Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra

You love to spoil yourself and your significant other.

Libra, being the sign of the Scales of justice, combined with the loving and commitment of Venus in Libra, might find you making big decisions this year.

Venus is cheering your love life on, but also be aware that Scales tip in and out of your favor, at times.

Venus in Libra Traits

With Venus in Libra, you are an amazing host and friend—you are stubbornly kind.  You are the type to wrap up a to-go plate for a friend.

You have proven yourself to Libra, the Scales.  Once they accept you into the inner circle, these people will not kick you out.

Libra, you are obsessed with balance and justice, as your symbol shows.  Venus in your Sign shows that your love and commitment belong to the search for this balance.

Venus in Libra Women

Women who were blessed with Venus in Libra are amazing friends and lovers.  You are one of the warmest and funny and welcoming signs of the 12.

You may find fulfillment in a job as a nurse, surgeon, professor, judge, or another profession like professional tasting.  Libra, the Scales, love to judge.

Your judgmental nature is not all bad.  Do not fall victim to believing stereotypes.  Instead, try to use your deference on social matters, and finding balance with those closest to you.

If this makes you anxious remember that feeling uncomfortable is just a signal that change is needed.

Venus in Libra Women fights for love and for her own value.  The divine feminine of Venus goes to battle for you, Libra.

Take shelter in her Retrograde period and shadow.  Soon, the day will arrive when Venus is back in Direct transit, and your ride starts then and there.

Libras are associated with peaceful protest, as well as counterculture ideologies.  You are not one to hold prejudices or racist feelings.

You want for equal civil rights for all.  You think of the brotherhood of man—not just your own community.

Venus in Libra Men

Libra, the Scales, are the only inanimate of all 12 Zodiac symbols.  These men are known for their use of reason and rationale.

They may also exaggerate facts or omit details, in pursuit of what they want from you.

Venus in Libra is a period when the feminine divine helps the Libra Man recognize the love that surrounds them.  He will awake to how grateful and find a way to pay it forward.

Venus Rules Libra, so this man is all about romantic relationships, family, the home, and other passions.  His Airy nature makes him magnetic in groups, and people love talking to him.

A Libra Man with Venus’s influence can sometimes bring out the hopeless romantic, depressed artist, lovesick puppy quality in this man.

Just understand this is part of how he communicates his needs.  Do not criticize his style of communication.  If you really do not like it, then maybe it is a signal to find a different partner.

Libra Men often date younger women, older women, and/or foreign women.  There is something about this man that has a Bond quality—he is a babe magnet, but always keeps his cool.

Can you handle being in a relationship with a man who has women flocking around him all the time?  If you are the jealous type, this man might not be for you.

Find ways to speak honestly about feelings like jealousy with your Libra Man.  He wants to know what bothers you—his political mind will get turned on by your passion and rhetoric when you get really mad.

Libra Men are high-maintenance in the sense that they like full schedules and you on their arm at every party.

You may not like this man’s old-school approach to chivalry—especially if you are more of a feminist.  However, he is trying to be polite, so be polite, in return.

Venus and Libra in Love

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who will treat you as an equal.  Find someone who is on your intellectual level, but also challenges you to keep learning.

Find someone with similar interest, like on a social networking app, and meet a new friend.

However, you decide to meet new people and interact with them, make sure you convey to them the self-worth you are confident about showing off.

Your worst prospects for love are partners who would sell you short.  Any partner who might have a lying habit will not make the cut.

Be very careful, in your search for love and fulfillment that you are not the one selling yourself short.

It is fun to have common interests and inside jokes with friends, but if you are not being genuine, then the whole experience is a waste of everyone’s time.

Try not to play tit-for-tat in the revenge game that can develop, at times. You may find yourself frustrated after painting yourself into a corner of always being the accommodating one.

Make sure equality is present in your relationships.

Libra in Love, with Venus, is telling you to keep your man intellectually stimulated.  For a Libra, this is almost foreplay, because they find your intellect so hot.

