Career Advice for Gemini Signs

Career Advice for Gemini Signs

Career Advice for Gemini SignsGemini signs are one of the most interesting signs of the horoscope.

I’m particularly interested in them because throughout history, they have commonly been misunderstood. Words like backstabber, traitor, Judas, and other nasty insults are routinely thrown at Gemini’s. What makes this all tragic and unfair is the fact the people who are hurt most by aspects of the Gemini personality are really set themselves up for betrayal.

Gemini personality traits in of itself are not evil. In of itself, there’s really nothing bad with being a Gemini, being in a relationship with a Gemini, or working with a Gemini. The problem arises from laziness, seriously.

Higher Gemini people who work under Gemini people in a business setting are often impressed by the easy charm of most Gemini people. That is why the biggest asset of the Gemini is that they are very, very charming.

In fact, they are so charming that it works against them. Why? People automatically assume that if a Gemini is charming regarding one aspect of his or her personality, then that is all there is to that person.

In other words, they get stereotyped, and they get typecast into one particular personality mold.

As you can probably already tell at this point, this is extremely unfair to the Gemini because real people have different sides.

Real people often show different aspects of their personality under different circumstances and situations. That’s what makes us real people. Why deny this to the Gemini?

Unfortunately, they’re so charming and they seem to have a lot of things going that we tend to typecast them to a particular side of their personality. In many cases, this is human nature. We don’t like to think too deeply, we don’t like to explore too deeply. As a result, stereotypes are very common.

Unfortunately, while there is a general truth to stereotypes, they are not true all the time. That’s where all the problems comes in.

This is especially true when it comes to Gemini’s, particularly in career situations. Keep the following pieces of advice in mind, because they all flow from these general historical observations of the Gemini personality.

Your Charm Is Your Key to Success

If you want to be successful, Gemini’s should look into careers that involve working with other people, selling to people, or persuading people. I am of course talking about being account executives, business development managers, consultants, and similar kinds of jobs.

Make no mistake about it. Your charm is your key to success. You know how to charm people. You know how to say the right things, at the right time, to the right people.

You know how to read people. You know how to show the best side of your personality.

In fact, you can do this so naturally that many people are quite let down when they discover the other sides to your personality.

The problem is, they didn’t bother to look. The problem is, they didn’t bother to know you well enough. But this all can be traced to your enormous amount of charm.

Avoid Gossiping

You have to remember that the Gemini is really a ticking time bomb. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, people will easily become disillusioned with you or feel betrayed by you when other aspects of your personality show up.

As I have mentioned earlier, this is really patently unfair, because if other horoscopes are allowed to be multi-dimensional people, why shouldn’t Gemini’s be?

Regardless, people are often shocked and taken aback by the seeming black and white change in your personality, because they didn’t expect it.

Make it easier on yourself by avoiding gossiping. Don’t talk behind people’s backs. When people start to gossip, leave the room or just say, “I don’t want to hear about that.”

The reason why you want to do this is because it’s a preventive measure. When certain challenges happen to you or when certain situations happen in your life, other aspects of your personality shows up.

Just like the twins that look exactly alike having different personalities, Gemini’s often show different faces.

This can really throw people off. Many people feel betrayed; many people feel like you stabbed them in the back when you do this; many people feel like you fooled them.

Don’t make things worse by giving them a reason to hate you further by gossiping and participating in office politics. Leave that to other people.

Start Small, Master It, Then Scale Up

In terms of career issues, Gemini’s tend to get stuck. They tend to like certain aspects of their job and they tend to stay there. In many cases, they refuse to get promoted because they like what they are doing and they just want to keep doing it.

While there’s nothing particularly wrong with this, you also have to understand that the key to a truly meaningful career is to be challenged.

You’re not being challenged and you don’t polish different aspects of your complete personality when you are content to stay in one place and do the same small set of things.

It’s okay to start small. However, you need to move up. The best way to do this is to start small, master those small things, then move on to other things. When you do this, you assemble a wider range of competencies.

You build a greater and greater set of personal assets that you can use to further advance your career.

Betrayal Is Part of the Game, Get Used to It and Move On

The ironic thing about working with Gemini’s is that they are often accused of backstabbing, playing politics, and otherwise being two-faced. The reality is that they are the ones who are often betrayed.

The typical situation is that the Gemini is doing his or her job, certain situations happen, and the Gemini is forced to show other aspects of his or her personality.

People around the Gemini are not aware of these different aspects, and then they interpret the situation in the worst light possible.

Instead of looking at their Gemini core or supervisor as being flexible, resourceful, and adaptive, they look at the person as cold-blooded, ruthless, and unscrupulous.

Talk about completely missing the picture. Talk about completely misreading the person.

The reality is that if people only knew the Gemini, they would not be surprised. They would know that this person had it in her or him all along. If anything, they should join forces and help that person forward.

Still, if you are the Gemini and you feel betrayed, you feel that the whole team turned their back on you, then get used to it. That’s just part of the game; that’s just part of life. Move on.

You have a lot of assets you can build on. Focus on that. There are some people who really took the time to really know you and are loyal to you.

Focus on them and be loyal to them. Forget everybody else. Do what you need to do to move up, while not hurting other people.

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Krys Ragoro said on

This is so true. Been there. I’ve been betrayed and all and the sad thing is that I’m the one being accused of betrayal.

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