Understanding the Gemini Taurus Cusp

Understanding the Gemini Taurus Cusp

gemini taurus cusp When it comes to the Gemini Taurus Cusp people often get very confused about what this actually means. In this special report I will reveal my thoughts on Gemini on the Cusp and what it means for the year ahead.

Cusp signs in the horoscope are people who are born close to the end or the beginning of another horoscope sign. For example, Gemini and Taurus border each other. So people that are born within a couple of days either before or the end of each horoscope sign are said to be born on the Gemini Taurus cusp.

Gemini Taurus Cusp Compatibility

Like other cusp signs, the Gemini Taurus cusp has qualities that they borrow from the sign that their birth date is close to.

A lot of people would think that a cusp sign is really just a fifty-fifty mix of two horoscope signs. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that like in plants or animals, there is such a thing as hybrids. These hybrids are better or bigger than their parents.

Instead of just being a mere combination of two organisms, hybrids actually have qualities that separates them from their parent’s stock. This is especially true when it comes to Gemini Taurus cusp signs in 2014 and beyond.

Perhaps the biggest impact of being born on the cusp between Gemini and Taurus is the effect this has on your compatibility with other star signs.

In my experience Gemini Taurus cusp individuals are highly compatible with Virgo signs.

It really does depend on how the cusp affects the individual and whether they have more dominant Gemini personality traits or more dominant Taurus traits. When it comes to love and people born on the cusp things really do get “interesting”.

This is definitely true of the Gemini Taurus cusp in 2019.

Here are some of the traits of the Gemini Taurus cusp. Keep in mind that these cusp personality traits are in addition to the general traits of that particular horoscope sign.

For example, if you are Gemini Taurus cusp and you are a Taurus, most of your personality will be geared towards Taurus personality type. However, there are certain elements that borrow from the Gemini Taurus cusp.

Similarly, if you are born as a Gemini woman but you are a Gemini Taurus cusp, your personality leans towards Gemini predispositions, but you have certain Gemini Taurus cusp elements in your personality. I need to make that clear.

Just because you are a cusp, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are free from the general personality direction of your particular horoscope sign.

Gemini Taurus Cusp Women

Gemini Taurus cusp women have the charm of the Gemini and the energy and power of the Taurus. This is a winning combination.

This is a great personality feature to have. It’s not hard to figure out where your charm comes from. Gemini signs are charming because they are emotional chameleons.

They can change their shape. They can change the words they say.

They can even change their emotional vocabulary depending on who they’re talking to. They basically bounce back the emotional energy of the person that they are talking to. This makes them very charming.

Why? Most people like to fall in love with someone who reflects their own traits and characteristics back at them.

We like the world to agree with us. So when you come across somebody that just basically bounces yourself off back to you, it is very easy to be taken in and fall in love. The reality is you’re just falling in love with yourself. This is one key element of Gemini woman’s personality.

They are great emotional mirrors. This is what makes them charming. Mix with this is the energy of the Taurus and you really do have a winning combination.

Gemini Taurus cusp women tend to inherit some of the intense energy of the Taurus. If you have a project that needs to be done just tap into this side of your personality and it will get done.

If you have particular challenge you need to overcome just get in touch with this side of your being and you will get over that hurdle.

Taurus is a very strong sign of the horoscope. It is a bull. Just like any bull in a bullfight, even if it’s bleeding into death, it will still continue to charge. That’s how much energy you can tap into as a woman born on the Gemini Taurus Cusp.

Gemini Cusp Male Characteristics

Gemini Taurus cusp men inherit the Taurus need to dominate. However, unlike Taurus where this need comes from deep insecurity or deep sense of loss or guilt, Gemini Taurus cusp males don’t feel any of these. This is a typical characteristic of the Gemini male personality.

Their personality type just needs to dominate.  Gemini Taurus males see the need for coming out ahead as justifying coming out ahead.

In the Gemini Taurus cusp’s mind, there is value to coming out ahead or coming out on top. It doesn’t need things explained to it. It doesn’t need justification.

Coming out ahead and dominating is its own reward. It is very easy to misunderstand this aspect of Gemini Taurus cusp personality.

It’s very easy to think that these individuals are jerks or they are unthinking. You have to understand that this is part of what makes them feel good, what makes them validated.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are out to hurt people intentionally. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are out to step over people. They just thrive when they dominate.

