Most People Don’t Know This about Leo’s Ruling Planet

Most People Don’t Know This about Leo’s Ruling Planet

What Is Leo’s Ruling Planet?

The ruling planet is the planet which has the most influence over a sign of the zodiac. The rulership of signs by planets is one of the most ancient and central parts of astrology. The powerful and unique properties of each planet have a direct influence on the characteristics of people born under the sign ruled by that planet.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which, of course, is not technically a planet at all, but a star. The Sun gives energy to everything in our solar system and makes it possible for life on Earth to exist. Because of this, the Sun has been worshiped by ancient and modern religions alike, since the dawn of time. Almost every religion has the Sun as a central part of its creation myth, its pantheon, or both.

If you are a Leo, you have been born under the life-giving, life-affirming energy of the Sun. For those in the northern hemisphere, your birthdays also occur at the height of summer, reinforcing the power of the Sun in your early life. Your earliest breaths were taken while the Earth was close to the Sun, and bathing in its strongest heat.

The Sun is a powerful, creative, and outgoing planet. Like the rays of the Sun, energy radiates out from anyone who was born under it.

By harnessing the power of the Sun, Leos are poised for phenomenal luck and success in their lives. In the same way that life on Earth is naturally inclined towards the Sun, people are naturally drawn to Leo’s energy and strength. You are driven by passion and energy that light up the spirits of all those people around you who are able to bask in your light.

Myths of Leo’s Ruling Planet

The Sun has been characterized in a variety of different ways through history, although there are certain characteristics that almost always remain the same. The Sun is always a powerful player, and more importantly, it is always a highly creative force.

One of the most famous Sun gods is Ra, the Sun god of Ancient Egypt. He was the creator god, and the ruler of the entire world (land, sea, underworld, and sky), but was most strongly associated with the Sun at noon. He also had a daughter called Sekhmet, the goddess of fire and revenge, who is depicted as a lion like the one that symbolizes Leo.

In Ancient Egypt, the Sun was seen as the natural ruler of the world, because the power of the Sun determined all natural behaviour. In an extreme climate like that of Egypt, it was very important to be attuned to the effects of the Sun. By paying attention to the heavens, you could predict fair weather, floods, or whether it would be too hot to even go outside and work. Not only humans, but all animals are conscious of this.

Ra was said to travel through the sky during the day, and the underworld during the night. To be able to casually go from upper world to underworld every single day is no mean feat – travelling to the underworld is usually something that even the most powerful characters in myth and religion can only do once! This is indicative of the phenomenal primordial power that Ra possessed.

The creation of light is also one of the first tasks that God does in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. He creates night and day even before he creates land and sea. This is important: the light of the Sun is what enables all parts of the world to be created in an orderly fashion afterwards.

In Ancient Greece, the god Helios (called “Sol” in Ancient Roman mythology) was a Titan who drove his chariot across the sky to illuminate it, much like Ra. He had the honour of being one of the few Titans (primordial gods) who continued to hold power after the Titans were overthrown by the Olympians, because his role was so important.

He was often also associated with the more famous Sun god Apollo, who was also the god of poetry and music. Apollo’s association with creativity is an element of the Sun that is usually forgotten!

Most people don’t think about the fact that the greatest creative act in all of history was the Sun creating life. Whether you think of the Sun as a creator itself (like Ra), a tool that gives another power the ability to create (like in the Bible), or characterized by a creative person (like Apollo), the creative power of the Sun is what is truly at the core of the Sun’s rulership over Leo.

As a Leo, you must harness the Sun’s creative power in order to reach your full potential. If you neglect this creative side of yourself, you will find your energy becoming weaker, and you will also become more prone to lashing out in anger, as creation is the natural antidote to anger.

Creativity doesn’t necessarily mean creating art, although many Leos are indeed drawn to the arts. Leo’s fiery power is best used in situations that require creative thinking and leadership. Because you are so charismatic, you make a natural leader who is very good at getting a crowd to follow you.

