Aquarius and Libra Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Libra Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aquarius and Libra find harmony in both being star signs of the air element. In learning how to attract a Libra, the Aquarius becomes closer to that star sign’s love of romance.

Likewise, a Libra in love with Aquarius learns of broad horizons and outlandish ideas that inspire and amaze.

Yet there are plenty of ways in which the things that work in an Aquarius and Libra relationship also showcase points worth working on in the individuals involved.

To better prepare, it’s worth getting deep into the secrets behind Aquarius and Libra compatibility – the definitive guide to how to make a relationship with an Aquarius and Libra work.

Aquarius and Libra compatibility overview

In all of the zodiac, Aquarius and Libra are perhaps the most distinctive star signs, at least as far as symbolism goes.

Aquarius is symbolised by the water carrier, who takes a vase of water to spread among the farm and wider community.

Meanwhile, Libra is symbolised in astrology by the scales, and while it’s distinctive in being the only zodiac sign to be represented by an inanimate object instead of an animal, it runs a lot deeper than that.

Libra is driven by harmony and balance, and wants more than anything to see peace overcome everyone as they pull in the same direction – an ideal shared by altruistic Aquarius.

Thanks to both being ruled by the air element, and by prioritising pleasure and kindness in their dealing with the world, Aquarius and Libra compatibility certainly hits the ground running.

As air signs, these two relate to one another and the wider world through their minds, which move rapidly and can’t cope with being contained.

Aquarius and Libra also share the characteristic of approaching love slowly, finding the emotions involved often overwhelming.

While Libra has a healthy respect for love and affection when approached with caution, the Aquarius person takes an even more measured approach.

If anything, love is so confusing, scary and impossible to rationalise to an Aquarius that they barely connect with it at all – assuredly something Libra can help with.

Soft-spoken and comforting, Libra can guide Aquarius into this mysterious realm, also while keeping the relationship blossoming at a steady and balanced pace.

The inherent compatibility between Aquarius and Libra makes courtship sweet and natural, which is something that Aquarius in particular finds incredibly soothing.

In return, Aquarius offers the kind of insight and freedom of thinking that helps bring Libra out of themselves, preventing them from ruminating too long about the inner worries and insecurities they hate to admit they have.

On occasion, Libra will seem conceited and vain to Aquarius, and likewise, the water bearer will come across an unbalanced to the scales, thanks to a scatterbrained nature and a tendency to daydream.

Aquarius can’t help it – the world is so big and their minds are so vast, how can they focus on just one thing at a time?

Matches between the Aquarius woman and Libra man

The Aquarius woman and the Libra man can’t help but be drawn to one another. His appearance is tidy and well presented, thanks to Venus, the ruling planet of Libra.

Aesthetics and beauty come hand in hand with the influence of Venus, but the Aquarius woman has sharp insight, and knows this isn’t just a pretty boy she sees.

The Aquarius woman is nothing if not her own person.

While the Libra man sees life in black and white and the shades of grey in between, everything in dualities and extremes to be avoided, the Aquarius woman has a unique perspective thanks to being born under a star sign that puts her at the cusp of society’s evolution.

The Libra man will find the Aquarius woman cool and detached, not least because even if she’s interested in the gentleman himself, she’ll have difficulty showing it.

The Aquarius mind moves fast, finding huge emotions unfathomable and impossible to accelerate to the pace the Aquarius woman would prefer.

The Libra man is a consummate gentleman though, and will court the Aquarius woman with slow consideration.

She’ll appreciate this, as long as he’s not too stuffy and traditional – a huge turn off to Aquarius.

Likewise, she’ll expect her freedom, but grant it to her man in kind, making for a healthy interplay of individuality and partnership as the relationship moves ahead.

Ever giving, but by no means a pushover, the Libra man firmly believes in fairness and justice.

He unites this mindset well with the philosophy of the Aquarius woman, yet would do well not to let this outlook fall into tit for tat behaviour in the relationship.

The good points:

  • Immediate connection on the same mental wavelength makes chemistry effortless
  • The Aquarius woman is creative and inspiring, which entices the Libra man
  • The appeal of a slow burn romance lets Libra be a gent while keeping the Aquarius woman in her comfort zone
  • The Aquarius woman’s fun-loving nature helps Libra see the lighter side of life

The bad points:

  • The Libra man can be slow to make decisions – the antithesis of the fast-moving Aquarius mind
  • Libra men have routines and traditions that seem like autopilot to the Aquarius lady
  • Her spontaneous need to fly off and be free can alienate the romanticism of the Libra man if handled poorly
  • The Libra man is a bit of a people pleaser, which can wear on the Aquarius woman’s patience

Matches between the Aquarius man and Libra woman

Out of any of the ladies of the zodiac, the Libra woman is perhaps joint first in enticing the most admirers.

The ruling planet of Venus gives these women extraordinary grace and artistic talent, and their beauty shines through not just in their looks, but in their generosity and capability in putting others before themselves.