Taurus Traits Dominate the Gemini Cusp

One of the key aspects of the Gemini Taurus cusp is the Taurus trait of excitement and spontaneity. This can really make people born on this cusp super exciting to be around. Most of the time these individuals are the life and soul of the party.

That’s what’s great about spontaneity. It’s not planned. There is no agenda. There is no script.

It just happens. This is why it’s so exhilarating and so liberating. It adds variety to life.

Spontaneity is a great thing. However sometimes when Gemini traits rise to dominate the Gemini Taurus cusp this can work in reverse.

The Gemini characteristics of the cusp will try to put a program into spontaneity. This type of person tries to come up with a schedule and put certain brackets in that schedule where spontaneity is supposed to happen.

It’s no surprise that many Gemini Taurus cusp people feel frustrated all the time. Why? You cannot force spontaneity to happen. It’s like trying to force love to happen and let’s be honest – Gemini will have a tough enough time finding love in 2014 as it is without this added pressure.

If this issue is forced it’s just not going to happen. It doesn’t work that way. Still, they try. Why? Because they are bull headed just like the Taurus side of their personality.

Eventually, this personality aspect of the Gemini Taurus cusp tends to go away once this person matures a little bit.

The Best Romantic Matches For The Gemini Taurus Cusp

The Cusp of Energy, Gemini Taurus cusps need partners who are as energetic as they are and as charming as they are themselves!

Ambitious, free-spirited, and bright, they draw people towards them with their natural magnetism. Gemini Taurus cusps solve problems in a diplomatic way which comes in handy in the case of relationships since they can help resolve conflicts in a seamless way.

They are very attentive to the problems and issues faced by their partners and will do all in their might to resolve them in the best possible manner.

They are well-built physically and are quite agile. The socialites that they are, they will easily make friends thanks to their highly talkative nature!

However, a Gemini Taurus cusp must also try to listen to their friends and partners rather than always doing the talking themselves!

Nothing impresses your Gemini Taurus cusp partner more than hot dates and a passionate dinner. Do not let them overindulgence in food and drinks, though!

Being exceptionally creative and honest, they will like their partners to maintain a long-lasting relationship in which they both live happily ever after. One thing is for certain, with your Gemini Taurus cusp, you will live life to the fullest!

The Ideal Romantic Partners For The Gemini Taurus Cusp

This is an adventurous sign when it comes to relationships and bonds well with the fire signs. Since Gemini Taurus cusps love working with new ideas, thoughts, and innovation, they will like partners who can give them enough food for thought and engage in intellectual discussions.

They make loyal, responsible, and caring lovers and these are the very qualities they are looking out for in their partners.

Full of entrepreneurial qualities, they are great at problem-solving and will appreciate someone who can respect and understand their ambitions in life, helping them strive towards their goals while being the constant pillar of support.

Being extremely devoted, they shower their love and affection upon their family and loved ones. They have an innate desire to be free and this applies to their relationships as well: they won’t want to feel captive in a relationship and will need their personal space.

Consequently, partners who are over possessive might not be well-suited to these free-spirited beings.

A Gemini Taurus cusp individual will not want to be overly dependent on his/her partner and will try to remain independent and self-sufficient at all times.

It is extremely important for them to manage things well on their own, without having to rely on the support of someone else.

They will have very high expectations from their partners, which are often unrealistic and impractical. However, this leads to disappointments later.

The ideal partner for a Gemini Taurus cusp will be one who can communicate well as the cusp is a born communicator!

Gemini Taurus Cusps Bond Well With Virgos

When it comes to a happy relationship, Gemini Taurus cusps gel well with Virgos. The two are a match made in heaven, in fact: they will do anything it takes to make their relationship work.

Both Gemini and Virgo, it might be remembered, are ruled by Mercury, which makes them intelligent enough. They will both have very vivid dreams which will be materialistic in nature.

They will plan their goals well and strategize the steps needed to be taken to achieve them.

Ultimately, with their exceptional chemistry, planning, and determination, they will achieve any goal they have set their eyes on.

The charming nature of Gemini Taurus cusp and their consequent involvements with the others can make the Virgo feel a bit insecure and hurt, though.

It is important to be expressive about your feelings and not bottle up your emotions. Worry less and love each other more!

Gemini Taurus Cusps’ Love For The Gemini Cancer Cusp Is Beautiful!

The relationship derives its strength from communication. These lovers know how to communicate even in silence. Music tends to amplify their liking for each other.