Your creativity comes out in your ability to come to creative solutions to difficult problems. You have a natural knack for figuring out compromises that satisfy every member of a group. Lateral thinking is a great skill, and you frequently have ideas that have other people smacking their foreheads going, “That’s genius! Why didn’t I think of that?”

Your creativity will help you in all your ventures. It’s especially important in your career since so many careers don’t have space for that kind of creative thinking. Make sure you don’t get trapped in one like that, or you will find yourself lagging. It is also important that you participate in hobbies that are engaging and stimulating. Many Leos enjoy improv, choirs, or multimedia art classes, but the key thing is that your hobby must always be throwing something new at you.

Romance and Compatibility with Leo’s Ruling Planet

Just about everyone is drawn to the Sun (with a couple exceptions – we’ll get to those below), so you will not have any shortage of potential romantic partners. People are always automatically drawn to your magnetic personality, your self-assurance, and your joyful and optimistic attitude.

But just because so many people are drawn to you, doesn’t mean that all of them make equally suitable partners. Astrological compatibility can be tricky since there are so many factors (every planet, angle, and correspondence can have a potential effect on whether the stars shine on your relationship or not – and that’s not even taking into consideration the plain and simple “human factor”!). However, there are some guidelines that frequently hold true.

Leos will have very successful relationships with the other fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius). You share their strong senses of self, their confidence, and their charisma. Relationships built of fire will sometimes have rocky moments because both of you have quick tempers and big egos, but arguments will generally end as quickly as they started, and forgiveness comes quickly and easily. These make great business partnerships as well as romances.

If you are ruled by the Sun, you are also the natural partner to anyone ruled by the Moon – generally speaking, that means everyone born under Cancer and Pisces (Pisces is also agreed today to be ruled by Neptune, but in ancient texts, its ruler was the Moon). They bring out your nurturing and protective tendencies, and they inject a calmer and more sensitive attitude into your life.

These relationships are a case of “opposites attract” – their quiet, introverted, and thoughtful personalities make a nice complement to your outgoing, extroverted, and talkative personality. However, like every relationship built on an “opposites attract” basis, some people handle this type of contrast better than others.

You need to very carefully evaluate your potential partner – is their sensitivity inspiring or annoying to you? They will also need to evaluate whether your energy rubs off on them and gives them more energy, or whether it makes them feel tired and burnt out after a short period of time. No two couples are exactly the same in this way.

Although almost everyone is drawn to the power of the Sun, there are a couple of exceptions. Scorpios, ruled by Pluto (the furthest planet from the Sun), and naturally inclined to be skeptical of anything bright and flashy, will be extremely hard to win over. Resist the urge to throw all your effort into making them love you – sometimes they’ll come around to appreciating your personality, and sometimes they won’t.

It’s better to accept that some people just prefer to shun the light. One way isn’t better than the other, it’s just different. Give Scorpios the space they need away from your energy – they may find it very tiring, and will only become more frustrated with you if they feel that you are imposing your presence on them.

Some Cancers and Pisces may also feel this way, but the influence of the Moon is much more likely to help them form a bond with you. Be conscientious, although not afraid.

Outside of these signs, regardless of your partner’s astrological alignment, it’s a fairly good bet to assume that your relationships are bound for success. Air and Earth signs don’t necessarily have the immediate reaction to you that Fire and Water signs do, but they frequently come to appreciate you within a very short time.

You have a lot of confidence, which helps draw people to you. Even more importantly than that, you are willing to put in work to make sure that your relationship is successful if you are feeling that it is starting to lag. You address issues head-on, and with a problem-solving attitude. When you make your partner your first priority, and our all your abundant energy into them, you are virtually irresistible.

The Problem with Leo’s Ruling Planet

The Sun’s power can be an excellent guiding force in almost every aspect of your life, including relationships, family, career, and self-development. The bright light of the Sun can illuminate all your problems, throwing them into perfect clarity, which can then help you come to the sort of clear, creative answers that you’re so good at.

