The Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo

Your Moon sign speaks to the ‘nurture’ side of your personality, as the Sun signs speak of the ‘nature’ of the person you become, on your journey through this world. The Moon represents the Mother energy. Your Moon sign often mirrors the way you were mothered.

For this reason, it makes sense to view your Moon sign as the embodiment of your inner child. Indeed, your Moon sign is determined by your name, birth date, birth location, and birth time. So, rather than always feeling comfortable with your Moon sign, you may feel rather embarrassed by some of its features. Be aware that this discomfort is a sign that you either have outgrown some of your childhood tendencies—or you still need to.

Your Moon sign speaks to your true self. It speaks to your experience growing up, and resulting outlook on the world. You are looking for your mother, out in the world. Your Moon sign is the embodiment of your inner child.

It is important to offer this character as much acceptance as you would to a younger version of yourself. You will feel the growing pains. Do not stop on your search for the enlightenment the Moon has to offer you.

The Moon in Leo Traits

Leos are natural-born leaders. People with Moon in Leo are full of enthusiasm, have an eye for details, and demand that everyone around them carry their own weight. You will be fulfilled by taking on leadership roles in the home and in the community.

Lunar Leos are fiery in the bedroom. You are dramatic. You do not stifle your emotions. A Leo is in constant need of self-expression.

All Leos, Sun and Moon, all find the limelight. You are natural born entertainers. You have a keen eye for public relations and advertising. You know how to command a crowd.

Sometimes falling into the role of class clown, a Leo Moon sign will vary dramatically on her Sun sign. For instance, a Cancer with a Leo Moon is not near as inclined to speak publicly as a Leo-Leo.

The Moon in Leo Women

Women with the Moon in Leo are often family matriarchs. They can organize and schedule every part of a household. Partners who cherish this are best for you. Your inner Lion will be easily angered by someone who messes up the house you have just cleaned.

Lions who choose to focus on career will see their dedication rewarded. Many Sun sign Leos and Lunar Leos are heads of companies and states. Many carry multimillion dollar movie leads.

It is essential to remember that you do not have to choose between a family and a career. Many women have and excel at both. You are more than capable of being your own creative person and mothering a child.

A Lunar Leo woman shows love to those around her by being their infrastructure. She lends her confidence and grace to friends who are struggling. Moral support is the love language of many of you.

Lions are social animals and love their community. Groups of lions are called prides, and pride is essential to the self-esteem of your Moon sign. You love to host people, especially family.

When someone hurts you, it cuts to the core. If the person is close to you, they are likely to get quite the tongue-lashing or cold shoulder. Depending on the Sun sign involved, you will find a way to make it known that you are not pleased with the situation at hand.

As seen in a fellow fire sign, Aries, these fires of rage tend to burn themselves out. A Leo will want much of your attention, and it is best not to be ignored. Do not turn your back on the part of you that needs to be seen. This is not healthy.

Instead, try to rely on rational moderation. You will know after comparing your Sun sign and the influence of your Moon in Leo. You do not like being shuffled around or having your time wasted. Make sure you always have a healthy way to pass time while you are stuck waiting.

Many Leos have trouble sitting still and keeping quiet. If you use mass transit, consider listening to audiobooks while you commute. If you have a desk job, learn some yoga you can do while seated. You are driven enough, that you will eventually find the best, and your favorite, ways to channel your go-go-go.

A Lunar Leo may not be as flashy as a those with the Sun in Leo. However, you can be sure the tastes and moods are equally regal. A Leo will want to comfort you and build you up. You are not ones for the Spartan lifestyle.

The Moon in Leo Men

The Moon in Leo men shows off their passion for the fair treatment. They will preside proudly over the jungle of their daily environment. Lunar Leos, depending on their Sun signs, have different levels of interest, when it comes to sharing their creative side.

These men protect the people around them. They are magnanimous personalities, and often well-regarded in the community. These men often give back through civic leadership roles such as team coaches, scout leaders, and volunteer first responders.

They find professions in law enforcement. A Leo moon sign can basically serve to strengthen the positives of your Sun sign. Think of your Lion as your eternal cheerleader.

Lions are not ones to quit easily. This man is ferocious in the bedroom and in his professional life. Sometimes, his bossy nature can come across as too strong and domineering. However, their battle records prove that they are worthy leaders.

Lunar Leo men need to be complimented. They need to feel appreciated and loved. This man, if respected in his home, will never stray. Your loyal lion will always stick by you.