They might also share other interests including reading. The air element is common among them both, which symbolizes thought.

Both the Gemini Taurus cusp and the Gemini Cancer cusp are intelligent and passionate beings, which allows their love to bloom. It is important to be honest and faithful to each other!

There’s A Magnetic Attraction Between A Gemini Taurus Cusp and A Taurus

The relationship between a Gemini Taurus cusp and a Taurus partner is likely to involve emotions at a very deep level. It’s all very profound!

Taurus partners will, in particular, like the loving and passionate lovers they find in their Gemini Taurus mates.

While the relationship has great potential to succeed, it can be affected by feelings of jealousy and infidelity.

It is important for both partners to understand each other, communicate well, and forgive each other’s mistakes for the relationship to work. Meditate often to release stresses!

Gemini Taurus Cusp and Virgo Libra Cusp: Made For Each Other!

Virgo Libra cusps are very flexible, graceful, and thoughtful. They will always try to seek commonalities with their partners, which helps the relationship bloom.

Virgo Libra partners will bring out the perfection in the Gemini Taurus cusps while the Gemini Taurus cusps, the excellent communicators that they are, teach their partner the art of being expressive!

They make for a perfect match but like all relationships, things might not be sparkling all the time.

Depression and gloominess can set in sometimes, particularly with no specific reason, so it is important to support each other.

Look deeper into your relationship and develop a greater consciousness in life rather than assuming things are going great when, in fact, there is a dire need for making amendments.

There might be sudden mood swings owing to the intrinsic nature of the partners.

It is important for the Gemini Taurus cusp and the Virgo Libra cusp partners to strive hard to achieve consistency and understand each other well if this relationship is to succeed!

Focus On Getting Things Done

People under the Gemini Taurus cusp tend to have a lot of spare energy. This energy can be directed towards things that are helpful or it can be directed things that can just waste time.

As a Gemini Taurus cusp becomes mature, he or she gets better at focusing on getting things done. The reality of the world we live in is that you are rewarded based on what you achieve. You are never rewarded by what you intend to do.

The road to hell after all is paved with good intentions. It doesn’t matter what your motivations are. It doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. It is what you do that counts.

So even if you say that you are a good person and you love everybody at the end of the day it’s what you’ve done that really matters.

Gemini Taurus cusp people have a very special power here. They can focus on getting things done. They have the energy to make it happen. All they need is maturity to know where to focus all that energy on.

Is Gemini and Taurus a Winning Combination?

I find it difficult to say that there is a particular winner in the horoscope. I find it very challenging to identify one particular horoscope sign and say ‘well this is a successful combination. This is what’s going to produce great outcomes all the time’.

With the Gemini Taurus cusp however there is a strong chance that this is a winning combination. If you play your cards right, you can emphasize the strengths of Gemini and Taurus while leaving behind their weaknesses.

Let’s not fool ourselves. There is a lot of serious weaknesses with Gemini and Taurus, but if you focus on the positive aspects, Gemini Taurus cusp can be quite a bit of a winner in all things in life.

We’re not just talking about money. We’re also talking about education, relationships, love and spiritual wellbeing.

The Downside to the Gemini Taurus Cusp

Where do we begin? Just like any other cusp personality, the Gemini Taurus Cusp personality starts with a long laundry list of different strengths and weaknesses of each sign that make up the cusp sign.

The downside to Gemini and Taurus combination is that you can put a lot of energy into things. However, if you put energy into the wrong kind of things, you might be called traitor, irresponsible, flaky and a bad person to have around. It’s very easy to misunderstand you.

Why? Your Gemini side is why.

Your Gemini side freaks people out. It makes you look crazy. It makes you look irresponsible. It makes you look unreliable (Read more about the negative traits of the Gemini male personality here).

The reality is that if they only had taken time to fully know you, they would know that there is really no dark side to you.

There is no second face that comes out of nowhere. They are surprised because they let themselves be surprised. They didn’t take time to know you well enough and they get what they get.

This concludes my special analysis of the Gemini Taurus cusp. As always leave a comment if you have any questions and be sure to like, share and tweet this if you have found it useful.

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Am a taurus gemini cuspian born on 20th of May.. you have done great analysis and yes thats right virgo seems more compatible to us because of their postive role in maintaining and keeping relationships
my comment proves it to you :)
Had worst experience with Gemini woman, a strange Relationship magical.one too but not for so long..
anything about 2015 of Taurus-gemini cusps??

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