distressed.

You’d never hurt a fly in real life, so why are you suddenly killing someone in your dream? Does it mean you have a criminal mind and you just don’t know it yet?

No, dreaming about killing someone doesn’t mean you will soon have a killing spree. There are many reasons why you’ll suddenly have dreams like this, and here are some of the most common interpretations.

Interpretations of Dream About Killing Someone

When you have this kind of dream, it signifies your repressed aggression or anger.

You may be having these feelings for someone at work, in your circle of friends, or even in your family. The reasons can vary, and the degree of anger or aggression can differ.

It may be because a work colleague is sabotaging your chances of spearheading projects and of being eligible for a promotion.

Someone in your social circles may be spreading rumors about you that are starting to affect your personal relationships.

Maybe someone in your own family is trying to make decisions for you without your knowledge, and it’s not the direction that you want your life to take.

Whenever the anger or frustration builds up and it’s all you can focus on, it can make you dream about killing someone and not feeling sorry about it.

These dreams usually indicate that you’re very close to losing your coolness.

Your subconscious is trying to send you the message that unless you face the problem and release the strong emotions, you will always have this kind of violent dreams.

If you see yourself killing someone you know, it will be good to focus on what kind of relationship you have with this person.

Do you have any silent competition going on? Do you hate this person’s guts? Do you feel jealous or envious of them?

Did this person do something to you recently that made you feel humiliated, hurt, or betrayed? If the answer is yes, this is perhaps why you’re suddenly dreaming about murdering them.

If the person in your dream is someone who annoys you to no end, it can also signify how their presence, personality, or habits are bothering you and how you want nothing more than to get rid of them.

You are most likely dreaming about killing them in your dreams because you want them to leave you alone or be out of your life for some reason.

If the person you’re killing in your dreams is someone you like, love, or respect, this person can signify an aspect of yourself that you are not very proud of and want to eliminate or improve.

You may need to concentrate on all possible reasons why you feel the way you do and identify the cause of your anger.

Killing someone in your dream is an indication that you want to ‘kill’ something in yourself, such as a bad habit, an unhealthy addiction, or a painful and haunting memory.

It’s also possible that you want to get rid of an old or outdated way of thinking that’s got a powerful influence in your life.

You may be attempting to distance yourself or cut yourself off from a memory, relationship, or person as well.

Meanings of Dream About Killing Someone

Studies suggest that you often dream about killing someone when you’re feeling depressed.

There are moments in your life when you just need to let go of certain situations and allow yourself to submit.

It really just boils down to the anger and frustration that you hold in your heart against something or someone in your mind.

Your inability to vent can turn these feelings into very visual and violent dreams like murdering someone.

If in your dreams you see yourself as a witness to a murder, it also signifies your rage and deep-rooted anger for yourself or someone else.

If it’s yourself being killed in the dream, this signifies that your actions and your conscience are not in sync.

You may be feeling guilty for saying some mean things to someone in public, or you may be feeling sorry for an insensitive comment that you wrote online.

To other people you may look cruel and unkind, but the guilt catches up with you when no one is looking.

It can also indicate that someone close to you will betray you or disappoint you. This betrayal will come out of nowhere, and it’s possible that it will hurt deeper than you’d expect.

What’s Your Dream About Killing Someone Telling You?

To dream about killing someone or being killed by someone signifies that your unconscious is trying to kill off or get rid of an unnecessary or unpleasant aspect of yourself.

Maybe you keep denying that there’s something that you need to change in yourself. Perhaps you plan to change this negative trait, but you keep finding excuses not to.

Maybe you do desire to get rid of this negative or unwanted quality, but you simply can’t fight your true nature.

Maybe you just don’t have the energy to change something that you know is innate in you.

When you dream about killing someone and this person is someone you truly cannot stand in real life, it can signify your desire to sever all ties with them.

Perhaps it’s someone at work. Maybe it has reached that point where you’re willing to quit your job so that you will not have to deal with this person ever again.

Or maybe it’s someone you know in your social circles. You’ve realized that you can stop being friends with someone you actually care about if it means not having to deal with their friend which you can’t stand to be in the same room with.

Seeing yourself being killed by someone else in your dream can indicate that you are feeling hurt, deceived, or betrayed by another person. This just kills you inside.

