October 7 Zodiac

October 7 Zodiac


What is your zodiac sign if you were born on October 7?

If you were born this day, you are a Libra. You have a reputation for being an analytical person.

You are able to take in a lot of data and make the right decision. At least, this is how you’re perceived to be.

It turns out that when it comes to making decisions, your thought process falls around the same as everybody else’.

According to research studies, people often make decisions based primarily on emotions.

Then, they look for seemingly logical or rational explanations for why they decided the way they did. You are not exempt from this.

As much as other people see you as a fairly logical and fact-driven, you often allow your emotions to hold sway with your decisions.

What makes you different, however, is your innate ability to explain your decisions in a way that seem objective, balanced, and fair. This mindset pays off tremendously in many areas of your life.

October 7 Love Horoscope

For lovers born on the 7th of October, your biggest gift to people you’re romantically involved with is your ability to listen well.

You have mastered the art of listening. People you are romantically involved with always look to you as one of the best listeners they have ever come across.

How? You simply let the other person talk and do not interrupt them. You don’t judge what they’re saying.

This says volumes about your ego and your ability to set your ego aside to let others into your life, and have their say.

In many cases, you understand that when people talk to you, they’re not always looking for solutions.

They simply want to get stuff off their chest. You know this well, and a lot of people think you are a great conversationalist.

This applies to all areas of intimacy, but has pronounced resonance an importance in terms of love relationships. This is one of your most prized traits.

Career Horoscope

People born on October 7th are best suited for counseling jobs.

These are people who make their living by listening to others. In our modern society, people like that are few and far between indeed.

Most of the people you are going to encounter have very strong opinions. These people have no reservations in interrupting and imposing their opinions on others.

They seem to relish the idea that people truly care for their opinion.

You, on the other hand, find a lot of value in listening where other people are coming from. The questions you ask enable other people to talk fully and freely.

This is why people born on October 7th make for good counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, certain types of lawyers, and great investigators.

Personality Traits

People seek you out because you tend to have an open heart, mind, and ear. People find you very credible because you simply give them the time and opportunity to shine.

In our world, people are always looking for the spotlight. Most people feel that they are not getting the attention that’s due them.

When they eventually come across somebody who is actually able to do this, these people stand out easily. They become beacons; you are one of these people.

Positive Traits

While you have a healthy ego just like everybody else, you have a knack for setting ego aside.

This enables you to resist the temptation to interrupt when someone is talking. This also makes you a non-judgmental person.

When somebody is sharing something sensitive, you don’t feel the urge to jump in instantly and impose your opinion or conclusions on what that person is saying.

A lot of people you come across easily conclude that you are one of the best listeners they have ever encountered.

Negative Traits

You are able to listen to others, but your biggest shortcoming is that you’re unable to make conclusions. You are perfectly happy to just simply collect information and listen to others speak forever.

That is impossible; at some point in the discussion, you need to step in and let other people know what you think about what they’ve said. Sadly, in many cases, you may be so afraid of their impression of you that you allow yourself to keep asking for information.

People are very suspicious of this; they feel that you may be fishing for information. This can lead to them becoming skeptical and outright distrustful.

October 7 Element

Air is the primal element of all Libras. It’s easy to see why the scales are up in the air.

Your personality reflects a lot of attributes of air. You can put up with a tremendous amount of pressure.

You also have to weigh things to make sense of any kind of situation. However, just like with scales up in the air, it often takes a long time for things to stabilize enough in your view, for you to make the right call.

Planetary Influence

Jupiter is one of the strongest influences in your life.

Jupiter requires order. It requires lines in the sand, so to speak.

Your natural tendency to let others talk is a reflection of this need for some sort of internal order.

While people born on other horoscopes are in extent to fill in these lines proactively, you are perfectly happy to let your listening skills do the filling in.

This yields mixed results. At some point in time, you have to step in and actively engage.

Top Tips for Those Born on October 7th

My best advice to you is to get off the fence more often. In other words, come to a conclusion.

As long as we’re talking about something that involves opinions, you should be perfectly ok.

Everybody is entitled to their opinions. However, no one is entitled to their own set of facts.

As long as you back up your opinions with proper facts, you should be good to go.

Lucky Color

Your lucky color is silver.

Silver is neither white nor any other color. It has its own distinct color and hue.

This describes your personality very closely. You have your own distinct light.

Embrace it; there’s no need for you to be somebody you’re not.

Get out on a limb more often. You’ll be surprised how much more credible and authoritative you could be.

Lucky Numbers

The lucky numbers for you are 32, 48, 97, 98, and 103.

If Your Birthday is 7th October, Never Do This

Libra people often get it right – that’s just one detail of their even-handed and intelligent star sign that’s backed up by a fast-moving mind that covers all the exits ahead of time.

However, there’s something that goes hand in hand with that knowledge, and is especially potent in those individuals born on 7th October as a Libra.

There is, put simply, a tendency for these people to be somewhat aloof and distant – to become a little fond of their self-righteousness, and find ways in which to be the graceful and correct one in every social setting.

A little humility goes a long way, and should absolutely be kept in mind when it comes to having balance for the Libra soul – itself important to the growth of the self, especially for a 7th October Libra.

Final Thoughts for October 7th Zodiac

Your biggest challenge is simply to allow yourself to be comfortable with yourself. There’s nothing wrong with you.

You are entitled to your own opinions. Interestingly enough, your biggest setback is also your biggest strength.

People are drawn to you like moths to a flame because you’re a great listener, but this comes at a big price.

You tend to suppress your personality and your agenda, just so other people can get center stage.

Allow yourself to verbalize your opinions once in a while; more people will respect you if you did.

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