Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Leo Traits

Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Structure and the Limits of Reality.  The Leo is symbolized by the Lion.

You are a Fire Sign and might feel your blood boil at the thought of Rules being imposed upon you.  You might be used to being the leader, but remember Leo—even Kings need self-discipline.

Try to see the benefits of Saturn’s Rule.  Be aware that Saturn’s symbol is an inverted symbol of Jupiter.  As the symbols are opposed, so are the ideas that Jupiter and Saturn Rule.

Where you see the benefit of Trust and Generosity in Jupiter, look for the parallel traits in Saturn.

Saturn gives Limitations of Reality to steer and guide you into love and fulfillment, beginning with Saturn’s visit to Leo.

Saturn in Leo Women

Women with Saturn in Leo know how to enforce rules.  While you are not a stick in the mud, you are a stickler for the Rules.  This is Saturn’s influence on your Sign.

Be aware of, and grateful for, the blinking warning lights provided by Saturn.  This is the Planet that helps you see little red flags, or notice when something feels ‘off’.

Trusting your intuition and following Saturn’s Rules of Limitations of Reality will help you find balance and fulfillment.

You will find love when you look for a practically suitable partner—one who turns you on, but also knows how to be a cooperative domestic partner.

While this may sound wildly unromantic, Saturn in Leo needs you to be a leader who follows ‘the laws of the land’.

Saturn in Leo will empower you to take control in all areas of your life.   You will be more fulfilled in work—and you will have to ask for want you want.

Be your own advocate, and lead your peers into better conditions.  You will, no doubt, face people who would rather you not be in charge.

Do not be disheartened; you are more capable of restrained and fair leadership at this point that any other station.

Saturn in Leo will authorize you, in a way.  You will feel validation, fulfillment, and love from your community and your partner.

Do not let this admiration go to your head.  Instead, focus on being grateful for your ability to lead and show gratitude to those who put their faith in you.

Saturn in Leo Men

Men with Saturn in Leo practice what they preach.  You can depend on a man with Saturn in Leo, to be honest, loyal, and protective.

His pride is important to the Leo, but Saturn will keep him grounded in the Reality of Limitations.  This helps you because you will share in reaping the rewards of his hard work.

Leo men are extremely seductive, and Saturn turns the Daddy factor up to 11, in these already dominant alpha males.

You will have an amazing bed experience with this man.  Do not forget to stroke his ego a little, afterward.

The Leo is considered royalty, so treat him as such, and he will treat you even better.  Remaining loyal will not be a problem if you both follow the Rule of Saturn and plan your life together around the Limitations of Reality—which will come to light when Saturn is in Leo.

Remember that a man who can plan is hot.  You can be sure that even after his youth fades, this handyman will be there—handsome and hands-on.

This Man with Saturn in Leo is an amazing partner in love.

Be honest with your Leo love about any Daddy issues/opposition to authority/rebellious tendencies, because shocking them with this information will most likely end your relationship.

Saturn and Leo in Love

In Love, Saturn will urge you to think with your head, as well as your heart.  You must be practical about fidelity, finances, and future hopes.

You will only find love and fulfillment with a Leo when the Lion is not only comfortable with decisions being made but is also a major part of the decision-making.

Saturn in Leo is here to help you think logically and rationally.

It is a romantic notion to tell your love you would rather live in a slum with them than a palace with anyone else—but…no one wants to live in a slum, to be honest.

So, do not confuse ease of cooperation in a partnership with boredom.

If you make a great team with your lover—outside of bed—then you have found someone who can bring long-term love and fulfillment into your life.  Make sure you reciprocate their love.

Dates for Saturn in Leo

Two recent times Saturn entered Leo were on September 17, 1978, and on January 4, 1978.  The 1978 visit was during Saturn in Retrograde, in Leo.

The most recent visit was on July 16, 2005—during the last decade.  The next predicted entrance of Saturn in Leo is August 26, 2034.

Be aware of the Retrograde cycle of Saturn this year:  Saturn will go Retrograde on March 27, 2017.

Then, Saturn will become Stationary on April 9.  By May 3, Saturn will be Stationary Direct.  Saturn will leave Retrograde on May 20, 2017.

6 Little Known Facts About Saturn in Leo

With Saturn in Leo, there will be a number of different areas that are worth exploring when you are trying to look at the way in which this particular planet is able to have an impact on the star sign.

In this instance, we can look at a series of facts surrounding this combination in order to provide a far better explanation as to what is going to potentially happen to you.

1. You feel the need to have more structure in life.

There is a real need for you to go ahead and have more structure in your life thanks to Saturn as that is something that it really does excel in.

It gives you the sense that things have to be organised or you will simply not be able to make sense of anything, but you need to take advantage of this surge in feelings before Saturn moves on out of this celestial house.

2. It wants you to keep your feet on the ground.

As Saturn moves into Leo, it does mean that there is a very real sense of it wanting you to keep your feet placed firmly on the ground.

To do so will result in you being able to make substantial progress in life as you are able to focus on what is important rather than being side-tracked by anything and everything else.

Saturn will help you to stay on the straight and narrow, but it will then be up to you to carry that on once it leaves.

3. You know how to enforce the rules.

A woman with Saturn in Leo is going to know how to really enforce the rules, and they are not afraid to showcase their power.

This also means that they have a sense of confidence about themselves that allows them to go ahead and do that.

4. You are able to see those red flags.

You are also going to have the wonderful ability of being able to see those red flags before things happen.

This will then allow you to go ahead and avoid trouble and live a happier, and smoother, life than you may have expected. The best part is that this does not involve hindsight either.

5. You are about actions more than words.

A man with Saturn in Leo is going to be the type that does put into action what they say they are going to do rather than just paying it lip service.

This will increase your trust in them as they are not just a talker, and you will also know exactly where you stand at all times.

6. You find it easy to show gratitude.

Finally, you will also feel that it is very easy to show gratitude especially to those people that have placed their trust in you.

This ties in with the need to keep your feet on the ground, so the balance will certainly serve you well in this respect.

Saturn in Leo has the ability to change your life for the better, and it will also be capable of altering the perception that people have of you as well.

Do not be afraid of what it will do for you and just sit back and enjoy the ride that is coming.

Final Thoughts

Let Saturn offer you healthier new boundaries.  You will find love and fulfillment with a partner once you have found balance and peace within yourself.

You have a lot to offer the community and your loved ones.

Be sure to purposefully use your choices and habits to get yourself to your goals, because you will surely be measured by Saturn in Leo, and knowing Leos, you will want to ace this test.

Use reflection and meditation to focus your energies inward—toward personal growth and growth in your relationships.  Even Kings must rest, Leo.

Use your past struggles and mistakes, along with Saturn’s Guiding Rule in Leo to push you past your previous limits.

You will find newer and more intriguing limitations when Saturn is in Leo, and come out a better leader and lover than you started!

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