Gemini Woman – The Definitive Guide

Gemini Woman – The Definitive Guide

Gemini Woman

With the possible exception of the Scorpio, probably the most misunderstood horoscope sign is the Gemini.

It’s easy to understand why people get the Gemini personality all wrong.

When you meet a Gemini, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you’ve got that person figured out. It’s easy to think that you can easily figure out all you need to know about this person.

This is the biggest mistake you could ever make with a Gemini.

The Gemini deserves respect. The Gemini deserves to be appreciated on her own terms. In other words, at the very least, you need to know her fully.

The Gemini woman is actually quite complicated. Actually, this isn’t saying much because we’re all complicated if we dig deep down enough.

However, the consequences for the Gemini are more extreme. If you do not take the time to know the Gemini person in your life, you’re going to run into all sorts of problems.

You might be walking around with this unrealistic expectation. You might be walking around with this false picture of who this person really is.

Eventually, something happens and another aspect of the Gemini’s personality comes out.

Usually, when this happens, all hell breaks loose. People freak out. People look at the Gemini as a backstabber.

People try to chase the Gemini out of town, figuratively speaking.

This really is all too bad. It’s really a tragedy if you think about it.

Here, we have a Gemini woman who’s just minding her own business being herself. It’s not her fault that the world didn’t bother to truly understand the different parts of her personality.

She didn’t stab people in the back. She didn’t pull tricks on people. She didn’t make her hidden agenda known.

She didn’t play any of those games.

What she did was that she just responded to certain situations as they happened.

This is the essential story of the Gemini woman. If you want to understand how the Gemini personality works, pay attention to this introduction.

This pretty much sums it all up. Here is the definitive guide to the Gemini woman.

Gemini Women in Love

One of the most common complaints about Gemini women when it comes to love is that they can’t seem to make up their minds.

In terms of romance, it seems that the Gemini is always holding something back. You don’t really feel like you know where you stand with the Gemini woman.

This really is too bad. If you feel this way, it means that you didn’t really take the time and effort to truly know the Gemini woman in your life.

If you feel this way, you are not really looking at her as a complete person.

You might want to try and make the first move. You might want to sit down with her and really have long talks with her.

It doesn’t have to be particularly deep. By simply taking the time and the effort to try to truly know your Gemini woman, you’d be surprised as to how rich and complicated her personality is.

That’s the way it should be, because we’re all rich and finely textured people.

There’s no such thing as a simple person. People can describe themselves as simple.

But if you really honestly pick apart all the things happening between their ears, you’d be surprised.

That’s what makes them beautiful. That’s what makes them worth knowing. That’s what makes being with them an adventure.

You should try this with the Gemini woman in your life.

If you take the time to do this, you would be able to give her what she’s looking for. You might be able to walk with her to take the relationship to a higher level.

Otherwise, you may only be setting up a situation where your Gemini woman leaves you. Why?

You can only fail to emotionally nourish somebody for so long until they give up. That’s what’s going on.

Gemini Women and Relationships

Gemini women have a very complicated view of relationships.

They have a tough time committing. In many cases, it feels like they are always trying to weigh a potential relationship with another relationship.

In many cases, it’s hard to get a firm commitment from them because they haven’t really fully left their previous relationship.

This is very easy to misunderstand.

And not surprisingly, a lot of Gemini women are accused of infidelity. Their partners accuse them of cheating because they end up sleeping with a previous partner.

In reality, the Gemini hasn’t really left that old relationship.

To save yourself from all sorts of unnecessary drama, you only need to be clear with your Gemini woman. You only need to ask her, “Are you over your ex?”

Alternatively, you can ask, “Are you over your past?”

If she honestly says yes, then you can expect your relationship to be on solid footing. However, if she still has issues from the past, then you need to give her time and space.

Many guys can’t do this. They’re very territorial. They look at the women in their lives as properties or objects that they have to control.

If this is your attitude, then it wouldn’t be a surprise for you to feel that your Gemini woman stabbed you in the back.

That’s how it plays out. You have to make the first move.

Gemini Women and Friendships

Gemini women have a tough time making lifelong friends.

They can be really great friends with their blood relatives. But outside of that tight circle, they have a tough time making lifelong friends.

We’re talking about friends who are real friends. We’re talking about friends who are very deep. We’re talking about friends who would sacrifice their lives for each other.

It’s that kind of friendship.

I’m looking at an intense level of friendship that lasts a lifetime. That’s very rare for Gemini women. There is, of course, a perfectly good reason for this.

Gemini women try to please their friends. In fact, they are so starved for validation and friendship that they would play a role. They would act like somebody that they are not.

They think that this is the definition of being a good friend. What they don’t understand is that this is lying.

This is hypocrisy.

You don’t really mean the stuff that you’re saying. You don’t really stand for the things that people assume you’re about. Eventually, the truth will become your enemy.

