Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces Traits

Neptune takes 165 years to complete its cycle through the 12 Zodiac Signs.  Neptune’s position will show up in your natal chart—for Pisces, this is the Twelfth House.

Neptune is currently in your Sign Pisces, and will be there until 2025!

Neptune is your Ruling Planet, Pisces.  You are blessed with a spiritual side, deeper than most.  You are the last and most mature House of the Zodiac.

You will feel most open the psychic moments and dreams of the future that Neptune brings to you.

Neptune will offer you inspiration to keep on the path towards finding true love and happiness.

Neptune positioning speaks to the area of your life that your struggle with or procrastinate over—spiritual growth.  Do not be discouraged, because Neptune wants to help you find love and fulfillment.

Do not fret or feel like a weirdo if you want love and acceptance, without monogamy or committed relationships.

You know what’s best for you.  If you love being single and/or traveling, you probably already know that you can find love and fulfillment within yourself, and by seeing more of the world.

Neptune in Pisces Women

Women with Neptune in Pisces are nearly divine.  You have the most open-minded attitude towards people who are different from you.  You may not be religious, but are very spiritual.

Pisces is a Water Sign, symbolized by the Two Fish.  The Two Fish are usually swimming in opposite directions.  Let Neptune, the God of the Sea, take on full role as your Ruling Planet.

When others are feeling the Retrograde cycle of Neptune draining their energy, you may feel most energized.  Put your energy to work helping those around you.

You can find love and fulfillment by recirculating positivity back into the world, especially because Neptune is guiding your way.

Of all the Signs, you are known as the Loner, Pisces.  You want to find your own way in life.  You are a philosopher.

Women with Neptune in Virgo are extremely emotionally sensitive.  You may not show it on the outside, but you have a knack for reading rooms and faces.   Try to learn from these dynamics that you pick up on.

Be grateful for your intuitive gifts, and nurture them.  Your most intimate relationship pin life is with yourself, and you will find love and fulfillment by practicing your mindfulness.

This is when you will see the most significant growth of spirit.

Neptune in Pisces Men

Men with Neptune in Pisces are amazingly emotionally intelligent.  This guy has a deep personality, and has a romantic way about him.

He may not want to be tied down, but he can make an amazing partner when he falls in love.

All Pisces are Ruled by Neptune.  This is the prime time for this Man to explore his own spirituality, subconscious, and lovemaking needs.  He may have a hard time opening up, but it will be worth the wait.

If neither of you are looking for a specifically long-term, committed, monogamous relationship then just remain friends.

A Pisces is a friend for life.  You may even go years between meet-up with a Pisces Man, but your bond will not be lost to time.

Men with Neptune in Pisces are not only Ruled by Neptune, but also currently sit in this position.  Since Neptune will be in Pisces until 2025, it is important to be aware of Neptune’s pull on him.

His symbol, the Two Fish, should tell you he may be impossible to catch and keep—so make sure communications stay open and honest.

Neptune and Pisces in Love

Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who is generous to you—not with money—but with your personal space, your alone time, and your need to explore.

You will be miserable with an overbearing or possessive lover.

You will not find what you need if you are tied to the fence post, Pisces.  Neptune is in place right now, guarding over your kind heart.  Be strong in asking for what you want and need.

You must remember, on your search for love and fulfillment, that you may need more space than some other Signs.

Do not enter a relationship to pacify someone you love—it will not end well.  You may feel to weighed down by partners like Virgos and Leos.

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who encourages your study of the world and realms around you.

Your partner doesn’t have to love travel, but they should love your love of travel.  You will enjoy partnerships with an Aquarius or a Libra.

Aquarius and Libra can both be a supportive, and open-minded, source of love and fulfillment.  You will find acceptance in these two Signs.

A Libra might want more of a commitment up-front, whereas an Aquarius may take some time to come around.

Either Aquarius or Libra can be independently happy, outside your relationship.  This is a turn-on for you.  The physical chemistry with these partners will never disappoint you.

Dates for Neptune in Pisces

Be aware of Neptune’s Retrograde cycle for this year:  Neptune enters the Retrograde zone on February 23, 2017, and becomes Stationary Retrograde on June 16, 2017.

Neptune goes Stationary Direct on November 22, 2017.  Neptune leaves the Retrograde zone on March 13, 2018.

Neptune’s cycles are very long.  Neptune entered Pisces on February 3, 2012.  Neptune will enter Pisces—in Retrograde—on October 22, 2025.

Pisces, you are being visited by Neptune right now.  You have a while, so don’t rush any decisions.  However, this is the time for you to really see how far your imagination can take you!

7 Little Known Facts About Neptune in Pisces

At the point of Neptune venturing into the area of Pisces, those individuals that fall under this star sign may very well discover that they are encountering several changes to their life.

Alternatively, they may alter the way in which they look at things, but the only way that you will be able to understand if this is the case is by looking at several facts connected to what generally happens when this combination happens.

1. You will develop a deeper spiritual side.

Thanks to Neptune, you are going to develop a deeper spiritual side that will also bring with it a number of clear advantages.

This will allow you to really get in touch with your own inner self and to grow as a person in ways and means that you have never experienced before.

2. It inspires you to stay on the correct path.

Neptune is also going to help to keep you on the correct path in life, and to avoid falling into those various traps that can be waiting in any location.

If you have been struggling with things, then it will show you that change is possible, you just need to believe in it happening.

3. You are open-minded towards people.

Women that have this particular combination are going to be very open-minded towards other people, and it is often felt that they are friendliest in this way.

You just do not really care about what others think as you are just very aware of how you feel about religion, life, and anything else that makes us who we are.

4. You have the energy to help others.

You will also discover that there is a real energy to help others, and this is something that you excel in. You feel as if you are able to just keep on going even when others are exhausted making you far more reliable than the majority of people.

5. You are emotionally intelligent.

Men with this combination are going to be far more emotionally intelligent than the majority of men from other star signs.

You are more in tune with your emotions and do not believe that showing them is going to result in it being a sign of weakness. Instead, it is something to be admired by others.

6. You become a friend for life.

There is no doubt that you are going to be viewed as being a friend for life when you have this particular combination.

You will stand by people through everything that may happen to them, and this loyalty is not something that you should shy away from.

7. You love to be mindful.

Finally, this combination is going to make you really fall in love with the concept of being mindful. You enjoy the serenity that it brings to you, and will seek to use it as often as you can.

What you will discover is that this partnership is going to result in you finding more balance in your life with a sense of contentment as to who you are as a person.

You will have the opportunity for growth as well as showing others what you are really about, so take advantage of it.

Final Thoughts

Pisces, you will find love and fulfillment.When you feel like being around others, try to really soak it in.

When you want to be alone, or hideout for a while, make sure to communicate this in a thoughtful way to your loved ones.

Let someone you trust know of your travel plans, in case your travels get sketchy at any point.  Happy Trails!

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