The Aquarius man is an individualist, but also an altruist who finds the big-heartedness of the Libra woman incredibly inspiring.

However, such is the competition he’s likely to face in pursuing the Libra lady – who by her very nature is seldom single to begin with – that he may simply nurse the crush from afar.

However, he shouldn’t consider himself out of the race just yet.

In fact, his uniqueness, presence of mind, detached air and capacity for mediation is of deep interest to the Libra woman, who is deeply attuned to that kind of compassion and sense of reason in a man.

She’s had her fill of volatile admirers, and appreciates in the Aquarius man the even-handed approach such a keeper of equality can offer.

One thing the Aquarius man would do well to remember, however, is that traditional courtship, wining and dining and the overall romantic approach do wonders in showing a Libra lady that he’s genuine and involved.

Libras of both genders tend to mate for life, and prefer to feel confident that their prospective partners feel likewise.

Of course, that conjures up two hurdles for the Aquarius man to overcome – the fear of being trapped in a long-term alliance that’ll clip their wings, and conforming to tradition at the cost of their individual inventiveness and identity.

well though, and there’s everything to be enjoyed in this fun and flirtatious relationship.

The Aquarius man finds tremendous kindness and support in the Libra woman, and she gives of herself entirely in helping his projects move forward – but never at the expense of her own agenda. Balance, as always, is the key.

The good points:

  • The inherent uniqueness of the Aquarius man makes the Libra woman notice him without trying
  • His kind-hearted community spirit makes the Libra woman inspired to be around him
  • The Aquarius man enjoys having a woman on his wavelength, who lets him love without any pressure
  • She loves his sense of humour, responding in kind with ideas that make dating fun

The bad points:

  • The Aquarius man finds it tricky to relate to the Libra woman when she’s fixating on her attire or appearance – he finds it shallow
  • The Libra woman’s romantic overtures could make the Aquarius man edgy if it’s played up too much
  • The Aquarius man’s need for freedom can be poorly timed, cutting into the periods in which the Libra woman would much rather connect
  • The Aquarius man has a distant air about him that can discourage close bonds

Aquarius and Libra friendship compatibility

Aquarius and Libra are very social creatures, and thanks to the innate appeal they each exhibit, they both enjoy superbly nourishing and very wide social circles. Introducing Aquarius and Libra to one another in this is almost inevitable, and it’s definitely worth doing.

Both signs are deeply driven to help people, improve the lives of those around them and bring a positive presence to their nearest and dearest.

Putting their brilliant minds together means that they can double up on these noble goals, uniting both the Aquarius focus on large groups of people and wider society with the closer, more intimate people pleasing talents of Libra.

Even without the high and lofty ideals this friendship can create outside the equation, Aquarius and Libra are simply a fun combination.

This is a friendship where the more timid side of Libra gets let loose into the open by freewheeling Aquarius, helping to overcome the self doubt and shyness all Libra folks secretly possess.

Meanwhile, Libra can gently remind Aquarius how their plans and ideas affect people, and ensure their spontaneous activities don’t tread on any toes through their wonderful methods of mediation.

Moreover, Aquarius and Libra both have complementary gifts for art, design and music.

This friendship can be a driving force behind some wonderfully inspiring pieces, as well as creativity that brings the grand ideas of Aquarius into focus with perfectly poised Libra aesthetics.

Long conversations about the meaning of life and morality pepper the uplifting friendship between these folks, making the Aquarius and Libra friendship one of the most promising in the zodiac.

They also each instinctively understand that they both have wide circles of friends, and as such, hold nothing against one another if they flit off in different directions for months at a time. The Aquarius and Libra will only reconnect stronger for it.

Aquarius and Libra marriage compatibility

Aquarius people can often be loners, even without meaning to.

The representation of their star sign, seen in the symbol of the water bearer, is a lone figure who trusts himself alone to carry the nourishment of dozens, if not hundreds, through hot and inhospitable terrain.

So unique are their perspectives and so unlike anyone else are their motives that the Aquarius person sometimes forgets they’re not in this life alone.

As part of that, they can find it tricky to let people in – not through not wanting to, but through not remembering that’s even an option to begin with.

Libra, meanwhile, sees life in twos, and as such, can’t imagine the isolated perspective that Aquarius embodies.

As a result, there’s an element of circling around one another not just in an Aquarius and Libra marriage, but in the build up to even making it happen.

While Libra loves the idea of a romantic connection made manifest in matrimony, the sheer volume of commitment required can frighten Aquarius.

It’s not because they don’t love the Libra, nor because they’re scared of commitment in general – no matter what their reputations say.

Moreover, the Aquarius is deeply afraid of the loss of the self, because they know that through being their own individual identity, incapable and uninterested in fitting in, they stand to fulfil the subconscious mission that drives them.

Marriage, with its ceremonies and outdated traditions, seems like an entirely irrelevant way to connect.

