Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces

When Mercury shows up in Pisces, communications are at their most clear. Pisces do not just converse with other people, but many also claim psychic abilities. You often feel that you understand intangible realms and concepts better than most. Of all the Zodiac signs, you are the twelfth and most likely to believe in supernatural ideas.

Mercury in Pisces Traits

You seem wise beyond your years, Pisces. Your emotional nature and creative streak have taught you a lot during your time on Earth. The influence of Mercury will clarify misunderstandings in your relationships.

Own up to your anxieties. Tell your loved ones what is bothering you. You will want to squirm out of this, but realize what an opportunity you could be passing up. You are the only one who can ask for what you really need and really want.

You will benefit from being around others who nurture your spiritual side. You love the open mind of an Aquarius friend. You look forward to intellectual discussions with your Gemini friend. You can find the best qualities in friends of all Signs and are fulfilled by having such a diverse circle of loved ones.

Mercury in Pisces Women

Mercurial Piscean Women trust their intuition more than most other women—and they are usually right, in doing so. These maternal figures somehow always know exactly what you need to hear. You can successfully emulate these women, and often do when showing love to others.

Your words are comforting. Because you are so emotionally and spiritually sensitive, you speak to others in ways that you cannot fully appreciate. You might even feel as though the words just ‘come to you’. You often credit a higher power for inspiration, rather than assuming it is a product of your own mind.

You love to study to Cosmos. You have a very curious and scientific mind. You may sometimes jump to early conclusions, and deny facts that contradict your gut feelings. However, this is just a part of how you perceive and communicate with the world around you, as influenced by Mercury in Pisces.

Both the Mercurial influence and the nature of the Two Fish, swimming opposite one another, show that you are not afraid of confrontation or change. You are more likely to accept change that is optional. You are not easily converted to ideas that go against your inquisitive nature.

Mercury in Pisces Men

Men with Mercury in Pisces are good listeners. They are smart and can hold their own in a conversation. The Piscean influence however, makes it hard to tell exactly when he is in the mood to chat. These men love to be around Piscean women, because the unspoken communication allows more openness, in relationships.

These men may seem indecisive or weak. The self-doubt and questioning are all parts of the Piscean decision-making process, especially with Mercury in Pisces. The influence of Mercury does not make it easy to make quick decisions. Do not rush yourself, because you will likely regret a hasty decision.

Mercury and Pisces in Love

Mercury’s influence over Pisces creates the perfect setting for love. Choosing the right partner is essential. While there may be more than one amazing match out there for you, you need to be aware of your Sign’s characteristics, and compatibility, as affected by Mercury in Pisces.

Your best prospects for love are Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, and Taurus (with Mercury). Capricorn and Cancer tie for the best match. Study the Star Sign of your significant other to make a more informed decision, between the two.

Capricorn is detail-oriented and can complement your starry-eyed-dreamer nature. This romantic partner will take care of domestic chores and help you set daily and weekly routines, so that your home will run more smoothly. The Capricorn can also influence you to think outside your normal mindset.

Cancer can help you make strategic plans, that you would not be able to come up with on your own. Mercury in Cancer and Mercury in Pisces understand one another’s lack of traditional values. This is not a weakness, but rather a blank slate for new ideas. You both encourage the dreamer in one another. Cancers are willing to make big sacrifices for partners and relationships, and Pisces in Mercury shows more gratitude that other Signs, in these situations.

A Mercurial Scorpio will be understanding and appreciative of your quirks. They will also offer you much physical chemistry and personal affirmation. Scorpios can be a bit cold-hearted at times, and depending on your respective Star Signs, could either make a great or miserable match. There is not much middle are when Scorpios are concerned.

Mercury in Taurus can prove to be just the motivator you need on the hardest of days. These partners are loyal, and tenacious, and will always push you to give 110%. The Taurus is more grounded in their thinking, but will always support your individuality. Taurus has a temper, but Mercury softens it, and this match could bring you both fulfillment in love.

Your worst prospects for love are Mercurial Gemini and Mercurial Sagittarius. Mercury in Gemini presses all the wrong buttons when it comes to communicating with you. This will overwhelm you. Your Sign is not near as social as Gemini. Nor do you enjoy the same social settings.

Mercury in Gemini is a double-dose of conversation. While charming and witty, these people are not promising for you, in terms of life partner-style commitment. You love your Gemini friends, you just don’t need to marry them.
A Mercurial Sagittarian will also overwhelm and overshadow your sparkling personality. You will benefit most from a partner who respects your quiet side, honors your spiritual side, and looks out for your blind side. Sagittarius may drown you out.

Dates for the Mercury in Pisces

Mercury enters Pisces on February 25th. Mercury will be in Retrograde 4 times in 2017. These periods include January 1st-9th, April 9th-May 3rd, August 13th-September 5th, and December 3rd-23rd. These times should all be used as times of reflection, planning, and personal preparations for the year ahead.

As always, time that Mercury is in Retrograde is for reflection. Use this time as a study of what worked for you last year, and what did not. Make rational decisions, when possible, although your instinct is to go with your gut.Emotions rule you, Pisces, but you can practice mindful meditation to help you harness these energies more efficiently.

Final Thoughts

When Mercury is in Pisces, you need an extra freedom to be a little messy. You tend to be extremely creative, and although organized, not necessarily streamlined. A Fish cannot swim in a straight line forever, nor can Pisces control what catches their antennas. Do not expect others to understand your unique ‘filing system’, just politely thank them for putting up with your contained mess.

You are often called a dreamer. Maybe you have even been labeled with an attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder. You crave a connection to higher powers and do not put too much stock in mortal authorities. All of these things that may have gotten you in trouble in school make you the wonderful and magical person you are!

You may feel largely misunderstood by those close to you. Realize that they love you and that you bear responsibility for making your own voice heard. Analyze which of your needs are being recognized, and which are not. Find healthy ways to express your needs to loved ones.

Your friends and family will appreciate the effort, and Mercury in Pisces encourages you to keep moving forward in this process. In your search for fulfillment, you must continue to put in daily work. Do not be discouraged.

With Mercury in Pisces, you are most likely to articulate your needs and desires to others. Trust your loved ones to respond appropriately. Be thankful. Show others gratitude.

A Question for You, Dear Pisces:

Pisces, would you rather fight the current, or go with the flow, in your relationships?

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