Maybe this person thought it was just harmless fun. But it has hurt you so much more inside, and you can’t understand how someone can even be that cruel.

Or perhaps you thought you and your partner are deeply in love, only to find out that the marriage was a sham and that they were in love with someone else the whole time.

The Hidden Meaning of Your Dream About Killing Someone

Dreams about killing someone may also point to an aspect of your personality that can be easily affected or influenced by external factors in your everyday life.

Killing provides you with an escape from that influence by your circumstances or by people in your life.

The killing act in your dream also symbolizes power. You hold the life of someone else in your hands, and you have the power to decide whether they live or die.

This can reflect your own desires to achieve or regain power in your waking life. Maybe you’ve lost your position of authority at work or at home and you are hellbent on getting it back.

Perhaps you have always dreamed of having power, and you’re so focused on executing your plans that will make you a powerful person.

Dreams about killing someone also point to finding the best solutions to your problems by releasing your pent-up frustrations.

When you’re so focused on your own negative feelings, it’s hard to find other peaceful solutions because you’re just blinded by your raging emotions.

In some cases, your deep-rooted anger for someone is caused by your own frustrations with yourself.

Dreams about killing someone often don’t have a positive meaning because they usually signify mental conflicts.

There’s so much going on in your life that you find it hard to focus and make the best decisions.

This inability to take charge can also affect your focus and decision making at work and at home and cause your professional and personal relationships to be strained.

The Message Behind Your Dream About Killing Someone

Dreams about killing or murdering someone usually portend heartbreak, pain, or grief.

They can reflect what you are currently going through in your waking life, or your fear of what you think you’ll go through in the near future.

Even though they may carry a negative meaning in this context, these dreams also reflect your positivity and courage that you will overcome your challenges.

You may also dream about killing someone when your fear of failure is reaching an unmanageable level. Your fear has grown to an intense level that you cannot function properly anymore.

This dream can also indicate your suffering because of your own negligence. There may have been important things that you failed to give proper attention to, and now you’re starting to feel the effects.

If you dream about killing someone out of self-defense, it signifies better opportunities are coming your way.

You may receive great opportunities at work or in your business, as well as in your social circles. There may be opportunities to expand, to be promoted, and to meet important people.

You may even stumble upon new thoughts and ideas that can help you make great improvements to what you’re currently doing.

More Interpretations of Dream About Killing Someone

Dreams about someone killing another person signifies that you are in denial of your own rage or anger, or some aspect of your personality that’s unwanted and you desire to get rid of.

They can also symbolize your deep anger for people and it’s threatening to consume you.

When you see a killer in your dreams, it means that you are in the process of going through a healing process.

It can indicate that you are finally taking a stand about something in your life. It can also be symbolic of you ending some dramatic or stressful situation.

Dreams about killing someone who’s been stalking you represent how you are feeling exposed to people’s scrutiny.

They can also signify how you are the center of attention and how you’re not liking it one bit.

Your dream of killing someone who’s obsessed with you signifies your desire to put an end to a problematic situation before you lose control and do something that you will regret.

Dreams about killing someone and then fleeing the scene of the crime signify that there are hurdles that you need to get over and challenges that you need to overcome.

The fact that you try to run away from the scene indicates that you don’t have the strength to overcome your challenges by yourself.

Despite your pride, you will need to ask someone’s help to get you out of your bind. Dreams about killing someone in your family often signify negative feelings and rage building up in your heart.

This dream is a way for your subconscious to remind you that you need to release the anger that you may be holding in.  

Dream About Killing Someone Further Explained

Your feelings of surprise, shock, and being overwhelmed can be the reason why you’re dreaming about killing someone. It can be pointing to the hidden talents that you are not yet putting to good use.

A dream about killing someone is trying to tell you to acknowledge the message and to deal with the real issues in your waking life.

Dreams are very personal, and you’re having these dreams for a reason. If there are issues and conflicts, it’s best to face them head on and talk them out.

If your hatred or anger runs deep, uncover the truth, learn to accept it, and heal yourself by forgiving this person who’s causing your pain or anger.

At the end of the day, a killing dream still is just a dream. Most of the time, it may symbolize an important aspect of your life.

But other times, killing dreams are just simple, harmless, and random images that hold no special meaning and cannot simply be explained.

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