Gemini Symbol and Signs – 3 Things You Never Realised…

gemini symbol

Witty and wonderful, beautiful and appealing, Gemini people seem to have as many faces and personas as there are stars in the sky.

They can be sweet and giving one day, cool and rational the next, and wacky and outlandish again still – how does one keep up?

Much of the confusion can be fought off by getting a greater understanding of exactly what it is that makes a Gemini tick.

Like any other star sign, there’s complex mythology and symbolism at play here, so here is an overview of the Gemini symbol and signs – 3 things you never realised, and some further pointers to give you a solid foundation of understanding.

What is the Gemini symbol?

Every sign of the zodiac has developed its own quirks and characteristics, with a number of personality traits that anyone in the world studying this art can distinguish.

In the case of the Gemini, you’re dealing with a gregarious and clever individual, gifted at wordplay and thinking outside the box.

Yet the Gemini individual is also known for being remarkably multifaceted, at times almost incomprehensibly so.

To understand why, you need to understand the Gemini symbol, and why it plays such a vital role in the lives and mindsets of these remarkable people.

The signs of the zodiac were distinguished thousands of years ago by scholars who identified various constellations in the heavens of the night sky.

While many such constellations depicted animals or mythological creatures, in the case of Gemini, the constellation was discerned to be a pair of identical twins.

Therefore, the meaning of the Gemini symbol in all elements of life is one of an inbuilt duality. It is quite simply as though more than one spirit is inhabiting the same body for many Gemini people.

This can lead to tremendous harmony and the gift of multiple perspectives from the same pair of eyes, and can just as quickly become a source of often agonising inner conflict as these internal selves disagree.

The Gemini often doesn’t know they’re twins deep within

Have you ever had a Gemini seemingly go cold on you? Chances are, they don’t mean it. It goes back to the symbolism of The Twins, the Gemini symbol of duality and taking more than one stance on things.

One day, you could feel like you’ve had an intense connection with a Gemini individual, full of wordy discussions of life and the universe and flirty thoughts about how you’ll move forward in life together.

The next day, it’s like they act as though they barely know you.

In a strange sort of way, because of the Gemini zodiac symbol of the twins, it’s almost as if the other of those two people has taken the reins for a while.

A Gemini can quite markedly shift in tone and personality from one day to the next, and it’s not the same kind of mood swing or emotional shift alone that you’d expect of a water elemental star sign like Scorpio or Pisces.

Instead, another aspect of the personality has quite literally taken over in these moments.

The Gemini never means any harm by these interactions, but it can be jarring for those around them, and they rarely realise that people without an understanding of the Gemini persona simply don’t have that same multifaceted perspective on life.

It’s also why Gemini people often change their minds about things – they could make plans in advance for a lunch date, and then cancel come the day because another side of themselves has decided they want something else.

Bringing these disparate selves into a focused whole is often a tricky game to play for Gemini people.

The Gemini glyph is more than just The Twins

The glyph of the Gemini star sign perfectly captures the dual nature of the sign.

It closely resembles the number two as seen in Roman numerals, with a curved top and bottom area to give a more curved and balanced look.

It’s the kind of image you’ll see in a Gemini symbol tattoo or in art depicting this sign.

Every star sign has a glyph that captures its essence, potential and inner conflicts in one simple piece of calligraphy, and they’re quite fascinating to learn about in their own right.

It’s this glyph, and the idea of these twins, that means that there is no real Gemini symbol animal or other more straightforward astrological association.

In essence, you have to think of Gemini as though they’re many parts of a whole.

The glyph of Gemini wonderfully represents the twins themselves as the two straight lines standing in the centre of the image, side by side.

None is taller than the other, or wider – they’re equals in all things, just as the Gemini individual would never consider one personality archetype within them more crucial, important or dominant over the other.

In fact, that love of equality and fairness is very typical of the Gemini individual. The use of intelligence and logic, again described by these straight and tidy lines, illustrates how their approach to life is one of the mind.

Gemini people think fast, their brains often racing rings around the rest of us without even trying. If anything, they are secretly frustrated that the rest of the world feels so slow compared to their electrically sharp cognisance.

However, the lines atop and beneath the Gemini symbol seen in this glyph show the outlying harmony and connectedness that every Gemini wants to feel, both with others and in themselves.

The twins, the many sides of the personality seen subjectively from one another, can be connected and allied in the same direction with conscious effort and forgiveness of the self.

The Gemini sign belongs to the air element

Every star sign in the zodiac is represented not just by the glyphs, symbols and mythology often discussed, but also a ruling element.

