What Does It Mean When You Dream About Hair?

Your hair is not only your crowning glory. It’s also a fascinating, beautiful, and intricate dream symbol.

The perfect haircut or hair color can dramatically change the way you look. The same can be said for a terrible hairstyle or the wrong hair color.

Not only does hair have an impact on your physical appearance. It also symbolizes so many things that can help you tremendously in life and love.

Some Common Interpretations of Your Dream About Hair

Do you have short hair but often dream about having long and lustrous hair? Dreaming about hair extensions usually signifies your desire to fulfill a wish or a desire in life.

It can be as simple as celebrating a birthday with loved ones, or as grand as being a famous movie star. Other times, it can really be as simple as wishing for long and beautiful hair!

But because hair extensions are not natural, this kind of dreams can also indicate a strong desire to cut corners and avoid going through the tough or the painful.

For example, instead of going through the pain of a breakup, you simply choose to numb the pain by partying every night and drinking yourself into a stupor.

While avoiding the problem can give you quick relief, it’s only temporary and will do nothing to eradicate or resolve it.

If your dreams feature you going to a hair salon, it can signify your desire for change or growth.

If you feel bad or uncomfortable while dreaming or upon waking up, this can mean that you’re not happy or comfortable with your own transformation.

Typically, dreams that focus on negative feelings after going to the hair salon indicate that your self-image has taken a beating.

If you feel happy in your dream after visiting the hair salon, it usually indicates that you are very pleased with the changes that are happening.

These changes are both what you want and what you need.

The transformation that happens within yourself can also be projected onto your physical image that you present to the world.

If you dream about hair and it shows you getting a haircut that you love, it means that you are very pleased with everything that’s taking place in your life.

If you hate the haircut in your dream, it can mean that you are feeling guilty or remorseful about some aspect of your life.

You can also feel like you’re being unjustly punished for something, or like your personal power is being taken away from you.

When you dream about a full head of hair, it signifies a high level of creativity, imagination, and artistry that you possess but have not yet tapped into.

It also represents solid thought patterns and cycles. To dream about damaged hair represents your tendency to be negative and self-destructive.

When it’s tangled hair that shows up in your dreams, it means being entangled in a very confusing or complicated situation.

But when you dream about healthy and beautiful hair, it means that you are experiencing a period of happiness and enjoyment.

Your subconscious is trying to tell you that you are well, powerful, content, and confident in your own skin. You are also physically strong and mentally sharp.

Dream About Hair: What Else Can They Mean?

If you dreamed about cutting your hair, it usually indicates some major changes happening in your life. This dream might also indicate loss of strength in a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual way.

When you dream about hair being cut, it usually symbolizes that someone or something is attempting to censor you.

It’s also a dream that brings the message of change in your manner of thinking, speaking, and understanding.

It can be associated with making the necessary changes when it comes to your dreams, ambitions, and goals while removing old and unhealthy habits.

Dreaming about getting your hair cut says a lot about your readiness to release what’s no longer needed and let go of what’s no longer good for you.

If you dream that you’re cutting someone’s hair haphazardly, it symbolizes how you’re so afraid of losing control.

If you dream about cutting, combing, and styling hair, it can indicate that you’re studying a new idea, grasping a new concept, or learning a new way of thinking.

It can be because you’re trying to organize your thoughts so that you can make better and more sound decisions.

Sometimes it also means that you are too concerned about how you look and what other people think of you.

If you dream about dyeing or coloring your hair, it can mean that you need some good advice about your life at the moment and the kind of life you want to have in the future.

Dream About Hair: More Interpretations

Did you know that dreaming about curling your hair is a positive sign? It’s an indication that you will soon overcome your obstacles and conquer new challenges.

If you curled someone else’s hair in the dream, it means that this person is going to help you in a big way just when you need it.

Dreams of washing your hair mean that you will soon be enjoying some success at work or in business. It can also indicate the start of a new relationship or a new endeavor in your career.

When you dream about hair growing, its message is to make a solid choice or a wise decision as soon as possible. It can also symbolize your own growing confidence.

If the hair in your dream is growing out of control, this can be an indication that you have too much pride or that you are incredibly arrogant.

When you dream about having long hair, it usually means that you think about what you’re going to do and consider all options before making decisions.

It also signifies your focus in resolving a challenging situation.

If your hair in your dream is so long that it’s starting to bother or annoy you, this can signify thoughts that are preventing you from going forward.

Maybe you like to obsess or overthink instead of doing something about it. You spend most of your energy thinking instead of doing or acting.