Your man with this Moon sign will have a playful nature. He may be more reserved in public, especially if he has a more reserved Sun sign. However, like with a lion cub, there is much laughter to be had if you get playful.

If you are overly critical of this man, he may withdraw his love. The creative spirit of this partner can be shot down with one or two careless comments from you. Try to be as encouraging as possible. Avoid drawn-out confrontations.

Make sure that you give this man time to cool down when he does get upset. You do not want to mess with an angry lion. They will not stay mad for long, though. You can rest assured that once the storm blows over, you will shortly be back in their good graces.

A great token of affection for this man would be framing a photo of him doing something adventurous, and hanging it at home. You could also leave notes in his packed lunches. You can make sure to stock his favorite snacks at home. Any attention to detail will be appreciated by this partner.

Speaking of details, these men love a glamorous partner. They love to entertain. They love to know that others and watching with envy. If you can make this man swell with pride, you are a very lucky partner.

Your man will lavish you with expensive gifts and romantic gestures. He will happily spend money on jewelry for you. He is the type to show off what he has worked hard to earn.

The Moon and Leo in Love

Pick your battles and choose your words wisely. Leo does not want to fight. However, a theatrical person, nature, they can make a scene if they feel it is necessary. A Leo is a type to throw a drink in your face and storm out, then meet you coldly back at home.

A Leo parent, whether Sun or Moon, feels the need to constantly encourage their child. This is an important love language to them. Both parties feel this tie. Children born under this sign will struggle without the right amount of nudging.

The Moon and Leo in Love can be subdued by quieter Sun signs, and increased by fire signs. No matter what, you will be recognized as a warm person.

Do not try to control this a Leo. They like to hand out advice but are not so good at taking it. If you are a Leo, then recognize that it may even be heard to validate your own inner voice, when frustrated.

Dates for the Moon in Leo

Luckily for you, there are free websites that offer Moon Sign Calculators. Plug in your chart information, which takes only a few minutes. You will get a diagram of the Zodiac, usually color-coded. Your Moon sign, like your Sun sign, will be indicated on this chart.

Due to the personal nature of the details of your birth, Moon sign dates are best left to examining after you have figured out your Lunar sign. Your Moon and Sun signs may match. If they do, this only reaffirms the characteristics of your sign in both your natural and your nurtured self.

If they do not, it would be to your benefit to study the differences. You might have made conscious changes in your personality over time. You might see something of your inner child in your Moon sign that you want to reincorporate into your adult life. You will learn more about yourself and what you need in a relationship from this study.

Final Thoughts

Leos are often considered royalty—and often as drama queens and kings. The personality of this sign is fixed. You crave stability. You crave your daily routines and the comfort they provide you.

You might need to practice the art of compromise with those you love. While they will cater to you, you should reciprocate. Do not try to change those you love. You are not manipulative, but you can be a bit overbearing if you are not careful.

A mix of stability and excitement is the perfect combination of the Moon in Leo. Leos are hard to miss. They are often stunningly beautiful and carry themselves with enviable confidence.

Be careful not to intimidate those who you want to draw closer to you. You may act out, hoping to grab their attention. Earth and Air signs will be less likely to join your conga line. A Pisces will think you have lost your mind.

There are times when you need to quiet yourself. Meditate. Think of a way to use all of your positive attributes to better your home and community.

Find outlets for your energy and creativity. You might enjoy storytelling at your local library’s children’s hour. You might work at a community radio station. You have the power to bring everyone together, so make sure you are using all your resources.

Whatever your Sun sign, compare it to the way you handle stress. You probably learned these techniques from the maternal figures in your life—for better or worse. Determine what habits are really worth keeping. You will struggle more than most people to break your bad habits—but you will also take more pride, once you have accomplished your goal.

Your inner child is a Lunar Leo. Please make sure to nurture the parts of yourself that are the most fragile. Cherish your creative voice. Utilize your keen eye to keep out of dangerous situations and relationships. Most of all, do not forget to be thankful for those in your life who never stop cheering you on.

A Question for You, Dear Reader:

Leos are known for their showering of affection and gifts on those they love. Equally important to the lion is luxury and comfort. Imagine you had a budget of $15,000 dollars for a vacation. Would you book one week for all of your friends to stay somewhere local and just hang out or would you book two weeks on the most remote beach you could find and forget your friends even exist for a while?

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