Most People Make these Ten Mistakes when it Comes to Gemini’s Ruling Planet

Most People Make these Ten Mistakes when it Comes to Gemini’s Ruling Planet

What is Gemini’s Ruling Planet?

The ruling planet is the planet which has the most influence over a sign of the zodiac. The rulership of signs by planets is one of the most ancient and central parts of astrology. The powerful and unique properties of each planet have a direct influence on the characteristics of people born under the sign ruled by that planet. Since the planets are all named after Ancient Roman gods, the stories of these gods have a great influence on the signs that they rule.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who was named after the Ancient Roman god of messengers (called Hermes in Ancient Greece). Mercury rules over communication, travellers, poetry, luck, thieves, and just to add a little extra excitement, he was the god whose responsibility it was to guide souls into the underworld.

People ruled by Mercury are full of energy and skill in communication. You are always seeking change, and quickly become tired of repetitive activities, because your thirst for new experiences is so great.You are very sociable and quickly become excited by all manner of new and novel ideas and projects. However, your lively nature leads to many people having misconceptions about what a Mercury-ruled person truly cares about.

Additionally, many people ruled by Mercury have internalized these ideas, and have difficulty perceiving what path they should take in their lives.

Read on to learn about mistakes that people (both Mercury-ruled and otherwise) frequently make when approaching people whose Ruling Planet is Mercury! By learning to recognize these mistakes, you can work on solving them in ways that use your great communication skills!

Mistakes that Geminis Make with their Ruling Planet

The number one cause of problems in the lives of most people ruled by Mercury is stress. Mercury-ruled people are naturally carefree, and adopt a very “don’t worry, be happy” attitude towards their day-to-day life.

Because they are so used to upholding this attitude, they frequently don’t cope very well when genuinely stressful situations present themselves. Mercury is so unused to having to take things seriously, that when a situation that merits serious consideration appears, you don’t have much practice handling it.

Due to this lack of experience in building healthy coping mechanisms to handle stress, stress can cause a wide variety of health problems for people who are ruled by Mercury. You manifest your anxiety physically, rather than coping with it using a healthy mental and emotional framework.

This can lead to problems like high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping (or persistent bad dreams and night terrors), heightened sensitivity to stimulation, and depressive or anxiety disorders over time. It surprises many people to hear that someone with such a happy-go-lucky attitude is so susceptible to these problems, but it’s true!

As you can see, it is extremely important that people ruled by Mercury actively learn coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. You can take advantage of yout intellectual side to do this. Dealing with emotional issues is difficult, but you’re a natural when it comes to learning things on a conceptual, logical, intellectual level.

Taking a class or reading a self-help book will help you learn strategies for dealing with stress, and for problem-solving in those stressful situations. This means that you will be more prepared to implement useful and productive strategies, rather than letting panic build up because you’re not sure what to do.

Mercury is a planet that values change and variety. In fact, these are two of the most key parts of a Gemini personality. You are always seeking change, looking for what is new and exciting, and you quickly become bored with repetitive activities.

Unfortunately, this is not an attitude that is very favourably viewed by our current society. Modern culture expects quite a lot of consistency from its members – people are expected to form a single family, stay at a single address, and work a single job for most of their lives.

Many people enjoy this structure, but for those ruled by Mercury, it can be very difficult to box yourself into this path. You may realize partway down that you hate what you’re doing, and ache for a way to escape, but be pressured extremely strongly by outside forces to keep doing what you’re doing.

Forcing yourself to commit to single paths in everything in your life is a mistake. If there is not variety in your life, you will quickly see all your energy and joie de vivre drain away.

Make sure that you can always find ways to inject novelty into your life. Seek a career that is highly varied and high-energy.

Seek a partner who has a similar desire for adventure, so that you can always try new things.

Save money for travel, which will help you gain constant new energy and insight into the world.

By keeping your options open, and having new things to stimulate you every day, you will prevent yourself from falling into a deep, dark, seriously bored rut.

