Gemini Marriage Compatibility

Gemini Marriage Compatibility

Gemini marriage compatibility is a very interesting topic indeed.

In fact one of the most common questions asked by people born under certain astrological signs is whether they will get married in the year ahead and what signs are they most compatible with for marriage. I strongly believe that Gemini will find love – the question is therefore – will this love turn into marriage?

In this special marriage compatibility analysis for Gemini I will reveal my thoughts on the prospects of Gemini and long term love in the year ahead.

Obviously, this question is asked by people who are still single. Besides work and money, getting married is one of the most popular questions being asked of me and my team these days it seems.

Interestingly enough, it is mostly women who ask this. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that men have a tougher time committing to a specific person.

Be that as it may, one of the most pressing questions that many Gemini women have is about getting married, and Gemini marriage compatibility.

The reality is that even if people were born under the same astrological sign, there are still many other factors that pretty much make two people different from each other. With that said, there are still certain patterns to look out for when it comes to Gemini and marriage compatibility.

As unique as we’d like to think we are, there are still enough of us. Moreover, there are many people born throughout thousands of years in history for certain patterns to emerge. This is definitely true when it comes to astrological signs and more specifically the Gemini sign.

If you are wondering if you will get married this year, you are basically asking a question that people in your situation have asked for thousands of years. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when it comes to Gemini and marriage –

Gemini and Marriage

The Gemini mind is one of the most interesting mind-sets among the 12 astrological signs. Gemini tends to be a very versatile. You can think that you truly know a Gemini until he/she changes. That’s how interesting they are and on many different levels too. This makes Gemini a highly compatible match in marriage for most other signs of the Zodiac.

Of course, we are not talking about negative changes. Gemini’s continue to surprise their partners even though they’ve been married for decades.

The Gemini personality type is actually very intelligent and very perceptive. Any ideas regarding marriage have to be filtered through this personality and outlook on life that most Gemini signs tend to have.

As marriage involves a solid commitment and dedication, Gemini signs will often look at the bigger picture. Keep this in mind as you read this report.

Gemini Women and Compatibility for Marriage

If you’re Gemini, you might think that you know yourself. You might think that you are a fairly stable person and that you are comfortable in your skin. If you’re completely honest with yourself, you also know that it only takes certain triggers for your mind to take a different direction.

In other words, a different emphasis in your personality gets triggered by certain events or people. This can be a blessing and a problem, especially for Gemini women.

This can be a problem if you are trying to get married because marriage is all about stability and commitment. It involves staying the course even if everything falls apart or changes around you.

You must stay stable amidst the storm.

That is the most challenging part of thinking about getting married as a Gemini women. You have to ask yourself this question.

Is your mind in the right place?

Do you know your triggers? Do you still want a few years of being single?

Only you know the answers because only you how triggers can have an impact on your personality and your life. Once you understand this you will also understand how Gemini marriage compatibility is so closely linked to a true understanding of your own personality.

Marriage Compatibility and Gemini Signs

If you are interested in finding out a particular sign’s marriage compatibility with Gemini you can read my special Gemini Love Horoscope here.

One of the biggest questions that Gemini face as they mature is how to handle these “emotional triggers”. Gemini is an astrological sign based on the twin.

You may think you know a person but when certain triggers happen, they seem like a totally different person. Welcome to the Gemini personality :)

If you are thinking of getting married or some other year, understand your triggers as a Gemini. Understanding is just the first step.

After that it is really about mastering these emotional trigger points.

One of the things that frustrates Gemini signs is their inability to control their response to triggers. Keep in mind that you cannot restrict these from happening. What you can control is your response to them.

Know the difference. Living by this principle can empower you  – so master it.

Unfortunately, too many Gemini’s go with the trigger and end up in certain situation that they don’t want to end up in the first place. This is a major barrier to Gemini and their chances for marriage compatibility.

Do You Really Want To Get Married?

Don’t feel like I am singling you out by asking this question. In fact, this is applicable for all houses of the horoscope.

People who are all looking to get married must always ask themselves this question. It triggers a deeper level of self-analysis.

A lot of people want to get married just because they are in love. But in reality, they just want to go along with their friends who are getting married.

Others think that by getting married, they become more respectable. You have to really dig deep inside your heart and figure out what you truly feel regarding the marriage question.

You ARE the Marrying Kind – If You Really Want It

One of the most common Gemini responses to the idea of getting married is that they don’t consider themselves the “marrying kind”.

They think that they are too carefree and bohemian in some aspects of the lives to settle down with a partner for the long term. This may have been the reality when you were younger, however, as you mature in terms of emotional mastery, you can enter into a successful relationship that will last for the rest of your life. Matches between Gemini and Aquarius are particularly well suited to marriage.

You just have to be clear as to your level of maturity and readiness. Too many Gemini’s try to give themselves an excuse relating their fickle-mindedness and to their inability to commit. This is a cop-out.

The reality is that you are more mature than you give yourself credit for.

Stop Comparing Your Partners

One of the biggest drawbacks to Gemini’s tying the knot and getting off the fence is the fact that they always compare partners. It’s not uncommon for many of them (especially Gemini men) to always compare their relationships with past relationships.

The reality is that you have to forgive yourself and your ex-partners and move on. You have to look at your current relationship based solely on the current situation. It is unfair to compare your current partner with your past.

Talk about setting yourself up for emotional failure.

If you want your relationships to thrive, stop comparing. Look at your partner as a completely distinct person worthy of respect on a purely individual basis.

You Can Be Happy With What You Have If You Want

Another drawback to Gemini is that they are always looking at relationships in terms of whether they deserved to be in it.

As mentioned above, this is a common cop-out amongst the Gemini personality type, particularly those born on the Gemini Taurus cusp.

Usually Gemini gets cold feet, they tries to candy-coat the situation by saying, “well I’m not emotionally mature anyway” or “I haven’t reached that place where I can finally commit.”

Cut the BS Gemini! If you are in a loving and mature relationship, give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You are more ready to get married and settle down than you think.

You have to really be honest with yourself. However, if you keep responding to the situation and try to answer the marriage question this way then it’s a big sign that you are not ready.

At the end of day, only a Gemini would know that he or she is ready to make the ultimate commitment and look at marriage as a serious possibility.

Remember marriage is a lifelong covenant. It’s not something that you go into lightly. It’s not some sort of contract that you can make and break at will. Sure, it’s easy to get a divorce but guess what, divorces actually have an emotional toll.

If you don’t want go through pain and regrets, don’t get married unless you are absolutely certain that you are ready. Heed my advice Gemini – this is a year like any other – if you are not ready for marriage or you do feel you are compatible for marriage with your existing partner then do not rush in.

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