Gemini: 5 Ways To Connect With Your Partner On A Deeper Level

Gemini: 5 Ways To Connect With Your Partner On A Deeper Level


If you are a typical Gemini, you often feel isolated.

You often feel frustrated in your relationships. Happy relationships seem almost mystical to you that they are a complete mystery.

You are envious of your other friends who are able to have these deep, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships. You feel that it is not possible in your particular situation.

I am not saying that emotional intimacy is beyond the question. What I am saying is that you feel that it is not deep enough nor it is profound or fundamental enough.

A key part of this is due to the fact that the Gemini personality is a very complicated one.

There are a lot of misunderstandings among different horoscope signs regarding the Gemini sign. The common stereotype of the Gemini is that this person is two-faced or is a backstabber.

Another misconception about Geminis is that they are people who are deeply and profoundly evil.

The truth is, people who feel this way never really put in the time and effort to fully know the Gemini person in their life.

If you truly know the Gemini, then you would know that this person actually has two sides. And if you are at peace with both sides of this person’s personality, you would not have a problem when things start to happen.

You would not have a problem when certain stresses come to the surface, which trigger the often hidden side or not so public side of the Gemini.

As a Gemini person, this is the problem you keep running up against. People have this deep and profound fundamental misreading of you that they just cannot seem to get you.

If you are serious about connecting with your partner on a deeper level, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Stop expecting that he/she expects you to be a certain way

In many cases, the best kind of prison is a prison that has invisible walls.

What I mean by this is, of course, limiting beliefs. One of the most common limiting beliefs among Geminis is that they assume that their partner wants them to be a certain way.

This operates on a carrot and stick level. The carrot is that if you behave a certain way, you will get rewarded with emotional goodies. You will feel loved, accepted, and fulfilled.

If you misbehave, on the other hand or if you cross certain lines, you would then be punished. Your partner would be cold to you.

The good news is that these are all happening in your head. It is not real. You should not assume that he/she expects you to be a certain way.

If your partner has some level of maturity, then he/she knows that you are your own person and you are free to behave in whatever way you want.

As long as certain rules are followed, these rules are, of course, binding on both of you. It is not meant to keep you in line or to give you a hard time.

2. Do not be afraid to share your fears

One of the most common limiting beliefs among Geminis is that if they share their fear, they would be looked at as weird or abnormal.

They are so afraid of pushing away their partner that they basically keep all these fears and then secure these bottled up.

It only takes a certain type of stress for all of these things that you are trying to keep hidden under the emotional rug to come raging to life.

The best part, of course, is just to shine a light on them and just be open with them.

When it comes to love, a Gemini man or woman needs to understand that the special person in your life is not in your life because you are perfect. Nobody is perfect.

It is our imperfections and our flaws that make us worth loving. So take refuge in that fact and do not be afraid to share your fears and open up to your partner.

3. Do not expect him to walk away when you have fully opened up

You are so afraid of rejection, of feeling left out, of being left out in the cold that you would rather deny yourself of the full expression of your personality rather than feel abandoned.

The problem is that this is the worst kind of straight jacket you could ever put on your relationship.

You would always feel that you are walking a tight line, that you have to play a certain role. Otherwise, your relationship is not going to pan out.

The problem is that, if you are more afraid of your partner walking away than your love for him, that is not a relationship at all.

Do not expect him/her to walk away when you have fully opened up. In fact, expect him to open up some more.

This should lead to your relationship becoming deeper instead of getting strained.

4. Learn your partner’s personal pacing

All of the pieces of advice above can be taken the wrong way. If you are a very impatient Gemini, it is very easy for you to just unload on your partner.

It is very easy for you to go from one extreme to another. It is very tempting for you to go through a position of suppression and frustration then to a position of complete liberation by just letting it all hang out.

The problem with this is that it may be too much too soon.

You can overload somebody, even if your partner is very understanding, even if your partner truly loves you, too much information too soon can lead to emotional overload. This can strain your relationship.

It is a good idea to learn your partners personal pacing as far as his/her emotions are concerned and to engage in a little back and forth.

Try to read each other more fully. It is kind of like dancing with somebody, you have to know how to lead and you have to know how to be lead as well.

This way, you can share and open yourself up in the right way at the right time. Done properly, this should strengthen your relationship instead of weakening it.

5. Put more effort in seeing things from his/her perspective

It is very easy for Geminis to think that the world is against them.

After all, how many times have your friendships broken up because your friend thought you stabbed him/her in the back? How many times have you lost somebody special in your life because he/she felt that you betrayed him/her?

If you are a typical Gemini this should have happened at least once or twice.

You can actually get to the root of the issue from a simple perspective. You just did not take the time to look at the situation from that person’s eyes.

By simply going this extra step, you can avoid all sorts of unnecessary drama.

If you truly want to connect with your partner on a deeper level, there is no big mystery. It all boils down to your fears and your comfort zone.

You have to understand that comfort zones can easily turn into prisons. The best way to make progress in your relationship is to keep pushing those comfort zones outward.

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