Is The Gemini Man Faithful In Marriage?

Is The Gemini Man Faithful In Marriage?

gemini man faithfulNormally, when we talk about faithfulness and loyalty, Gemini is usually not mentioned in the same sentence. After all, the Gemini man is famous for being two-faced.

It’s not uncommon for people to be in a long relationship or a long friendship with a Gemini, and all of a sudden, a certain challenge comes up and you end up talking to a person that is completely different from the person that you thought you knew.

Usually, when these types of situations occur, people feel betrayed. People can’t help but feel that they got played, manipulated, or otherwise cheated. I’m sorry to report this, but people who feel this way regarding the Gemini’s in their life only have themselves to blame.

The reality, if you are really honest with yourself, is that the Gemini partner or friend didn’t really change. The problem is that you only chose to look at certain aspects or parts of your Gemini friend’s total personality.

All people have different sides to their personality. You might think you’re very simple; you might think you’re very easy to read; you might think you’re pretty straightforward, but if you are honest with yourself, there are many different sides to your personality.

In many cases, different situations and challenges bring out these different sides. Gemini people are not immune to this. The Gemini man is not exempt from this reality. This is why it’s kind of almost unfair to the Gemini man why he is looked at as unfaithful, traitorous, untrustworthy, when he basically just has different aspects to his personality, and you just chose to ignore that.

So is the Gemini man faithful in marriage? This is a complex question that requires a complex answer. Keep reading below.

The Real Story behind the “Two-Faced” Gemini

It’s very easy to write of Gemini people as two-faced. It’s easy to look at them as fair weather friends, chameleons, and people who would turn on you.

The reality is more complicated than that, especially when it comes to dealing with the Gemini Cancer cusp. The reality is the Gemini’s are very charming. Gemini’s are very intriguing people. It’s not uncommon for people to just focus on one aspect of a Gemini‘s personality. This is where the trouble begins.

When you try to oversimplify people or when you try to put people in a box, you are really doing those people a big disservice. While you might get away with doing this with other signs of the horoscope, you are only asking for trouble when you do this with a Gemini.

You have to look at the Gemini as a complete person. You have to explore all the different aspects of that person’s personality.

Otherwise, you only have yourself to blame when you notice that this Gemini is two-faced.

The reason they look two-faced is because other aspects of their personality come to the fore. However, those personality traits are already there. You only need to recognize them. The fact you didn’t doesn’t make the Gemini person any less trustworthy than the next person.

Knowing the Gemini Fully

Your job, if you’re in a relationship with or married to a Gemini man, is to know him fully. Understand all the aspects of his personality.

Of course, this would not happen overnight. Of course, this is not necessarily easy. But, it is definitely your responsibility. Otherwise, you would feel cheated. Otherwise, you would feel betrayed. Otherwise, you would feel left behind

A Fully Known Gemini Man Leads To Few Surprises

The main people complaining about two-faced Gemini’s, or Gemini backstabbing, are people who never really put in the time and effort to know their Gemini partner or friend fully. This applies to the Gemini man as well.

You have to fully know him. You have to fully understand what kind of challenges he responds to. You have to understand how he views himself, and what he knows about himself. In other words, you have to grow with him. You have to get into his world.

A Fully Known Gemini Man Leads To Better Love Communications

There is such a thing as a love language. Some people like to be communicated with a certain way. Other people communicate their love and affection a certain way.

You have to understand how the Gemini man in your life wants you to communicate your love to him. Maybe he wants you to touch him, maybe he wants you to stroke his ego, or maybe he wants you to give reassuring words.

Whatever it is, you have to know that language. If not, you are basically letting this person feel unfulfilled. You’re letting this person drift in your relationship. This is a recipe for disaster, because another part of that person’s personality might come to the surface, and guess what? You will be the loser.

Have the Right Expectations

Once you know your Gemini man fully, then you can have the right kind of expectations. This is where many marriages break up.

As the old saying goes, nobody can make you feel bad without your permission. In the same way, in a relationship nobody can make you feel betrayed or taken for granted without your permission.

How do you give permission? You have to have the right expectation. If you have the right expectation from your relationship, you will never feel frustrated; you will never feel left behind; you will never feel that your emotional toes were stepped on.

This is especially true when you have a Gemini man, because this person has many different aspects to his personality that can come out in a very dramatic way when given the right set of circumstances.

Faithfulness Is a Decision Both Of You Make

When you resolve to fully know your partner and fully choose to step into his world and understand him, you will develop the right expectations. When you have the right expectations, it’s hard for you to become frustrated; it’s hard for you to feel unhappy.

Why? You already expect a certain range of possibilities. Once you are fully aware of this range of possibilities, then you open yourself up to the full range of emotional reactions to these.

Many couples fail to develop to right expectations with each other, and as a result, they make the wrong choices. You have to understand, faithfulness is a choice, and it’s an easier decision to make when you feel that you fully know each other and you have the right expectations about each other. If you feel betrayed, it’s a choice. If you feel fulfilled, that’s a choice as well.

Choosing to know the different aspects of your Gemini partner sets you up to reach a stage where you make the right expectations regarding the Gemini man in your life.

That is the key to answering the question of, “Is the Gemini man faithful in marriage?”

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