The Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra

The Traits of Moon in Libra are informed by the seventh Sign of the Zodiac.  Your symbol is the Scales, which shows that you are interested in justice, above all.  Your sign is the only inanimate sign of the Zodiac.  You love people, but the Moon in Libra sees humanity as the whole, rather than humans as individuals.

The Moon in Libra Traits

Your approach to many issues will reflect this vision.  The Moon brings an extra dose of love for the individual.  The Moon in Libra tempers your understanding and calms your desire to go vigilante.  Trust that justice will be served to others, and focus the Moon’s energy on fixing problems within yourself.

The Moon in Libra brings out the sensual side of the Scales.  This is the sign of the senses, so sensuality is heightened—and the Moon’s feminine presence only amplifies this spark in you.  You will not be satisfied with one night stands and short-lived flings, however.  The Moon in your Sign urges you to find someone you could settle down with.

The Moon in Libra Women

Women with a Libra Moon are very seductive.  Libra is a Moon Sign which highly values good taste in all things.  You love nice meals at romantic restaurants and glamorous gifts.  Women with a Libra Moon sign often attract men, without even trying.

Getting your attention is one thing, but letting someone into your life is a bit more demanding.  In a partner, you need an emotionally stable person.  You need someone who makes you feel balanced.  Do not seek someone who wants to be ‘your everything’—you should seek relationships with are equally beneficial to you both.

Libra, your searches for truth and tranquility will sometimes clash.  While you can sometimes see the potential in others, you often easily find their faults, as well.  Be aware that you are more critical than most Star Signs.  When the Moon is in Libra, you will have the extra emotional support to express your needs (more) clearly to your love.

Remember to show love to your Libra Moon, as you would to your own inner child.  The Moon encourages you to examine old fears and find a more mature balance.  Love and fulfillment will come your way when you realize that true contentment comes from within—not from your partner.

Once a Lunar Libra Woman trusts you, she will consider you safe.  If you ever cross her, be prepared to say goodbye to her forever.  The Scales of Justice, balance, fairness, and harmony do not give second chances.  Choose your battles wisely with this woman.

The Moon in Libra Men

Men with a Moon in Libra want to find balance, above all.  The Lunar Libra Man wants to find love and fulfillment, but can be very cynical.  By nature, the Scales feel the urge to find how people measure up to expectation.  You are very defensive of your emotional needs, highlighted by the presence of the Moon in the Sign of Libra.

Men with Moon in Libra show gratitude to others.  They are loyal workers.  They are genuine and want the same from their partners.

Because the Moon relates to emotional needs, and subconscious desires, you can think of your Moon Sign as your inner child.  Analyze your Moon sign characteristics against the way you recall you mother.  Your mother and other maternal figures were just as likely to have thought this way.  Remember, justice is not just about vengeance—it is mostly about making sure that all is right in the world; everything is flowing smoothly.

The Moon and Libra in Love

Your Zodiac symbol, the Scales, symbolizes your need for balance with your romantic partner.  This emotional need for a significant other shows your need for harmony.  Within the balance you maintain with your love interest, you must make sure that both people are willing to compromise.  If your partner cannot provide you with emotional stability, then you will not find love and fulfillment with that person.

Your best prospects for love are Lunar Aquarians and Lunar Geminis.  The Lunar Aquarian is intellectually stimulating enough to keep your attention.  However, they can be somewhat detached and leave you wanting for a closer emotional bond.  Depending on your Star Signs, you may be less compatible with a Lunar Aquarius—for instance, if they also have the Star Sign Aquarius, they will be too rebellious and rambunctious for you to accept.

A Lunar Gemini, on the other hand, will always be there to talk things out with you.  This partner is ideal for a person with Moon in Libra.  They will help you reach the fair and balanced solutions you seek for your problems.

Your worst prospects for love are Lunar Pisceans and Lunar Capricorn.  The Lunar Piscean shares many of your more tranquil traits, but they may drag you into stressful situations more often than you would like.  Pisces Moons also tend to fall into the victim/savior role, and this will annoy you—you prefer to be an equal to your partner in romantic relationships.

A Lunar Libra and Lunar Capricorn will not see eye-to-eye very often.  Having different opinions is great for balance, however in this relationship, the balance always seems off.  You need conversation, while the Capricorn may be too withdrawn at times.  In general, you are far more emotionally available than Capricorn Moon and should seek love and fulfillment with a different sign.

Dates for the Moon in Libra

Pay close attention to Lunar activity during your Star Sign period.  The Moon in Libra (September 23-October 22) begins with the New Moon, which comes into play a few days before your Libra’s reign.  On September 28th, the First Quarter Moon arrives, followed shortly by the arrival of the Full Moon, on October 5th.  The Last Quarter Moon arrives on October 12th, and a week later (October 19th) appears with the New Moon, to usher out the period of Libra.

The Moon in Libra has 4 other important dates to keep in mind on your search for love and fulfillment.  On January 19th, a Last Quarter Moon enters Libra.  A Full Moon in Libra on April 11th will be followed by a First Quarter Moon in Libra, on July 1st.  A New Moon in Libra, on October 19th, will bring an end to the Moon’s pull on you this year.

The Full Moon in Libra, on April 11th, finds you wanting to better your communication with those around you.  Now is the time to ask what others need out of your relationships, and work to provide for the emotional needs of others.  The New Moon, on October 19th, provides dark nights perfect for contemplation and reflection.  Use the Moon’s influence now to consider future ways to continue becoming a better communicator.

Final Thoughts

With the Moon in your sign, you seek agreement, in all things.   While this is a noble quest, you must recognize that it is not always a possible or a healthy one.  Remember that expectation is what causes disappointment, so free your mind to see all possibilities in a positive light.

Be grateful for the harmony the Moon has brought to your sign, Lunar Libra.  You are a blessing to all of those around you.  You seek peace and balance and inspire others to do the same.  On a physical level, you help people treat their bodies in healthier ways.

On a higher level, you may believe any number of religious doctrines.  You may be an atheist or someone who has adopted principles from multiple religions, the combination of which is helpful to you.  You will find love and fulfillment when you learn to accept others for who they are, and when you can continue expanding your mind.

A Question for You, Dear Libra:

Libra, you have a deep emotional need for fairness in all relationships.  Could you justify sneaking through your significant other’s phone, if in search of ‘truth’ or incriminating evidence?

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