But in spite of all that, there is one big problem that people who are ruled by the Sun tend to have: you have a very difficult time admitting if you’re wrong. You have so much confidence that, at times, you just can’t fathom that your ideas aren’t working, or that you’re in the wrong.

This is an especially big problem because your charisma makes it difficult for other people to tell when you’re in the wrong too. You inspire a lot of confidence in them because you always give the impression of knowing what you’re doing. Besides, you probably have a great track record of success in all your previous slightly crazy-seeming ideas!

Some people may even be so intimidated by your energy that they are unwilling to voice concerns, even if they’re fairly sure that their concerns are valid. You’re good at putting your friends at ease, but it’s a bit more of a struggle to put new people at ease when you radiate so much confidence and energy.

Once people do question you, they run into a whole new problem: you’re so used to being right about things (and you are right about a lot of things) that you are more likely to dismiss their concerns than taking them to heart. You aren’t doing this out of narcissism or ego, you’re just used to having good ideas!

For this reason, it’s important to have a small cadre of very trusted friends, who can help you vet questions. Try getting a Virgo or a Capricorn on your side, since they are extremely logical and can be a bit cynical, but aren’t likely to say something’s a bad idea without carefully thinking it through first.

If someone has brought up a concern and you’re planning on ignoring it, just run it by them. A quick question for an outside perspective can make a huge difference. Similarly, if you’re about to run full-steam ahead with a new major plan, ask for their advice, and take it very seriously, especially if they have any concerns or criticisms.

It’s very important to pick people who you trust completely because they might be the only ones who can consistently question you. Don’t choose yes-men, but don’t choose people whose ideas you think are anything less than one hundred percent awesome, either.

By integrating outside advice in your big plans, you will achieve two things. Firstly, you’ll get some immediate quality control on your ideas, and be prevented from getting into any kind of trouble with them. And secondly, you will get practice in taking advice and criticism. You’ll notice which types of ideas are likely to get criticized, and why, which means that, in the future, you’ll be able to question your ideas more effectively without the outside help.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should become paralyzed and stop instituting your signature great ideas! As I’ve said more than once, most of your ideas are genuinely good (because of the strong creative influence of the Sun on your life), and your leadership skills are highly valued by those around you. It just means that you should practice taking criticism, because you’re only human, and not every single idea can be perfect, one hundred percent of the time.

Final Thoughts

It should go without saying that the Sun is a powerful planet to have as your ruler. It’s so strong that the entire solar system revolves around it! If the Sun is your ruling planet, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate. But, if the Sun is your ruling planet, there are also one or two things that can be causes of concern. You should be conscious of all of them (positives and negatives) in order to get the best experience possible out of being a Leo!

The Sun gives you a lot of power in the form of creativity, which will be of enormous help to you across many fields of your life. It’s clear from all the mythical representations of the Sun that were discussed above that creativity is central to your experience as a native of the Sun.

Integrate creativity into your life through art, and through leadership. Both of these are forms of creativity, and all people ruled by the Sun need both of them in their lives, to varying degrees.

Leadership comes very naturally to those ruled by the Sun, especially because of your proclivity for coming up with excellent and creative problem-solving ideas. This is a fantastic quality that you should treasure and be very proud of.

Issues appear when you can become so proud of this ability that you lose your ability to be discerning about your own ideas. You can, at times, struggle to tell whether one of your ideas is actually good, or if you only think it’s good because you were the one who came up with it. This can be a huge challenge, and lead to alienating some people.

Because of this challenge, it’s important that you integrate some highly discerning people into your life. They can help you come to very logical, well-thought-out conclusions about your own ideas, which can lead you to come up with even better and more thoroughly constructed plans in the future.

Can you feel the presence of the Sun in your life? Are you filled with creative problem-solving energy? Do you have a natural leadership streak? How will you use these (in conjunction with a little-added discernment) to achieve your goals?

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