What Your Dream About Hair Is Trying to Tell You

Dreaming about being dissatisfied with your hair sends the message that you are feeling like you’re losing your personal power and self-esteem.

If your dream shows that you have hair growing in strange places in your body, this can mean that someone is attacking you out of nowhere in a figurative sense.

It can also symbolize that you may be losing control in some aspect of your life.

If you dream about hair being washed and cut by a hairdresser, it symbolizes that you feel excited about attending a big party or a major social event soon.

If a major hairstyle change features in your dream, it symbolizes having a major new approach when it comes to tackling issues in your life.

Sometimes it can also represent your tendency to make a big issue out of nothing. But overall, it symbolizes a major and positive change that can help you turn your life around.

Having this kind of dream also speaks about your concerns when it comes to your public image.

If you dream about running your hand through another person’s hair, it talks about your desire to connect to this person on a physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual level.

It can also be a sign of fondness and platonic love that you may have for this particular person.

The Significance of your Dream About Hair

If you dreamed about having your hair trimmed really short and feeling shocked or dissatisfied with it, it’s your subconscious mind’s way of warning you about your money and how you spend it.

It reminds you to slow down on the spending and think about the value of your money.

Money does not grow on trees, and it’s hard to earn as well. The best thing you can do is consider where you spend it on and learn to put money away for the rainy days.

It also encourages you to make some adjustments to your financial management to avoid suffering serious financial problems in the future.

If your dreams are about having dirty hair, it can symbolize your moments when you feel unworthy. It can also signify your feelings that you are being judged or talked about behind your back.

If you saw someone with black hair in your dream, it says a lot about you being mysterious and having a lot of things that you keep inside.

When your dream shows that you are covered in hair, it can be a reminder from your subconscious to reevaluate your plans and reassess your goals.

If you dream about making a quick stop at the hairdresser’s, it can signify that you are changing your outlook or attitude on life.

The Message of Your Dream About Hair

Most dreams about hair relate to the way you think, as well as your attitude and self-image. Sometimes, they can also link to sexual attraction and what sexual personality you are showing.

This is why most people get a haircut or a new hairstyle after going through a breakup or a divorce.

Changing the way your hair looks also changes the way you see yourself and the way other people see you. Your hair and how you style it also shows what social group you identify with.

A hairstyle can make you look all business-like, driven, smart, and focused. It can also make you look fun, laidback, and artistic.

It can make you look elegant, punky, artistic, or rebellious. A lack of hairstyle can also make you look stressed, harassed, or ordinary as well.

If you dream that you have lost all your hair, it signifies that you feel old or obsolete. It also indicates a lack of thought.

If your dream is about beard hair, it can signify carelessness or recklessness.

It also indicates that you’re trying to hide something behind a mask, or you’re trying to conceal your youth or your age.

It means you don’t like a life that does not follow the rules or observe traditions. When you dream about artificial hair such as a wig, it signifies false thinking or false thoughts.

If you dream about someone brushing their hair, it denotes clarity. It’s also about getting your thoughts in order and choosing your words before you speak them.

It speaks about the need to get yourself out of your emotional entanglements. When you dream about someone brushing your hair, it points to your need to sort out your fuzzy or tangled ideas.

Dreaming of chest hair on a man symbolizes strength, virility, and masculinity. If you see chest hair on a woman, it suggests that she has incredible masculine qualities that are the object of people’s envy.

Dreaming of different hair colors can be linked to the people you know and are close to you. It can be your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, or work colleagues.

Light colored hair can also symbolize optimistic thoughts while dark colored hair can signify dark thoughts.

Red hair can represent a fiery temperament or burning passion. Grey hair usually symbolizes wisdom, elegance, or age.

If the hair in your dream is colored artificially, like pink, purple, or green, it can suggest that you or the person in your dream are not connected or grounded to your roots.

But this can also be interpreted as a desire to be noticed and stand out. This is also about change or improving your self-image.

Now That You Know What Your Dream About Hair Means…

The more invested you are in your hair, the more importance you should place on your dreams about it.

They can be excellent wake-up calls and serious indicators of issues you may have with yourself, with others, and with life in general.

Since you are always in charge of your hair, dreaming about someone else touching, fixing, cutting, or styling your hair can be of huge importance.

How they handle your hair also holds meaning!

Depending on whether they are friend or foe, or whether they seek to boost your confidence or cause anxiety, there are so many interpretations that you can get from your dreams about hair!

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