Gemini: Five Things You Should Learn from Your Failed Relationship

Gemini: Five Things You Should Learn from Your Failed Relationship


Gemini people are never strangers to failed relationships. In many cases, they only get married after a few relationships don’t pan out.

In many cases, they go back to an earlier relationship after they have matured a little bit.

Only at that time would the relationship blossom into marriage or long-term commitment.

To say that Geminis deserve a second chance is to put things lightly. Geminis are very hard to pin down in the first or second go around.

In many cases, they need to go through a process several times for them to get it right. They are hardly alone in this situation. Virgos have the same issues going on.

If you’re a Gemini and you’re always wondering why your relationships keep failing, here are five key lessons you need to learn.

Fully wrapping your mind around these things can increase the likelihood that your next relationship would be successful.

Don’t let the past haunt your present

It’s very easy to misunderstand Gemini people. It really is. Why?

A lot of people really don’t take the time and effort to truly know Gemini people.

They see just one aspect in the Gemini personality, and they think they know the Gemini in and out.

Not surprisingly, when certain things happen and the Gemini expresses a different side of his personality, their partner feels betrayed and gets blindsided.

The fact of the matter is that the Gemini personality has always been there. There is no surprise.

Still, this can all be traumatic to the Gemini partner. In many cases, they’re so traumatized that they let these past incidents haunt their current relationships.

Whenever you let the weight of the past bear down on your current relationship, it’s always a recipe for trouble. It’s no surprise then that Geminis find their relationships deteriorating overtime.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

By letting go of the past, you can breathe a new life into your present relationship.

Learning from the past is different from being stuck on the past

Geminis tend to confuse learning from the past with obsessing about the past.

You have to understand that the more fearful and apprehensive you are about defeating certain past patterns, it increases the likelihood that those patterns will take place. This should not be a surprise.

When you are so fixated about avoiding something, you eventually start to attract it.

Instead, focus on learning from the past instead of fearing it.

There’s a big difference. This difference can spell success or failure for your current relationship.

 Only get into new relationships only when your old one is completely dead

One recurring pattern in typical Gemini relationships is that the Geminis get into new relationships when they shouldn’t.

In other words, they start new relationships before their old relationships are fully resolved.

In many cases, they’re still sleeping with their past partner.

It should not be a surprise then that your new relationship would be strained by this path.

It wouldn’t be a surprise that your new partner would be offended that you are still emotionally, if not physically, stuck on your past partner.

The solution to this is very simple: only get into new relationships when you are completely sure that the old relationship is done away with. How do you know?

You stop thinking about it. You stop comparing your new relationships to it. You’ve stopped asking what-if questions.

Moreover, another key indicator is you no longer have any regrets. There’s no unsettled matter from the past.

Once you are completely free and clear of the residue of past relationships, then and only then you should move on.

Otherwise, your present relationship will always be a slave to the past. Why? You’re always comparing your current relationship and your current partner with past relationships and past partners.

It’s not fair to your current partner.

Another reason why this is problematic is because you often remember the past as something better than it actually was.

It’s not uncommon for Gemini people to think that an abusive ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is the best boyfriend or girlfriend now. Why?

They papered over a lot of the warts and nastiness of past relationships. Leave the past in the past and move on.

Cheating starts in your mind

If your relationships have broken up because of infidelity, you have to always remember that cheating starts in your mind. Once you start imagining yourself with another person, that is a red flag.

It means that your heart is growing distant in your current relationship.

You have to recognize this. You have to cut off your current relationship when you start seeing this or feeling it.

This is the only fair way to deal with things.

Unfortunately, the Gemini people often ignore the red flags and fall head over heels with somebody else. It’s a slippery slope after that.

Learn to recognize infidelity before it explodes into action

As I’ve mentioned before, cheating starts in your mind. It also blossoms into what you say.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to think that you’re just thinking things. It’s easy to buy into the mistaken idea that thinking something without really doing anything is not really cheating.

Well, I’m sorry to break this to you but simply thinking about something is the worst form of cheating. Why?

It triggers a chain reaction.

When you have certain mental images, you can’t help but feel certain emotions.

If you let these emotions fester long enough, they can blossom into actions.

That’s how it works. That’s how infidelity explodes from idea to action.

There’s a thin line separating the two. Unless you have a high degree of self-control and self-discipline, it’s very easy to cross this line time and time again.

If you are a Gemini concerned about making sure that your new relationships last longer this time, you only need to pay attention to the five things I mentioned above.

They get to the core of why your relationships fail time after time.

The good news is that you’re not a bad person or there’s something fundamentally wrong with you.

You just have to set the right expectations and the right mindset.

If you’re able to take care of these, then your personality would mature to a high enough level where you would be ready for a long-lasting and mutually satisfying relationship.


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