Gemini: 4 Ways To Overcome Obstacles To Your Happiness

Gemini: 4 Ways To Overcome Obstacles To Your Happiness

Gemini people are very capable of becoming happy.

I know that that will come as great news to you and that, to some people, it might come as common sense and that the statement might seem the same as to saying that water is wet.

I need to get that out of the way because Gemini women and men can easily make themselves uncomfortable and miserable. They have a tremendous talent for self-sabotage.

The worst part of it all is that a lot of this is undeserved.

As you probably already know if you are a Gemini, that Geminis are some of the most easily misunderstood signs of the horoscope. In fact, other signs come a distant second to you.

It seems that people turn on you consistently. You might simply be going about your business and doing your own thing and, all of a sudden, these people hate you.

At the very least, these people are suspicious of you. It seems to happen over and over again.

You might think that this is a case of something being fundamentally wrong with you.

 The reality is that people who are disappointed about Gemini people are simply people who did not take the opportunity to truly know their Gemini friends.

These are people who are, at some level or another, personally lazy. They simply allow the stereotypes of their friends get the best of them and when things fall apart, they blame their Gemini friend.

Now, I am asking you, is this fair? I hope that the answer is obvious. It is unfair.

Unfortunately, there is not much that Geminis can do about it except for the following things.

If you do the 4 things outlined below, you can increase your personal level of happiness. You cannot completely wipe out all of the obstacles to personal happiness in your life.

However, you can definitely make things much easier for yourself by simply doing the 4 things listed below.

– Be more forthcoming

You really cannot wait for the world to change and for people to make up their minds about you. If you do things this way, chances are you would be waiting in vain.

Also, chances are quite high that people would come up with conclusions that you might not be happy with.

Do not wait for other people to make the first move. Be more forthcoming and go out of your way to show people all the different aspects of your personality.

Be more open to people. You have to realize that people who do not like you will not like you regardless of what you do. There people are a lost cause.

However, there are a lot of people who will develop a dislike for you if you simply wait for them to make the first move.

These are the people who you are going to be reaching out to, are worth saving, and should matter. This is why you should be more forthcoming.

Do not be shy about sharing your interest afraid about looking awkward.

You have to understand that people will be attracted to you if they can relate to you. They cannot relate to you if you hold yourself out of somebody who is perfect.

Instead, be more likeable by being more human. One way to do this is to be more forthcoming of your complete personality, this includes your warts and shortcomings.

– Do not keep too many secrets

There is no such thing as a person who has no secrets. Everybody has secrets and parts of their past that they are not completely happy with.

There are many things that we have done in the past that we are somewhat uncomfortable with. This is a fact.

However, you have to prioritize as to which secrets are worth keeping and sharing.

You have to remember that, while you may have many things in the past that you are embarrassed about, by simply sharing them to people who matter to you, you become more likeable. Why?

People have a tough time identifying with perfect people because they know, deep down inside, that perfection does not exist. Everybody has a secret.

The more perfect you hold yourself out, the worse your fall will be.

If you take all of this time, effort, and energy in holding yourself out as a perfect person and people are able to see your hypocrisy, shortcomings, and personal sins, what do you think will it make them feel?

They would feel betrayed and that you put up this big show, only to betray them or let them down. This is why it is always a good idea to not keep too many secrets.

Again, I am not saying that you should come completely clean. That is almost impossible.

What I am saying is that you should be more discriminating as far as the personal facts you choose to keep secret.

This will not only make you more likeable and easy to identify with, but this is also going to be easier with your emotions.

You have to understand that keeping secrets take a lot of work, is a form of emotional lying, and takes a lot of energy.

Why not take a load off and just try not to keep as many secrets?

– Follow your heart more often

The funny thing about the Gemini character is that you are one of the most loving characters of all of the horoscope. You have a lot of love and emotional intensity to give.

In fact, when it comes to emotional authenticity and intensity, you give a Scorpio quite a run for its money.

With that said, if you want to be happier, you have to follow your heart more often.

You should not care as much about what other people will think.

It is very easy to live in a prison of social approval and let other people dictate your happiness. This is not a recipe for success and deep and profound level of personal contentment and fulfillment.

Follow your heart, what is important to you, and your passion.

Of course, there has to be certain limits. The most fundamental yet obvious limitation is that whatever makes you happy must not make other people miserable.

You have to follow this limit. Other than that, feel free to know yourself out by following your inner bliss.

– Step out of the shadow of yesterday’s pain

Everybody has personal pain, stumbles and falls, and is imperfect. Not surprisingly, a lot of the decisions that we made in the past can come to haunt us and might have emotional consequences that we are trying to live down in the here and now.

Accept that fact and be at peace with it. You are not perfect, nor is the world.

If you are able to accept that, then you should be able to step off the shadow of yesterday’s pain. Do not let past emotional mistakes and shortcomings get the best of you now.

The truth is that you cannot bring the past back. By simply dwelling on the pain of traumatic events from the past, you are robbing yourself of your joy in the here and now.

You deserve better than that.

Let go of the past and move on.

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