Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini manifests her loving influence in your relationships, loves, and commitments. As your symbol is the Twins, you may get double the fulfillment this year. Not only will Venus guide and protect you while she is moving forward. She will also guide you during Venus in Retrograde.

Venus in Gemini Traits

You are an intelligent Air Sign, Gemini, and Venus in your Sign will only make you that much more attractive to suitors. While you love adventure, you also seek for understanding. This balance will keep you on the right track towards self-fulfillment.

Once you are happy in your own company, you can be good company for a partner. Appreciate the downtime Venus in Retrograde provides, and exercise patience. When the time is right, you will feel clearer about your intentions and actions, moving into your future. This is the time love will come your way, thanks to Venus in Gemini.

Venus in Gemini Women

Venus in Gemini Women influences their love and commitment appraisals. With Venus in Gemini, you will feel the urge to try out a new look. With Venus, your best bet for decisions is always to meditate on them during Venus in Retrograde in your Sign, and act upon your feelings once Venus is Direct, again.

Prepare yourself to get through Venus in Retrograde, even though you know it will pose challenges. Use any anxiety as an alarm to pay more attention to that topic. Make plans. Act on them once Retrograde is over.

You are strong and resilient by nature. You are smart and determined enough to overcome obstacles on your path to love. Find new outlets for your energy—you never know what new idea could spark off. You crave new topics and stimulating conversations, with new people.

You can multitask like no ones’ business. You often have a few irons in the fire, and find that you function well in that type of environment.You might even be a bit of a show-off

You may find a hesitance to find a soulmate at this time in your life. Venus in Gemini can also bring about a makeover, a lifestyle change, or an appreciation for the alone time, you high achiever.

People often tell you that you always put a smile on their face. Take these comments to heart. When you do good, it is noticed. Be grateful for being able to help someone, and be generous with your offers of assistance.

Never forget that you are a Goddess, says Venus in Gemini. Do not sell yourself short by settling someone who will treat you as anything less. Venus is the Ruling Planet of love and evaluating worth, so make sure you score yourself fairly, and not beat yourself up.

Venus in Gemini Men

Gemini Men are strong and rugged. They usually know how to handle power tools and love the outdoors. Venus in Gemini will help this man share his passion with you.

Venus in Gemini Men sparks of a protector instinct in them. This man will offer you his jacket or build you a fire if you are cold. In general, men like to show affection through actions more so than words, and this is especially true of your thoughtful man when Venus is in Gemini.

This guy is quite the silver-tongued devil, unfortunately. He may promise the moon and stars, but no matter how bad you want to believe him—you probably already know you should not fall for this one.

Venus in a Gemini man reveals his inner need to pollinate like a honeybee. This man will be promiscuous, and sometimes the emotional affairs they carry on are more hurtful than anything else. Have fun with him, but guard your heart, especially around Men with Venus in Gemini. It is impossible to hold both Twins’ attention, at once.

Watch out and do not count your eggs until they hatch with a Taurus because he will stand you up—more than once. This man is not emotionally responsible enough to be in an intimate romantic, monogamous relationship.

Also, this man is naturally curious, which is a beautiful quality. However, if the only things he focuses his artistic eye on are other women’s body parts, then stop letting yourself be disrespected. Find fulfillment, along with love, when you find the partner that is meant just for you.

Venus and Gemini in Love

Your best prospects for love are partners who support you on your journey to enlightenment and fulfillment. Live your truth, and surround yourself with people who can appreciate it. A Sagittarius might be a good fit for you because they are amazing motivators. A Cancer might be a better fit for you if your favorite way to unwind is by getting home to your routine.

Find someone you can be your silliest self with. Your Gemini roaming eye will always come back to a loved one who can make you belly laugh. Just know that when you invest in people, you might have great intentions—but, just be careful not to lead others on.

Your worst prospects for love are with partners like an Aquarius, Cancer, or Pisces. The Aquarius will lose interest quickly, the Cancer will be hurt that you would rather be out on the town than home with them. The Pisces might not even notice your bad behavior—they somehow seem to transcend the drama and enjoy solitude.

Venus in Gemini governs values and attachments. In this case, this man needs to be free to roam. Do not fence him in. This man may never settle down, so do not pressure him for commitment—he will leave you before he will lie to you.

In Love, a person with Venus in Gemini is constantly changing their mind. Compromising with this person is like getting stuck in a rotating door. It is the dance of idiots.

Try to find the humor, instead of just the faults, in these little moments. Your familiarity with them brings you r more comfort than you realize.

To keep your partners’ interest, shake things up now and again. Keep them guessing if you are going to be dressed in his work shirt, his favorite flannel, or lingerie. Gemini hates monotony and predictability, so prepare for a lovemaking that is adventurous.

Your relationship and lovemaking with a Gemini might benefit from some light role play. If you ever start to feel uncomfortable in that setting, you have every right to ask for it to stop. However, if you are both into it, it could keep your relationship alive and fresh a lot longer than you might have thought possible.

Dates for Venus in Gemini

Venus enters Gemini on July 4th. This year Venus is brighter than it has been in 8 years. You will see Venus appear in Gemini on March 4th, in Retrograde. Venus will be back Direct on April 15th.

Remember that Venus in Retrograde is a time to sit back and coordinate your plan for moving forward. Brainstorm some new life goals, which you can test out, as soon as Mercury is Direct, again. Use your worry at this time as a growing pain—letting you know where the growth is needing to continue. You are strong and you will thrive, once you de-clutter.

Final Thoughts

Gemini, you are quite the complex individual. You are not an easy person to fall for since you do not like to be tied down. You are a great friend and an awesome date, but probably not interested in long-term commitment. As long as your honestly communicate this to others, and allow them to decide if they are cool with it, you are not hurting anyone.

You are a social butterfly. You are bright, majestic, and hard to catch. You love to be out and about—slaying the game in a new outfit. Just be sure that you are receiving positive attention—and truthfully evaluate how you feel about the male attention you do receive; the perfect time for this is under the influence of Venus and Venus in Retrograde.

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