March 5 Zodiac

March 5 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign in you were born on March 5?

If you are born on the 5th of March, your zodiac sign in Pisces.

As a Pisces person born on this day, you are often appreciated for your compassionate, romantic, and spiritual nature. You show a lot of flexibility as far as emotions go.

Because you look at emotions as your interpersonal map, in most cases you look at people not as people with their own specific names and agendas. You look at them as emotional states.

While this might seem like a weird way to look at people, this actually pays off tremendously for you because most other people don’t look at the world this way.

As much as we would like to imagine that we are driven by logic and reason, a lot of our decisions are actually driven by impulse and emotions.

You get this. You understand this. Not surprisingly, you are able to use it to your advantage.

Your big challenge is to break free from your overly emotional way of defining yourself esteem so you can achieve better things with your life.

Love Horoscope for March 5 Zodiac

Lovers born on the 5th of March are considered to be quite loyal, loving, and romantic.

You’re a very sensitive person. You really go out of your way to step into the shoes of your lover, and then try to soothe him or her.

You tend to be very curious. Unfortunately, this also has a bad side. You can be perceived as very nosy.

In fact, it is very easy to look at you as a person that doesn’t have much boundaries as far as your romantic partners go.

This can be a very negative thing because let’s face it, most people like to keep their space.

As long as you’re able to establish proper emotional parameters and stay within them, your relationships will flourish.

However, if you disregard this, then it should not be a surprise to you that your relationships don’t last that long. Unfortunately, when you’re young this is very hard to do.

As you get older and mature, this becomes easier and easier to achieve.

Career Horoscope for March 5 Zodiac

March 5 zodiac people are quite creative, spiritual, romantic, and intuitive.

Put all these factors together and it’s not a surprise that March 5 zodiac people tend to do well in fields that involve artistic planning.

Now, this is different from a field that is purely artistic or purely planning. You are in a happy middle ground.

Common examples of this are artistic directing, advertising campaign manager, or the director of an advertising agency.

You have a tremendous ability to tease out the creative elements of any kind of situation, connect the dots, and also delegate authority. This is a great combination of traits to have as far as your career goes.

People Born on March 5 Personality Traits

You have a very creative personality. You also have a great way of putting people together as far as emotional alliances are concerned.

As mentioned above, you tend to look at the world using an emotional map. You look at people based on their emotional impulses and signals.

Not surprisingly, you are able to craft advertising campaigns that speak to this need.

With that said, you tend to get overly emotional from time to time. In fact, in some cases you explode. You need to minimize this because you might feel that you are doing things out of principle.

However, when you put your foot down, you only end up hurting yourself most of the time.

A lot of the things that you do that you think are driven by principles may actually just turn out to be temper tantrums. Know the difference.

Positive Traits of the March 5 Zodiac

March 5 people are very sympathetic, compassionate, and caring. You really care about the emotional states of people around you.

The key here is to achieve some sort of emotional distance because you’re not going to be doing them much favors if you get overly drawn in.

If you get too emotional and you start feeling what they’re feeling to such an unhealthy level, you would become paralyzed.

You would not be as effective as you would otherwise be.

Negative Traits of the March 5 Zodiac

March 5 Pisces people tend to lack self-discipline as far as emotions go.

While they are able to create emotional maps of people which leads them to tremendous intuition and discoveries, they are unable, in many cases, to really capitalize on this great trait.

This really is too bad because most other members of other houses of the horoscope don’t have this capacity.

If you are able to only tame your emotional side, a lot more positive things can happen in your life.

March 5 Element

Water is the paired element of March 5 Pisces.

This should not be a surprise. After all, water is the ruling element of all Pisces people.

However, when it comes to water’s many different aspects, the most powerful in your life involve intuition, sympathy, and spirituality.

March 5 Planetary Influence

The main planetary ruler of March 5 Pisces people is Neptune.

Neptune is essentially unsearchable, unknowable, and oh so mysterious.

Accordingly, this water planet has a tremendous amount of emotions involved. This is where you draw your spiritual strength.

If you are to learn anything from the rulership of Neptune over your emotional life, it is this: your spiritual nature is the key to your problems with emotionalism.

My Top Tips for Those with a March 5 Birthday

If you are born on March 5, my number one tip for you is to avoid being overly emotional.

Now, this is easier said than done because you are, after all, a Pisces. You are the quintessential water sign. In fact, the Pisces is so emotionally prone that in many cases its personality is really unknowable.

With that said, do yourself a big favor and try to achieve some sort of distance between you and your emotions.

It would probably be the best decision that you make, because it leads to progress in many different areas of your life.

Lucky Color for the March 5 Zodiac

The lucky color for those born on March 5 is represented by the color medium green.

Medium green speaks to emotions. It also speaks to renewal and possibility.

This is a great combination because it sums up the highs and lows, as well as the good and bad, of your personality.

Lucky Numbers for March 5 Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for those born on the 5th of March are – 14, 23, 61, 26, and 54.

If You were Born on 5th March, Don’t Do This in Relationships

People who were born on 5th March are born within the Pisces star sign, and that means that they are very romantic and keen to devote themselves to a loyal lover – preferably for life.

This is a deeply important part of them, no matter how much they front they’re a lone wolf to others!

If your birthday is 5th March, you likely know the anxiety and fear that comes with investing yourself fully into connecting with someone – the fear that they might leave you high and dry.

They might even break your heart in the coldest and callous manner.

So what is one to do? Hold on tighter and declare love as fully as you can? There’s a time and place for that, but be careful to be moderate, no matter how intense your feelings.

A partner who feels trapped and stifled will begin to resent the very relationship you so enjoy.

Worse, this can happen even years into a relationship, so respect your partner’s freedom and autonomy – just don’t leave yourself out in the cold to do it, either.

Your partner ought to still include you in their life, after all.

Final Thought for the March 5 Zodiac

Using an emotional map to get through life is definitely a great thing.

But eventually, you have to let go. Eventually, you have to get past the world of emotions.

Understand that the world has its own rules, and it’s perfectly okay to work with these rules. It’s not some sort of sell-out, it’s not some sort of fatal compromise of your values.

In fact, it’s not negative at all. It is what most people call growing up.

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