October 8 Zodiac

October 8 Zodiac


What is your zodiac sign if you were born on October 8?

If you’re born on October 8th, your zodiac sign is Libra. Libra people born on this day have a great sense of perspective.

They are able to look at the big picture. A lot of people look up to them for this ability.

Most people cannot see the big picture. They only look at a situation based on where they are, what their needs are, and their biases.

When someone can rise to the situation consistently and look at it from a fair, impartial, and balanced perspective, despite how bad it can be, you can’t help but respect that person.

There is a remarkable sense of courage and personal conviction that comes with the territory of being able to call things the way you see them.

You are that person; you have been blessed by that trait. This is not a complete blessing.

In most situations, people do seek out this part of your personality. But other times, many people might find you disloyal, untrustworthy, and view you with suspicion.

Love Horoscope

For lovers born on the 8th of October, your personality configuration can be a great source of conflict. As mentioned above, most people respect and admire you.

Precisely because you seem so balanced and impartial. However, when it comes to matters of emotion, these traits are not exactly in high demand.

When your best friend or lover is confiding in you, they are looking for someone to stand by them. The last thing that they want is somebody to say,

“Well, you have to look at it from the other’s side.” They don’t expect a devil’s advocate. They want somebody who is firmly on their side.

Unfortunately, you are unable to turn off this aspect of your thinking. You always weigh both sides and try to come up with an unvarnished, and purely objective middle ground.

The middle ground is not a point of convenience. Instead, it’s something that you believe is rooted in objective truth.

This rubs a lot of people the wrong way. The people who are looking to you for moral support, guidance, and stability feel let down.

If you do this many times, it’s very easy for you to turn friends into enemies.

Career Horoscope

People born on October 8th are most suited for jobs requiring the delivery of unpopular decisions.

The obvious choice of a profession for you is that of a judge. Federal judges in the US are not elected, but appointed.

They are divorced from the political dynamics that normally attached to elective positions like legislators and state level judges.

You can also look into becoming an auditor. An auditor does their job not to be popular, but to be truthful.

You are expected to deliver opinions that are based on objective fact and truth. The consequences be damned.

Look for these types of jobs. You would do well in any kind of position where truth-telling is required.

However, stay away from jobs that require you to take somebody’s side actively. For example, you cannot be a criminal defense attorney and do a very good job.

Because your focus is not necessarily on putting your client’s best case forward.

Your focus is on the absolute, impartial truth which may not line up with the interest of the person you are representing.

Personality Traits

People born on October 8th have a tremendous sense of balance, and you value integrity. In fact, integrity and truthfulness are so high up on your list of values that it has become a vice.

You often find yourself in situations where you tell people uncomfortable truths. This puts some of your relationships in jeopardy.

In many cases, people who would have been your allies turn into enemies fairly quickly.

Positive Traits

Your loyalty to the truth is quite honorable and admirable indeed. You quickly develop a reputation for being someone who calls it the way you see it.

Unfortunately, this also makes you a very polarizing person. You have to remember, that in our day and age, there’s no such thing as absolute truth.

What may be true for you, may not necessarily be true for somebody else.

While there are certain objective truths that almost all people could agree on, for the most part, all other subjects really have a lot of gray area at the middle.

Instinctively, shooting for a black or white resolution doesn’t make you a very popular person.

Negative Traits

In many cases, your zeal for calling out the truth and telling truth to power, ends up with you stepping on many toes. A lot of people think that the truths you champion are not universal truths.

These are things that people can have disagreements about. You easily confuse your opinion with objective, fact-based realities, and this can lead to complications.

Your friendships are often fragile because of your tendency to explode with these “truth bombs.”

October 8th Element

People born on this day have the element of air. Air is normally quite stable. It is definitely required for life.

However, given enough pressure, air does explode. Keep this in mind.

Planetary Influence

Your tendency to look at things in black-and-white terms is a reflection of the great influence of
Jupiter on your psyche. Jupiter requires control and predictability.

You choose to get these from your conception and definition of truth.

Top Tips for Those with October 8th birthday

My best advice for you is to embrace the idea of uncertainty. There are few things in life that are absolutely certain.

There are few things in life that can be distilled with no reservation to either black or white.

Unfortunately, that’s how your mind habitually works. You believe that your perception of truth is the absolute, and this leads to situations that can cause unnecessary drama and conflict.

By letting go of personal definitions of truth and allowing yourself to pick up information regarding the other side, your pronouncement of truths will be based on better facts and palatable to those around you.

Lucky Numbers

Your lucky numbers are 17, 18, 32, 47, and 98.

People with the 8th October Zodiac Always Make This Mistake

It’s easy for Libra people to lose hold of their heart, when things begin to feel more like a whimsical rom-com movie than real life in their day to day existence.

Most Libra people have an ability to rein in those pipe dreams – but unfortunately, those born on 8th October are less adept there.

These are people who tend to fall in love with falling in love, in other words, to an extent that means that they often don’t see the reality of a given situation as it plays out until it’s too late.

This can lead to unrequited love or just outright humiliation, as well as misreading signals from someone as a sign of interest.

Libra people tend to not like making the first move too, so will pine painfully from afar while never doing anything to alleviate the situation – nor question if the emotions they are feeling are healthy.

Final Thoughts for October 8 Zodiac

It’s very easy for you to generate an incredible amount of respect and admiration. You prize the truth and you are more than willing to risk everything for the things you believe in.

However, make sure to pick the right battles. In many cases, what you’re really fighting for is your ego.

There is a big difference between being right and being happy.

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