Because you are so prone to this adventure-seeking, novelty-seeking attitude, you may not have an easy time perceiving yourself as an intellectual. The word might even hold a certain stigma to you, reminding you of the stuffy, boring teachers of your childhood.

Make no mistake, though: intellectualism is your forte. Mercury rules the intellect more than any other planet, and your quick and creative mind is very well applied to intellectual problems.

By underselling yourself in this field, you present a distorted image of yourself and keep yourself away from problems that you could potentially be extremely effective at solving.

People ruled by Mercury are generally quite good at interpersonal interaction because of their skills at communication. You are quite sociable and have a very likeable personality due to your apparently easygoing nature.

However, you sometimes fall prey to the self-centred belief that your methods of communication are the best. You have frequently been praised for your eloquence, and rightly so! But this does not mean that other people are stupid if they are not as eloquent as you.

At times, you may feel like you’re talking down to people and may turn up your nose at those who are confused by your lofty eloquence. This is not a nice thing to do, and will only lead to you alienating them. And alienation is not conducive to communication.

• Somewhat related to the above point, if you consistently feel as if you’re not able to communicate as effectively as you want with certain people, you will naturally start avoiding people who you think you’re not communicating well with.

On the face of it, this makes perfect sense – why would anyone want to spend time with people they feel they can’t really talk to? However, you run into a problem when this leads you to eschew all relationships that you might try to make with people who are generally more down-to-earth than you are.

You may think that you’re making things easier for both yourself and them by not forming relationships with people who have extremely practical approaches to life. But the truth is, you’re only limiting yourself.

If you use Mercury’s communicative power to build strong networks with people who have a variety of outlooks on life, you will develop a much stronger and more complex worldview that will really feed into your intellectual nature and help you make the world a better place.

Mistakes that People Make When Encountering Geminis and their Ruling Planet

The first and foremost mistake that people make when dealing with people ruled by Mercury is just plain being impatient with them.

If you meet someone who is constantly changing their mind and taking on loads of new projects, the worst thing you can do is badger them about it. That will only give them a negative attitude towards the project and bring out their stubborn side, clinging onto it tenaciously while not actually getting it done.

I get it, though: sometimes the Gemini has lost control, bitten off more than she can chew, and now you need results. Capitalize on her interpersonal skills and send in a hardworking, detail-oriented person to help motivate her to get it done. Maybe a Capricorn or Sagittarius. But snapping at her won’t help matters.

Similarly, people quickly develop problems with Mercury-ruled Geminis when they ask them to do boring work. Obviously, no one likes boring and repetitive tasks (well, maybe some Virgos), but Geminis not only hate them, but are bad at them, and also resent them very quickly.

Especially if the Gemini cannot see the fruits of her labour, or feels like the task is ultimately pointless make-work, they quickly become rebellious. This is the reason why, although very bright, many Geminis struggled in school: they quickly perceived that the tasks they were being asked to do had no actual purpose.

From the perspective of the person assigning the tasks, this is very frustrating, but it’s not something you can just force your way through. If you can, try to explicate the value of the task to the Gemini. And if you cannot, maybe it’s better to part ways.

Some people may also have the perception, because of Mercury’s constantly-changing attitude, that Geminis just don’t know what they want. They may want to help you find a path or be genuinely worried that you’re going to get yourself into trouble without a solid plan of action.

But your flexibility isn’t caused by an unsureness about the path you want to take. It’s actually caused by an absolute certainty that you know what you want to do – and that what you want to do is not choose a single path.

It is important that those around you come to understand and respect this. You can help make this clear to them by saying, rather than such things as “I don’t know” when they ask you about your five-year plan, “I have chosen not to make definitive plans that far in advance because I like to be open to new opportunities as they arise.”

As you can see, Mercury’s changeable nature causes a lot of problems for people who value steady work towards previously defined goals. They may perceive people ruled by Mercury as obstinate or misguided.

The worst problem of all, though, is when people come to believe that you’re dishonest, disingenuous, or disloyal, just because you change your paths a lot! This is simply not true. You never drop people, only unmeaningful responsibilities. You actually care a lot about the people in your life and would do anything to help them.

