Four Important Things Gemini Couples Should Know About Relationships

Four Important Things Gemini Couples Should Know About Relationships


Gemini couples are a very interesting mix. Two Geminis getting together is not exactly rare.

However, it does present very interesting complications.

As you probably already know, Geminis are often the most misunderstood of the horoscope.

While it’s very easy to stereotype a Scorpio as being unreasonably emotionally intense, it’s very easy to read too much into a typical Gemini. Words like backstabber, emotional blackmail, and liar come to mind.

Fortunately, for the Gemini, they go beyond easy stereotyping. They can actually become the most loyal friends. They can also be the most loyal spouses and partners.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard for them to leave down their historical baggage.

A lot of this is really due to the fact that people misunderstand Geminis because they didn’t really put in the time to truly know them.

Geminis are symbolized by the twins. You’re dealing with the same person, but it seems they have two totally different personalities.

It’s very easy to see then why people feel betrayed by the Gemini. They think they’re dealing with one person, and they know this person thoroughly.

All of a sudden, this person turns on them.

Nobody likes to be surprised this way and feel that they’re being backstabbed. However, this tends to happen quite a bit with Geminis.

The truth is, people simply didn’t look at all aspects of their personality. If you don’t do that, you don’t really have a right to expect that the Gemini will stay stable. Why?

You have different aspects of your personality too. You’re not always calm, cool, and collected. You sometimes freak out.

Unfortunately, other signs of the horoscope don’t give the Gemini this luxury. It truly is unfair.

They are very loving, creative, and can be very loyal.

Still, if two Geminis get into a relationship, there are all sorts of complications.

There may be all sorts of unnecessary drama if the Gemini partners aren’t completely clear regarding what can happen.

Here are four important things Gemini couples should know about relationship.

Your partner freaking out usually isn’t your fault

If your partner freaks out because of something you did, it isn’t your fault. It really isn’t.

It’s really unfair for your partner to read too much into you. Why? They didn’t really take the time to truly know you.

As I’ve mentioned in the introduction, Geminis are often misunderstood. They are misunderstood precisely because people don’t take the time to truly know them.

The error is on them. Why?

When you get into a relationship with somebody, you should truly figure them out.

Does it make sense to put your trust and faith on somebody you barely know? I hope the answer is clear.

It’s your responsibility to truly know your partner before you can commit to that partner.

If you feel burned because your partner showed a different side, the fault is yours. They are just being faithful to themselves or being who they are.

There’s something wrong with the way you put your trust in them. At the very least, you were lazy. At worst, you turned a blind eye to different aspects of their personality.

Real relationships mean letting go of past relationships

Geminis tend to get hung up on the past. They try to read too much into the past.

It’s not uncommon for a Gemini to look at certain past relationships as some sort of relationship golden age.

It’s as if all their best ideals and hopes and dreams were located firmly in a certain past relationship.

As you can probably already tell, this is an exercise in futility. There is not such thing as a perfect past relationship. It simply doesn’t exist.

Why? There are no perfect people.

Still, Geminis find themselves being drawn to this very addicting idea like moths to a flame.

Not surprisingly, they seem to read a lot of the idealizations they have regarding their past relationships into current relationships.

This leads to unrealistic expectations and to them unconsciously poisoning their current relationship. It’s not fair to your current partner, and it probably isn’t fair to your past partners as well.

Those ideal people in your imagination don’t exist. They are products of your own mental creation.

The reality is there were serious problems in your past relationships that’s why they are in your past.

You can’t keep coming to yesterday’s emotions to build today’s love

Another common Gemini delusion is to draw on the emotional intensity of the past.

A lot of this is imaginary. A lot of this is really you reading a lot of emotional idealism into the past to make up for inadequacies in the present.

It really is an exercise in fear. It’s like trying to prevent an earthquake by chewing gum. It doesn’t make any sense.

If you want to confront your current relationship’s issues, you need to look at whatever problems you’re having with your partner straight in the eye.

You need to confront these issues in the here and now.

Unfortunately, it’s much more convenient to deal with the problem by looking back in the past and drawing emotional comfort from there.

What you’re really doing is you’re just walling yourself off emotionally from your current relationship’s troubles. It’s like getting hooked on a drug.

The past acts as some sort of sedative for what you’re feeling now.

You have to understand that real relationships thrive and prosper when there is pain and struggle involved.

Pain makes you grow. Pain makes you come to important realizations that would make a more mature person.

Avoiding pain is the worst thing you can do because it holds you back.

Know the difference between learning from the past and hanging on to it

A lot of Gemini people fall into this trap. This is especially true when the couple is made up both Geminis.

They keep obsessing about their past. They keep drawing impossible lessons from their past.

Unfortunately, what they’re doing is they’re imposing impossible standards on their present relationship. You’re not really learning from the past.

You are idealizing it. These are two completely different things.

Learning from the past means learning lessons and improving your present relationships.

It means looking through the pain and disappointment and coming up with gems that would enable your current relationships to truly shine.

This is very different from getting some sort of emotional comfort and some sort of psychological refuge from your idealization of the past.

Chances are you’re looking at back at something that truly never existed. Why?

There’s a reason why your past relationships broke up. They are not as what you imagine them to be.

Sadly, the most unfair thing you can do is to hold up current relationships by comparing them to your idealization of your past relationships.

It’s not fair to past partners. It’s not fair to current partners.

If you want to ensure that your current relationships thrive and prosper, you need to keep the four things outlined above in mind.

These four things can hold back your relationship and prevent you from growing into a fully mature person.


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