If you are a master debater, you will love swapping arguments about topics ranging from best sugary cereal to the Libra’s forte—world injustice and civil rights violations.

If you are trying to diffuse an argument with someone with Venus in Libra, you should leave them to have the last word.  It means more to them than it probably would to most people.

This seemingly innocuous topic can touch of a firefight, so remember that it is better to be happy than to be right.

Anyone who has ever been close to a Libra under Venus knows that they are touchy when they feel like someone is lying to them, making fun of them, or trying to con them.

This can trigger a defense wall that goes up immediately and may never come back down.

As Libra is represented by the Scales of Justice, and like in the judicial system—verdicts are usually final.

Once you bend a Libra past their breaking point, do not expect things to snap back into how they used to be.

Justice, to the Libra, is what they get when they cut you out of their life for having hurt them.  Out of sight, out of mind, and good riddance to you.

Dates for Venus in Libra

Venus enters Libra on October 14th.  You will see Venus appear on March 4th, in Retrograde.  Venus will be back Direct on April 15th.

There are other times you can watch Venus enter and interact with other Signs.

Friends who know each other very well can pick out the days when you feel under the dark cloud of a Retrograde.

Remember to be grateful for Venus in Retrograde—it is literally extra time to study at home for a pop quiz on the love you know is coming the very next day.

Libra may have more depressive days that some other signs.  Allow Venus to shine a warm light on you.

Talk with someone who cares about you, and see what comes to mind.  You can find positive ways to redirect your energy if you feel a panic or depressive mood coming on.

6 Little Known Facts About Venus in Libra

When Venus is able to influence Libra, then you are going to certainly encounter a number of changes in your life, or at least in the way that you will often view certain people or how you handle different situations.

By spending time just looking at different facts that surround this combination, you will then be able to understand when this is influencing your life and when you should perhaps take more notice of what is going on around you.

1. You are very good at hosting.

This combination has the ability to take your hosting abilities up to a whole new level, and this is something that will become very apparent in a short period of time.

It may be the best time for you to have parties or get into situations where you can showcase this ability because you certainly want to shout about it from the rooftops.

2. It is supporting your love life.

Venus is also going to be watching your back when it comes to your love life.

It wants you to be able to make that commitment and move forward with things, but it is also aware that you are slightly nervous about it all, but you need to know that it is there to support you.

Big things could happen in this area when this combination is at work.

3. You are kind to the point of being stubborn.

You will really find that you have a tendency to be kind to the point of actually being somewhat stubborn about it.

This can annoy people, so you have to understand there is a need for you to often tone back what you would like to do in order to help people because not everybody wants help to the same extent.

4. You are warm and very funny.

Something that you may not be aware of is that this combination is going to push forward the idea that you are both warm and very funny in equal measures.

This is the kind of thing that draws people to you, and you have to embrace this side to your personality as it is a wonderful thing to have.

5. You fight for what you think is right.

Women with this combination are going to become known for being willing to fight for what they feel is right, and they are not going to really back down.

This determination is something that people tend to admire, but be warned that it can become overpowering.

6. It is all about romance for the man.

For men, it will all be about romance and making sure that their loved ones do indeed feel that love.

They will strive for new ways to display that love as they want people to feel quite content with having those feelings in their life, and they are not going to disappoint.

Ultimately, you get an idea of the way in which Venus is able to influence Libra, and it is fair to say that most are positive, but you need to be aware of the possibility of things spilling over and into a less positive side.

Final Thoughts

You can be a total chameleon and fit in with many different social groups.  This is a strength, but only until it becomes a social crutch.

When you choose to blend in, your kind of get lost in the background.  Are you really a wallflower?  Let Venus in Libra bring a loving fairy-godmother style makeover your way.

You deserve to be the main character in the movie of your life, as the saying goes.  Libra, you will not be happy compromising all the time, without your partner reciprocating your gesture.

Resentment can build up without open lines of honest communication with your partner, always.  You deserve happiness and love, and it will come to you, thanks to Venus in Libra.

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