There’s a reason that Mercury gave its name to the word “mercurial,” meaning lively and ever-changing! It’s in your nature, and there’s no reason to try to hide or deny it. As long as you’re not committing to things that run against this course, your flexible nature is actually one of your greatest strengths and virtues.

Outside of the problems associated with Mercury’s changing nature, people can run into problems when they ask a Mercury-ruled person to carefully examine their own emotions or to pick up on subtle emotional cues.

Mercury rules the mind, not the heart. You’re good at difficult logical problems, but not so comfortable with difficult emotional ones.

Most Geminis don’t have a very strong introspective streak, nor are they comfortable with second-guessing their own motivations or the motivations of others, which is something of a requirement for emotional examinations.

If you are in a relationship with a Gemini, check your guessing games at the door. They won’t help you make any progress. Conversely, if you are a Gemini in a relationship, always be up-front about your feelings, including if you feel lost or confused by the other person’s emotional signals.

Keep the lines of communication wide open, and use words rather than subtle behavioural hints. You’ll be much more successful in the long run.

Using the Power of Gemini’s Ruling Planet in your Romantic Life

Although the inconstant nature of Mercury can be a problem at times, Mercury’s ruling power is actually extremely helpful in a wide variety of situations, especially romantic relationships.

For one thing, you have a great sense of fun, and relationships with you are never dull. You have the best ideas for first dates (and third dates, and two-hundredth dates!) because you have such a creative streak and are so good at lateral thinking.

You’re especially good at managing casual relationships and have a very clear head when it comes to deciding how serious a relationship should get, and how fast. Your partner can take your lead and be sure to be satisfied.

Mercury-ruled Geminis are highly compatible with the other three mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. They have the ability to adapt and be flexible that you value so highly, although each one brings a unique spin to that.

Virgos are very detail-oriented and good at adapting each new situation to fit their desired goals. Sagittarians are globe-trotting adventurers who will happily follow you everywhere you go, as long as you follow them too. And Pisceans are individualists who value the feeling of not being tied down just as much as you do, not out of energy, but out of a desire to feel free.

In general, Gemini is less compatible in relationships with people who have very serious and structured approaches to life, like Taurus or Capricorn; and with people who are easily frustrated by a flighty personality, like Aries and Aquarius – both of these signs have a desire for action that does not always mesh with Gemini’s lack of singular focus.

As always, these guidelines for compatibility are far from watertight. There are a myriad of factors affecting astrological compatibility, which cannot be distilled to one factor, and certainly not communicated in the form of a general rule being applied to all readers – and that’s before even taking into account the very real “human factor” that allows twins to have completely different personalities, and people born on the same day to have wildly different paths in life.

Always evaluate the people you meet in terms of your situation, not just what the stars have to say.

Final Thoughts

Gemini’s sociable nature makes for a lot of great relationships. You’re a natural networker, and make friends easily with people from all walks of life.

However, being sociable doesn’t translate into everyone understanding you, one hundred percent of the time. Mercury can be a difficult planet for people to get their heads around because the values that Mercury holds dear are very different from the ones held dear by a large portion of the population.

People may look at a Mercury-ruled person and see them as irresponsible, misguided, or even malicious in their lack of focus. But the truth is, it’s just a completely different set of values from the ones that the onlooker might be used to.

Because they frequently get this message, Geminis can also internalize these feelings about their ruling planet, and question why they want certain things and behave in certain ways.

They can lack confidence in their own intellectual strength. They can also try to force themselves to behave more like signs that are ruled by different planets, which never leads to good things. No one has ever been both happy and successful while trying to pretend to be someone else.

If you are ruled by Mercury, you will find the greatest happiness in accepting your, well, mercurial nature. You will be most satisfied when you are free, with lots of open options, and not bound to unfulfilling work or people.

Can you feel the power of Mercury in your life? Are you happy to flit from one state of being to another, rather than feeling destabilized by such transitions? Do you have a thirst for freedom in your life that can’t be quenched in any other way? How will you harness Mercury’s adaptable power to achieve the type of life that you are truly looking for?

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