This is why friendships with many Gemini women tend to blow up after a while. You might think that you know this person, and all of a sudden, she snaps at you.

This is a very common complaint against Gemini women.

Female friendships can be very intense emotionally. Female friendships often operate at a high level of expectation.

There’s nothing worse than going through a tough time, then all of a sudden, your Gemini female friend snaps at you.

She starts blaming you for your problems. She starts judging you.

Well, at least, it feels like that’s what she’s doing. In reality, she just let her act go because she cares a lot for you. She’s basically pushing you to get real.

Of course, nine times out of ten, this isn’t what people perceive. They view it as a betrayal. They view it as somebody just going off on a friend who is down on her luck.

If you are a Gemini, you definitely need to keep this aspect of yourself in check. You need to be more honest with your friends.

Also, you have to realize that if you feel you have to put on an act to impress somebody, that’s probably a person you shouldn’t be friends with in the first place.

Gemini Women and Lovemaking

Gemini women can be hot and cold in the bedroom.

They can be very emotionally intense and really take lovemaking to a whole higher level. However, they can also be very cold.

It all depends on your level of communication.

Also, it depends on what other things are happening in her life.

The Gemini woman is very good at emotionally bottling things up. In many cases, things pile up so much that she just blows up. There’s just so much pressure that she snaps.

This happens with friendships all the time.

You may be talking to a Gemini friend and basically just telling her what’s going on in your life, and all of a sudden, you feel that you’re being judged or you’re being put down.

Similarly, you might be making love with your Gemini girlfriend, and all of a sudden, she turns frigid. Alternatively, she can turn into a red-hot lovemaking machine.

Either situation is actually quite bad, because she expects the same level of performance from you. Of course, when she’s feeling frigid, she expects you to perform.

Lovemaking can sometimes feel one-sided. Depending on where you are in your relationship, this can cause all sorts of problems outside of your love life.

It would also be important if you are compatible in bed with a Gemini woman.

Gemini Women and Career

Gemini women make for great food soldiers.

What I mean by this is that a power-hungry person can always count on a Gemini woman to be a strong ally.

Gemini women are not dumb. They know that they need to hitch a ride on a rising star.

This is how modern American corporate life works. If you think it works by a different set of rules, then you’re just fooling yourself. There’s a lot of politics involved.

Gemini women are realistic about their chances.

Don’t get me wrong. They are talented. They are driven.

And they are motivated. Given an even shot, they can make it.

However, they also know that they’re not given an even shot. They know that, in many cases, the playing field is quite uneven.

This is why they make easy friends with people who are on the way up. They make for great foot soldiers.

The problem is that they can easily morph into henchmen. They can be quite good at it.

They can become quite cold and heartless. This can lead to all sorts of problems because, guess what, payback is always around the corner.

Gemini Women and Money

Gemini women can save. But don’t expect them to save a lot.

They like to pamper themselves. They like to comfort themselves by buying material things. In fact, the mere act of going shopping is therapeutic to them.

If you’re a Gemini woman, allow yourself to feel this way. Don’t be embarrassed about it. However, know your limits.

The good news is, for the most, Gemini women tend to stay away from emotional shopping. They get enough of an emotional rush just going through the process of window shopping.

They don’t need to go all the way and actually whip out their credit cards. Not surprisingly, many Gemini women tend to not have financial issues.

Gemini Women and Family

If there is any weak spot in your armor, it is your family. You expect a lot from your family.

In many cases, you don’t feel that your family loves you enough.

In this situation, there’s really a big disconnect between what you see and what you’re feeling.

You might think that your family is not supporting you, but in reality, they’re giving you everything. You might want to step out of the little world that you’re living in, and just step into their shoes.

Look at yourself through their eyes.

By exercising a little bit more empathy, you would judge your family less.

The funny thing about the Gemini woman is that she is willing to forgive the weaknesses of other people, except her family.

She is willing to make a fool out of herself trying to be something she’s not when trying to gain the friendship of others.

However, when it comes to her family, it’s the reverse. Her standards actually get multiplied, and she has these impossibly high standards for family members.

You might want to stop thinking this way. If anything, your family is your greatest asset.

Friends come and go. Lovers come and go. Family is forever.

Focus on what’s important.

My Final Thoughts on the Gemini Woman

What can I say? You are very easy to misunderstand. You are very easy to hate.

There’s no other way to say it.

But the good news is you know who you are. As long as you focus on that truth, you will do fine. Pick the right friends.

Don’t put up an act just to gain the friendship of other people. Don’t devalue yourself that way.

You are more special than that. You are more beautiful than that.

Don’t feel that you have to bribe people to be your friends. Don’t feel that you have to act like somebody you’re not just so you can have friends.

Similarly, don’t be too harsh on your family. If you are looking for people you can reliably run to for comfort, it’s your family.

Pay attention to what’s important.


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