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What are the luckiest numbers for Leo?

In this special report, I will reveal the luckiest numbers for Leo and give you my expert opinion on the meaning behind each number.

Like all my lucky numbers reports it has taken me many weeks of careful analysis to compile this report with the help of my expert team of numerologists and trusted psychics.

This special report has my full personal endorsement so you if you are a Leo and wondering what numbers will be lucky for you, you know you can trust my expert report. Let’s get started!

What are the Luckiest Numbers for Leo?

When it comes to understanding the lucky numbers for Leo there are two very important facts that must be considered. The first fact is that unlike other signs of the Zodiac, Leo lucky numbers are quite unique.

For example – Those born under the Aries star sign will have a larger number of lucky numbers compared to Leo. (See my report on Aries lucky numbers for an example of this). Compared to other star signs Leo usually has just a few lucky numbers.

This does not mean that these numbers are any less lucky for Leo just because there are fewer of them. Quite the opposite in fact! In all my years analysing lucky numbers it is my experience that Leo lucky numbers are some of the most powerful of all the lucky numbers of the Zodiac.

Often people ask me why there are only a small number of lucky numbers for Leo like they should be worried or concerned so I wanted to clear that fact up before we get into the detailed analysis of Leo’s lucky numbers.

Leo Lucky Number 12

Leo Lucky number 12 is a powerful lucky number for Leo. Traditionally lucky number 12 signals positive financial developments for the year ahead. In traditional Chinese numerology lucky number 12 often relates to the arrival of new money in a person’s life.

Think carefully Leo. Is there any reason that you may be getting some extra money over the coming months? My analysis of the Leo star sign tells me that during 2013 things were difficult for you financially and there was not much spare money about. Does this ring true Leo?

I cannot tell you when or how much money will be coming to you because of the arrival of lucky number 12 but I can guide you on the best ways you can maximize your chances of not missing out.

  1. Make sure you double check all charges and debits from your bank account – it could be that you have been missing something that has the potential to see money returned to your account.
  2. If you receive a letter on the 12th day of the month study it carefully – it will contain a clue for you on how you can use lucky number 12 to bring new money into your life.
  3. The final thing you must do is keep a close eye out for lucky number 12 appearing on any bills or statements that you receive. Although I cannot say exactly how this will help you, lucky number 12 often appears in the midst of bad news. Use the power of lucky number 12 Leo and turn bad news into good news.


Lucky Number 5 and Leo and Aries Compatibility

Lucky number 5 for Leo will have a strange effect on relationships between Aries and Leo. This does not necessarily mean romantic relationships. Instead, it can mean personal or professional relationships. However, the fact remains that Lucky Number 5 will have a big impact on the compatibility between Leo and Aries.

Let me explain.

Normally Aries and Leo are two of the most compatible of all the star signs. In traditional compatibility analysis, the normal flow of the Zodiac means that the somewhat stubborn nature of the Aries and the fiery temper of the Leo are remarkably well-suited in both friendship and in romantic relationships.

However, with the arrival of Leo Lucky Number 5 for Leo, all of this will change.

Lucky number 5 is a power number for both Leo and Aries and it will mean that these two-star signs will clash. The power of a shared lucky number means that it is inevitable that both Leo and Aries will strive to get the power of this lucky number for themselves.

This will mean that as the year progresses Leo and Aries will often find themselves in arguments over the smallest thing. Think carefully Leo – is there an Aries in your life? If the answer is yes then use my words of advice to help you avoid conflict before it begins.

If you understand that you share a lucky number with Aries then you can act to stop any petty arguments before they begin. Simply take a deep breath and walk away from Leo. It will be for the best and you can always come back and resume your conversation later once you have calmed down.

Lucky number 5 is a number that brings happiness to those who take time to enjoy the simple things in life so do not waste the arrival of this lucky number in your life by spending your time fighting with those around you. Relax and enjoy it Leo.

Leo Lucky Numbers 11, 34 and 26

In the interests of keeping this special report short and to the point I want to group the next set of lucky numbers together. All three of these Leo lucky numbers relate to the love and romantic life of the Leo star sign so pay special attention if you are looking for love.

Leo Lucky Number 11

Lucky number 11 means that someone born under the sign of Gemini will enter your life. Leo and Gemini do not normally share good love compatibility but this changes with the arrival of lucky number 11. Embrace the change Leo and allow yourself to get close to this Gemini. They have your best intentions at heart and should be welcomed as a positive influence in your life.

Leo Lucky Number 34

This number signals that an old flame, long since forgotten will return to your life in an unexpected way. This person is someone you used to have strong feelings for so be prepared to feel a sense of warmth towards this person. Take your time and proceed with caution Leo. Sometimes things are best left in the past.

Leo Lucky Number 26

This signals a change in your existing relationship. Ask yourself this Leo – is the person you are with really the right person for you? Is this person someone you want to spend the rest of your life with? If you take longer than a few seconds to answer yes then I suspect that Lucky Number 26 will have a major impact on your existing relationship in the months ahead. Think carefully about what you want to change Leo and move forward in a direction that is right for you. You cannot make everyone happy all of the time.

A Change in Leo and Lucky Number 7

As well as changing how you react and act around other people lucky numbers have the power to change you too. Although it might not seem obvious at first it is my strong belief that as the year progresses you will begin to feel a sense of change coming over you.

This might be subtle at first but mark my words Leo, the power of the lucky number 7 will change you and your personality.

Most people born under Leo are naturally confident people but lately, your confidence has taken a knock. In my analysis of the Leo personality for 2013, I revealed how it was a difficult year for those born under Leo. Money worries and relationship problems have dented your normal sense of self-confidence.

However, with the arrival of Lucky Number 7, all of that will change. This lucky number has the power to change you back to the old you. Often moving backward can be seen as a negative thing however for you this is not the case. This lucky number means that you will begin to return to your usual sense of self-confidence.

Regaining your self-confidence will be a major boost to you Leo so embrace this change and go with it. Think about how good things used to be for you when you were filled with ambition and confidence. Now use the power gifted to you by lucky number 7 to make a change for the positive.

Leo Lucky Numbers – My Summary and Final Thoughts

This concludes my special report into the luckiest numbers for Leo for the months ahead. If you have any further questions just leave a comment in the box below.

I really do believe that the arrival of these lucky numbers will have a major impact on Leo and I suspect that by the end of the year a lot of things will have changed quite dramatically for those born under the sign of the lion.

I recommend that you read this report a couple of times to really absorb all the information and as always if you have found this report useful the best way you can say thank you is by liking and sharing this page on Facebook.

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