What’s the Meaning of Your Dream About Snakes?

If you’re terrified of snakes, a special guest appearance of one in your dreams can certainly fill you with terror.

When you wake up breathless and in a cold sweat, you will also be filled with questions as to what the snake means and why you are suddenly dreaming about it.

The meaning of a snake dream depends on the context. Even if most people fear the snake, it’s not a bad omen but a reminder to take a closer look at your current situation.

What Are the Most Common Meanings of Dream About Snakes?

When you dream about snakes, there may be some things in your life that you find troubling or challenging.

There may be problems at work that are directly affecting your life, and you’re losing sleep over it.

There may be issues in your relationship with the person you love, and you don’t know how to approach them about it.

A dream about snakes represents your challenging issues or feelings that you’re currently experiencing.

It symbolizes a male figure in your life or a male energy. It can also represent how you experience your own sexuality.

The snake is also a symbol of your unconscious and how you process your thoughts, as well as resolve and heal from your issues.

It represents that untamed part of yourself that you’re having problems controlling, as well as your untapped resources that you can benefit from if you will just be brave enough to use them.

A dream about snakes can also signify your own intuition and how you must listen to it regarding something that is currently happening or will soon happen in your life.

It can point to your instincts and what moves you on a spiritual level. It can also represent the spiritual aspects of yourself.

You usually will dream about snakes when you’re going through a period of transition and transformation.

The snake usually features in your dream when you’re going through a difficult situation or feeling unsettling emotions in your life.

Dream About Snakes Biting You

When the dream in your snake bites or attacks you, it’s symbolic of something or someone being a threat in your life.

Someone may be eyeing the promotion that you want at work because they just don’t want to see you succeed.

Something may also be threatening the happy relationship that you share with someone, like a dark secret, or a past transgression.

You may be surrounded by people who have sharp tongues that are overly critical of everything you do and plotting your downfall.

A snake biting you in your dreams can also be because of a hurtful or inappropriate comment that you made that’s causing you to feel shame, resentment, annoyance, or bitterness.

A dream about snakes biting you can also point to the things that you may be neglecting in your life.

This can be something that you are suppressing, like your feelings for someone, or your desire for someone that you’re not supposed to have those kinds of feelings for.

A snake biting you in your dreams can sometimes tell you where you have become stuck in your life, indicating that you need to change something about yourself.

Dreams about snakes can also be a symbol for coming to terms with and healing an old wound.

If a snake bites you in your dreams, it can signify that you need to stop delaying decisions to move on and finally heal from whatever is causing you pain.

Other Interpretations of Your Dream About Snakes

If you dream about snakes chasing you, this can mean that your innermost and deepest thoughts and feelings are being threatened.

There can be many reasons for this, including your fears of your life changing when you become a wife or a mother, or how your responsibilities will grow when you get that big promotion.

This kind of snake dream is a mirror of your reality. If you’re still not aware of the aspect of your life that caused this dream, you can think about what you fear the most and what worries you about life in general.

When you dream about snakes in bed, it can symbolize a violation of your privacy.

Your bed is representative of a space that is very intimate. When you find snakes in your bed, it signifies that someone has crossed the line or broken your sense of safety or privacy.

It can be a person or a thing, but a snake in your bed can also symbolize your own subtle feelings and thoughts towards others.

If the snake in your dreams appears from a hole, this can be a dream with a sexual undertone.

But a hole can simply be just a common hole where something or someone hides and enjoys a place that is protected and inaccessible.

It can point to something dangerous or unpleasant in your life that you want to be sheltered or protected from.

When you see a snake in your dream and feel crippled by fear or unable to scream for help, this can indicate that you’re finding it challenging to handle your worries or problems.

If the snake that you see in your dreams appear harmless or non-threatening, your mind is telling you that you are able to deal with worries and issues with courage, wisdom, and confidence.

It also means that you are experiencing genuine healing.

If the snake in your dream is a kind of wild snake that looks ready to attack you and inflict harm, it can be symbolic of the negative traits associated with the wild snake, like being out of control, defensive, and fearful.

If you dream about a pet snake, it can indicate a chance for healing from something that’s causing you great pain or distress.

It can also point to new and positive changes in your life.

If your dream shows you are battling with a snake, this can represent your inner battle with your decisions, emotions, and changes in your life.