Earth, fire, air and water are all in play here, and it’s a way in which astrologers divide the twelve signs of the zodiac into four groups of three, each ruled by one such element.

These elements tend to have common ways of viewing the world, engaging with it and philosophically understanding it.

So while a fire elemental star sign engages with the world through spontaneous curiosity and excitement, an earth elemental star sign is practical, patient and rational.

A water elemental star sign, meanwhile, will see the world through the lens of emotion, and find that intuition and creativity are their guiding lights.

However, the Gemini element is shared with Libra and Aquarius, and it is the element of air. Air elemental star signs react to the world through the mind, proactively think about how to tackle their challenges with rationality, and don’t get bogged down in emotion.

Air signs seldom keep still for long, and are energised by ideas and inspiration to better the world for themselves and those closest to them.

These are all very Gemini characteristics, but the way this star sign manifests this approach is unique to itself, as it should be.

For one thing, Gemini people are rather flighty, and the Gemini symbol of the twins is in this way seen as their constant need to keep moving, in mind and body.

Much like you could never hope to capture the wind, you’ll have a similarly difficult time encouraging a Gemini individual to sit still. With so much to see, do, experience and think about, why would they?

This counts for ideas and concepts too. The Gemini individual can be asked his or her opinion on a given issue one day, and then offer the exact opposite opinion the next day.

In both cases, the Gemini soul has a well argued and reasonable explanation as to why they think this way, but it’s not like Libra trying to see every angle to find the fairest approach.

In fact, because of the Gemini being more than one personality, these people often believe two conflicting ideas at the same time to be true, and see no reason why this makes no sense to the rest of us!

Learning patience, balance and the need to sometimes commit to ideas, beliefs and, of course, people… these are all lessons with which the Gemini spirit occasionally struggles.

How can anyone affix themselves to one idea or individual when the world contains so many? Overcoming this notion and seeing that it’s not a limitation or weakness to do so is a big part of Gemini soul growth.

The ruler of Gemini is planet Mercury

Every star sign in the zodiac features not just a constellation, a glyph and some deep mythology, but also a planetary ruler. It’s part of what makes astrology so deep and fascinating to learn about.

But of course, there are twelve star signs and only eight or nine (depending who you ask) planets. Therefore, sometimes certain star signs have to share planets that speak to their definitions and personality types.

Such is the case here, because the cosmic Gemini ruler is Mercury, a planet it shares with intelligent and patient Virgo.

Mercury is so named for the messenger of the gods, a resourceful and witty individual whose intelligence showed how he could overcome anything inhibiting his vital work.

But of course, Gemini and Virgo people are very different, and as such, the qualities of Gemini that are taken from Mercury into its personality are very different from those identified in Virgo people.

While Virgo takes the rationale and the intellect of Mercury, Gemini inherits swiftness, clarity in communication and a lightning fast wit.

Wordplay and games of Scrabble are all very much Gemini pursuits, and the versatility of language is a fascinating topic for Gemini people.

You’ll find that these individuals always have something to talk about, and always have a rapid answer to any accusation if confronted.

In fact, Gemini people are fondly regarded by many astrologers and followers of astrology as the most delightful chatterboxes. Next time you’re with a Gemini friend, ask about their day – four simple words. “How was your day?”

Out of nowhere, your Gemini companion will happily regale you with every detail of the day, their reaction to it, what ideas it gave them for what to do next, how that affects how tomorrow and next week will pan out – all spiced with smart tangents and jokes that make this onslaught of speech far more pleasant to listen to than you might initially think.

In fact, a Gemini person forced into silence or unable to communicate has a sad spirit indeed.

That influence of Mercury is keenly felt in how Gemini people communicate, and the density of information they pack into everything they say and write shows how they think – far more intensely than most, with a deluge of facts to consider in every action.

No wonder they need multiple people inside themselves to handle it all!

Making the Gemini symbol work for you

Gemini people are best approached as several souls in one, encouraged to use that approach for harmony, but not forced into trapping or emotionally stifling situations that they will find entirely unbearable.

The clearness of communication and capacity to handle multiple conflicting ideas at once without any disadvantages make the Gemini star sign one of the most priceless in the zodiac.

Treat them with care, give them freedom to roam, but offer them plenty of dazzling ideas to wrestle with and digest in their minds, and the Gemini will be a firm friend – forever rapid, but also consistently surprising, inspiring and engaging, dancing through life like a petal on the wind.

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