Pluto in Pisces

Pluto in Pisces

Pluto in Pisces Traits

Pluto last passed through Pisces at the turn of the nineteenth century, from 1797 to 1823, and it will be reentering this sign in the year 2044, where it will stay until 2068. The last time this happened was a long, tense but not war-torn period, in which philosophy, art, and religion all became deeply spiritual in comparison to the organized forms they had taken on before.

Pisces is one of the most spiritually inclined signs of the zodiac, and is very drawn to a personal philosophy that connects them to the greater powers of the universe. It was during this period that the Romantic movement in art took place, with its ideas that man and nature were intertwined – and the people born during this period would go on to revive that idea some thirty years later, in the middle of the nineteenth century.

The idea of interconnectedness is central to the worldview of people born when Pluto was in Pisces. They believe strongly that fulfillment will be found through a connection to the greater channels of the power of the universe, and that everything in life happens for a reason. These are serene, thoughtful people, bolstered with a kind of optimism that some more cynical signs would call naïve.

One of the main traits of people born under this sign is their desire to find joy and happiness in the world. This sounds like a great thing, right? For many Pisceans, it is! However, for some, there is a tendency to pursue dangerous or self-destructive paths in the name of pleasure “in the moment.”

In the early nineteenth century, when Pluto last passed through Pisces, there was an upswing in recreational drug use, with opium being the drug of choice. Its hallucinatory and depressive properties appealed to people who wanted to experience more of the world, but who also wanted to be calmed – the hallmark traits of the Pisces.

We can’t say what particular drugs or activities will be appealing to the Pisces of the future, but we can be sure that there will be something – and also that people born under this sign will be completely impervious to criticism from their elders.

Pluto in Pisces Women

The archetype of a gentle, graceful lady might as well be the mascot for Pluto in Pisces. Women born under this sign tend to be retiring, introspective, quiet, and emotionally intuitive. They can be quite intellectually and philosophically adept, but ultimately, their values will always be on their emotional world, including their emotional relationships.

The idea of “stereotypical femininity” did not sit badly at all with women of this period – of course, there were exceptions, but even the women who were seen as bucking the system during their lives still fit quite neatly into our (admittedly somewhat looser) ideas of “traditional” behaviour for women.

These women were more interested in helping others in private than in securing places in the public sphere for themselves. It was a different set of values from the one that we have now – it wasn’t necessarily that these women were “quieter” by nature (and they certainly weren’t “weaker”), but their energies were directed into places that, today, would not be where we would think to direct our energies first.

One public field that Piscean women feel very at home in tends to be the spiritual world. There were many great female spiritual writers born in this time, and while they certainly weren’t famous by any stretch of the imagination, they had a lot more respect and notability than women who were trying to make waves with their political writings or commentaries were at the same time.

Even novels written by women during this time (like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) or by women born during this time (like Charlotte Bronte, author of Jane Eyre) that weren’t really about religion or spirituality had strong spiritual and religious angles. After all, Frankenstein is about a man taking on the role of a god, and Jane Eyre’s titular character is one of the most famously committed to her religion in literary history.

This field was seen as far more appropriate for women to participate in than others, and so women who did have a thirst for public influence tended to focus on the religion and spirituality that they also considered personally important.

Pluto in Pisces Men

Men born while Pluto was in Pisces tend to be similarly thoughtful and philosophical to their womenfolk, but no one could ever mistake this for a period when there were not strict gender roles. Men had a lot more freedom to not carry out the responsibilities of their gender than women did, but ultimately, “masculine” and “feminine” behaviour was strictly defined.

This was a period of great artists and creators being born in all fields, from painting to poetry to science to social criticism. There was something in the air when Pluto passed through Pisces that blessed the people born under this time with a seemingly divine inspiration.

Because men had a lot more freedom to create than women, much of the great art that we know of from the time came from men – and great art it is! These men were highly perceptive, yet displayed a generosity of spirit that other perceptive signs like Scorpio only wish they could match.

You could never catch a Pisces wishing misfortune on another, except if they believed that the misfortune was the only way to teach them a lesson – and even then, any misfortune was wished for in a divine and spiritual way, along the lines of, “God, let them be shown the error of their ways,” rather than the “let me show you the error of your ways in the most brutal way possible” that a Scorpio might lean towards (and, to you Scorpions out there, I don’t mean that as an insult – I was born while Pluto was in Scorpio too!)