However, by embracing an unorthodox ceremony, or encouraging their Aquarius partner into remembering that the marriage is in no way going to compromise their freedom as an individual, there’s no reason why an Aquarius and Libra marriage cant be a happy and long lasting one.

The Aquarius partner might not be as emotionally attentive as the Libra soul, but through honest communication and encouragement, free from pressure and blame laid against one another, there’s no reason why any gaps can’t be bridged with compassion and care.

More than anything, Aquarius and Libra marriages thrive on having a common goal or mission.

These in complementary careers, like a designer and writer married and combining their skills, can make the most of the high energy mental connection enjoyed by an Aquarius and Libra in love.

Aquarius people in love can feel flighty at first, and in marriage doubly so, but they needn’t feel like a settled relationship is the same as lacking in newness.

Aquarius people love the excitement of the unknown, but a wise Libra partner can help that spirit of unpredictability rule the marriage without drama, discomfort or – most of all – any risk of Aquarius getting bored and restless.

Aquarius and Libra: Common issues and problems

Aquarius and Libra compatibility is very high, and the problems that these two signs can expect to face when joining either as fiends or lovers are few and far between.

One thing to bear in mind, however, is that while Aquarius forms strong opinions, Libra prefers to remain impartial.

This can prove flustering to the normally calm and collected Aquarius. Within them beats the heart of an activist, even if they take a peaceful approach in making that so.

Libra, meanwhile, is entirely opposed to even the notion of disagreement and discord.

As such, the Aquarius individual will always feel emboldened and encouraged by everything their Libra partner says, yet feel frustrated that they seem to fail to take a stand themselves.

If anything, if the Aquarius asks the Libra their opinion on something, the Libra’s keen sense of fair play might have them defend the opposing side, even if only passively as a voice of reason.

It can make it tricky to discern on the Aquarius partner’s side what the Libra individual actually thinks of a given approach, and in especially bad cases might even make the Aquarius feel their partner doesn’t believe in them – the exact opposite of Libra’s wholly devoted truth!

Another issue to be mindful of is that the Libra’s longing for balance means that the long periods of individuality and doing their own thing that the Aquarius will want in the relationship need to be made up for.

This occasionally makes Libra people suddenly become intensely motivated to have long periods of togetherness that border on the greatest fear of Aquarius – clinginess.

It’s important to make sure that Libra doesn’t go too far, but likewise that Aquarius doesn’t isolate Libra so much that a beautiful relationship goes cold.

Aquarius people find love and romance tremendously difficult to rationalise, yet thanks to Libra, can come around to a more measured point of view.

That said, they could go into it kicking and screaming if they aren’t approached about these matters, most important to Libra happiness and satisfaction, with the utmost of care.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

The Aquarius and Libra match is rich in potential, and stands to be a loving relationship lived along mental wavelengths that allow both partners to be the best of themselves through one another.

However, care needs to be taken that fear of heavy emotions, especially in Aquarius, don’t swamp the relationship before it’s given the chance to take flight.

The biggest hurdle to happiness rests in the Aquarius tendency to use their individualism to defend lone wolf behaviour that excuses them from participating in the relationship.

It’s a difficult characteristic to overcome, and Aquarius souls are often tremendously stubborn in how they do things.

Of course, Libra is too, once their mind is set – they become fixed in their opinions, and confident in them because they’ve worked so hard gauging the situation from every angle to come to these conclusions.

Both Libra and Aquarius hate the idea of arguments or tense conversations, but unfortunately simply can’t agree to disagree either.

However, when all is said and done, the unity of their air sign elemental ruling means that Aquarius and Libra simply cannot help but be drawn to one another.

Ruled by Saturn, planet of intellectual growth, and Uranus, the planet of societal change, Aquarius is equipped to turn humankind on its head.

Meanwhile, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, aesthetics, art and compassion.

Libra people see life as a dance of duality, between art and science, logic and love, and emotion versus mental control. That’s a lot of ideas for the Aquarius to absorb.

United by kindness and compassion, and infused with tremendous social skills that let them glide into and out of fun opportunities and career paths, Aquarius and Libra alike have a lot of charisma to share with the world, and each other. As a united front, they promise to be unstoppable.

Relationships are always an opportunity to grow, yet for both Aquarius and Libra, the head wins out over the heart almost every time.

Theirs will be an intimate communion of thoughts over feelings, yet their affection for one another will always be genuine – just not as soppily expressed as one might expect of the kind of classic love stories that cause Aquarius to chuckle in disbelief.

Luckily, this relationship will take some time getting up to speed, ensuring both star signs can feel comfortable and safe in what’s ensuing.

This will allay fears in Aquarius and give Libra the chance to measure and analyse the relationship as it grows, and once in full bloom, the Aquarius and Libra partnership will prove a force for good for all – and Aquarius wouldn’t have it any other way.

Aquarius and Libra compatibility score – 7/10

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