There may also be a power struggle at work or in your personal life that you refuse to acknowledge or do something about. You are probably thinking that it will go away on its own when you ignore it long enough.

When a snake chases you in your dream, the most common interpretation is that there’s an intimidating situation or circumstance in your life that you’re obsessing about.

It can be a situation in your life that you are not dealing with properly or maturely. There may be certain emotions that are coming back to haunt you as well.

When the snake in your dream attacks you, it can represent a tough situation that you need to deal with and understand.

If your dream has a snake spitting their venom at you, one of its interpretations could be that something is negatively influencing your life and you’re having a hard time dealing with it.

This can be a toxic relationship, negative rumors, or social media bashing about you.

When you talk to a snake in your dream, it means that you are trying to understand yourself better, as well as the people you interact with and the world you live in.

This kind of dream can also signify that you are slowly but surely realizing your potentials and ready for better and more exciting possibilities in your life.

Dream About Snakes by Kind

When you dream about a king cobra, this can indicate being hypnotized by someone’s charm and good looks. A garden snake can represent your illogical or irrational fears.

If you dream about a boa constrictor, it can symbolize how you’re feeling restricted, restrained, or smothered by someone in your life.

A coral snake signifies being internally conflicted by a decision or an issue. A viper or a rattlesnake in your dream can indicate your concerns over someone who is bad for you.

Dream About Snakes by Color

A green snake is sign of safety. It indicates that you can move ahead with something without worry, fear, or apprehension.

To dream about a snake that’s black can be speaking to you about something bad or dangerous.

A red snake is your subconscious mind’s way of urging you to stop what you’re doing and reconsider your approach.

To dream about a yellow snake is a sign of caution. This can be your unconscious mind warning you to proceed with caution.

A blue snake is symbolic of conflict. When you see this in your dreams, it means that you are feeling confused about something.

Should you see a brown snake in your dreams, it can be pointing to your health concerns.

If you see a purple snake, it represents love and passion. It can indicate that you need more of it or you have too much of it.

An orange snake means family. It represents someone you love in your family who may be feeling distressed or is in trouble.

Dreaming of a white snake can signify an aspect of yourself that is vulnerable.

How to Connect Your Dream About Snakes to Your Waking Life

Snakes are known for their unpredictable and erratic nature. Even the gentlest or most harmless ones can show their power and aggressiveness when they feel threatened or backed in a corner.

They will attack with no warning, and they can do it so quickly you don’t even know what’s happening.

People have these same snake qualities whenever faced with a tough situation or whenever they’re experiencing moments they are not proud of.

Snakes usually evoke fear or terror. When you cross paths with a snake out in the wild, the snake will most likely attack when it senses a threat.

They crawl on the ground and can do it in speeds you can’t even believe.

This indicates that you need to feel and strengthen your connection to the world to feel more stable and connected. This also highlights how you respond to your natural or primal instincts.

The snake shed its skin when they’re ready to enter a new phase of their lives. This is symbolic of how you should get rid of the old and leave the past behind in your own process of transformation.

Look at the transitions taking place in your life and within yourself. Pay attention to what you need to change in yourself or what you need to get rid of so that you can move forward.

A dream about snakes can also symbolize your grief over something that you have lost or someone you have loved that’s no longer in your life.

What to Do When You Dream About Snakes

Dreaming about a snake often tells you that you need to pay attention to something you have been ignoring or forgetting.

Finding out the meaning of your dreams will show you exactly what it is and what you should do. A snake dream can bring about good and healthy changes in all aspects of your life.

It may evoke negative feelings like fear, confusion, panic, or anxiety, but you can also learn something from these feelings that will be most helpful to you every day.

When you decipher your dream about snakes, it can help if you determine whether the snake is friendly or aggressive, and where the snake is located.

Is the situation in your dream confrontational? How does the snake respond to you? How is the situation in your dream evolving? Are you taking things in control, or are you just a mere spectator?

Your dream about snakes can help you discover ways to resolve your issues and encourage your personal growth.

The presence of the snake in your dream serves as a reminder to consider your fears about your own emotions or a dangerous situation in your life.

Snakes can also represent the wisdom of your body to react appropriately in dangerous situations. Everyone needs to listen to the wisdom of their bodies and go with their gut.

More often than not, to dream about snakes sends the message to get out of a bad situation immediately and to not let your mind talk you out of it.

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