Men of this period were also some of the most surprisingly great inventors of the zodiac. Perhaps because of their confidence that everything happens for a reason, this was not a group of people who were easily dissuaded by failure! They may not have had the fiery power of an Aries, or the sheer, gritty persistence of a Capricorn, but they worked through problems with a thoughtful, flexible, and unassailable positive attitude.

The technological and artistic changes in the coming decades were due in large part to the kind of people born during this sign! It will undoubtedly be an interesting experience to watch what kind of insights and changes our next generation of Plutonian Pisceans brings about.

Pluto in Pisces In Love

When a Pisces falls in love, it is always the greatest love in the universe, the love that moves mountains and forges rivers, the love that will change the face of the world as we know it. In short, Pisceans can be a bit dramatic about their romantic feelings.

This holds true, to one extent or another, no matter where Pisces appears in your horoscope – but it is never more true than for people born when Pisces was in Pluto. While history has remembered the great art of the nineteenth century, picking up a poetry book from the time would shock you with the quantity of egregiously sappy romantic poetry.

You’d be amazed at the sheer numbers of people who were convinced, wholeheartedly and with not a shred of irony, that they were saying something new about love, while repeating the rather overblown sentiments of every other poet in the book.

If you fall in love with someone born while Pluto was in Pisces, brace yourself to be showered in statements of love that will leave anyone who’s even a little commitment-phobic in hysterical tears. Pisces takes its relationships seriously, and has no time for anyone who might suggest that they understate their feelings.

A Piscean partner will treat you like royalty. You might get the impression, because their statements of love are so intense, that they might be short-lived or not meant sincerely. Nothing could be further from the truth! Some people might say that love can be like either an explosion or a slow-burning flame, but the love of someone with Pluto in Pisces will be like the Big Bang – an explosion that will go on until the end of time, constantly expanding.

 It may not surprise you that breaking up with a Plutonian Pisces can be hard to do. While they are highly emotionally intuitive, very good in relationships and aren’t likely to give you many reasons to break up (unless you have a problem with clingy partners, but you’ll probably end it very quickly if that’s the case), obviously, not every match is made in heaven.

If you have to break things off with a Pisces, try to let them down gently, express your continuing respect and care for them, and, if all else fails, end it in such a way that they can write poetry about your lost love for years to come.

 Dates for Pluto in Pisces

Pluto took 24 years to pass through Pisces last time it happened, and it is predicted to take 24 years again. This is one of the longer spans that Pluto spends in any one sign, more than ten years over the minimum number that has ever been recorded. Pluto’s elliptical orbit means that it is not easy to predict how long it spends in every sign, and these values are likely to change over time.

This could be because, in many ways, the energy of Pisces is our “resting energy.” After all, we are currently in the great age of Pisces, only starting to shift into the great age of Aquarius, after over two thousand years in Pisces.

At the current moment, a 24-year span of time spent in Leo could be disastrous – last time Pluto passed through Leo, we were almost consumed by nuclear war, and it was only in Leo for 19 years!

However, the gentle energy of Pisces, the intense spirituality and the value for emotions, is a much less dangerous place for our world to “rest,” in the state that it is currently in.

Those of us who are seeking sweeping political change should be mindful that, once the period of Pluto in Pisces begins, these changes are not likely to come easily or effectively. It is like a refractory period, in which everything “resets” and “gets back on its feet.” If you want major change or revolution, you’re best off trying to finish it during the years of Aquarius, before 2044.

People born under Pisces as a Sun sign should also know that the April of 2044, when Pluto enters Pisces, will likely carry some sort of major positive change with it, which will probably last for the rest of your life. Consider that when you are making your decisions – maybe you should build just a bit of flexibility into your life for after that April.

Final Thoughts

Last time Pluto was in Pisces, it brought us some of the greatest minds of recent history in every imaginable field. I hope that next time it passes through, it brings similar inspiration to the minds of the masses! The level of spiritual enlightenment, connection to art, and emotional awareness remains unparallelled since the last batch of Pisceans grew into adulthood.

I’ll also just toss this out here: if you’re planning on having children in the 2040s, it may be worth waiting until after 2044, and putting your child into the Piscean period. It’s not that it will make them an entirely different person, but you may be setting them up for a slightly more peaceful, reflective life, rather than the life of rebellion and revolution that comes along with being an Aquarius. But, of course, if rebellion and revolution is what you want, then go for it!

Can you see the patterns of Pisces in history? How do you think they will play out in the future? Only time will tell us for certain!

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