21 Sagittarius Quotes That Are So True

21 Sagittarius Quotes That Are So True

The Ninth Zodiac sign, ‘Sagittarius’, with its element Fire and ruler Jupiter, the largest planet, is for the people born between November 23 to December 21.

They are avid travelers and with their curiosity and energy levels, are quite adaptable to changes.
Sagittarians are extroverts and have a constant desire to be in touch with the external world.

This leads them to have an open mind with which they can explore different cultures across the world to understand the true meaning of life.

They are generally optimistic and enthusiastic and are able to transform their thoughts into actions.

They value their freedom and hence appreciate partners who are open, playful and have a good sense of humor.

They expect their partners to be sensitive and intellectual. Sagittarius are honest by nature and cannot moderate their reactions in certain situations which need social tolerance and acceptability.

They tend to be flirtatious at times owing to their love for change but are very loyal and dedicated when they find true love!

Here are 21 amazing Sagittarius quotes that are so true you won’t believe them. Read and then reread them and you’ll be surprised!

1. Sagittarians dream big

A Sagittarius quote that says it all. These individuals have a firm belief in their strengths and see no point in mourning over misfortunes. They are highly optimistic and are confident about their future.

These are philosophical individuals. They set ambitious benchmarks for themselves and believe that they can achieve the same, no matter how tough it is.

2. Sagittarians are straightforward and truthful

If this quote about the Sagittarius sun sign is to be believed, these are one of the most direct and candid personalities in all of the zodiac.

Their candid way of communication can be misinterpreted at times as rude and blunt by some. However, it isn’t so. Actually, they don’t believe in making things over sweet to get socially accepted.

They talk straight and expect everyone to follow the same strictness as far as rules and policies are concerned.

3. A Sagittarius has an amazing sense of humor

Sagittarius are capable of giving you a dose of hysterical laughter with their exceptional sense of humor mixed with an undaunted sarcasm.

They have a natural talent for observing the witty and ridiculous side of life which leads to this awesomely dangerous mixture of humor and sarcasm.

They are capable of making your eyes roll out! You can never be bored in the company of a Sagittarian! She’ll make sure you laugh a lot and laugh often.

4. Sagittarians respect independence and hate being dictated

What this Sagittarius quote means is that Sagittarians are quite independent and love to be this way. They don’t prefer to be dictated and being told to do this or that.

They are masters of their own will and prefer to use their own ways for completing their actions.

Unnecessary nagging for how a task is to be accomplished in a particular way can shut them off and affect their independence quotient.

5. Sagittarius can be anxious and irritated

As the above Sagittarius quote says, Sagittarius are very excited for the next phase of life after completing one. They have high expectations from life owing to their optimism and enthusiasm.

However, if things don’t turn out the way they should have been, Sagittarians tends to lose their optimism and can get irritated and itchy.

They become restless and cannot hold their concentration for long. Therefore, they don’t have a high degree of tolerance for ambiguity and would love to go as planned.

6. Sagittarius have sharp intuitions and observations

This Sagittarius quote is absolutely true. Sagittarians can actually read a person so minutely that their observations might put them into a state of shock.

Actually, Sagittarians are blessed with extremely sharp intuitive capabilities that make them the owner of exceptionally acute observational skills.

Therefore, you need to be very cautious in the presence of a Sagittarius. You might not come to know about it but they have already had a sketch of you with them!

7. Sagittarius is averse to crap

Don’t lie to a Sagittarius, they are allergic to it. As this quote about the Sagittarius sun sign puts it, they are honest and expect the same in return.

Manipulations and lies will make you lose the respect you’ve earned in their eyes. Be truthful to them, at all times.

8. Sagittarians have zero tolerance towards selfishness

Sagittarius cannot stand individuals who are too self-centered and cannot see anything but themselves. Sagittarius don’t prefer to stay in the company of such people and are happy being alone.

They appreciate people who can think for others’ well-being and welfare and are keen to support the needy to any extent possible.

9. Sagittarius are sharp and futuristic

The above Sagittarius quote describes how it is difficult to undermine the intelligence of a Sagittarius and one should not attempt it. They possess a sharp intellect and can plan things well.

They are sharp enough to assess the environment and therefore can prepare alternatives for another course of action, in case it doesn’t work out one way.

They are quick to judge the intentions of the person who is trying to fool them and take corrective actions accordingly.

10. Sagittarius are free-spirited souls

A Sagittarius is a free soul and is always enchanted by freedom. You cannot hold them back for long. They are in love with their freedom and can go to any extent to grab it.

They are not the kind of individuals who will pity over the uneventful situations in life. Rather, they will go out and look for opportunities to make life more beautiful than it presently is.

They always look forward to enjoying the small joys of life and admire its beauty in all forms.

11. Sagittarius are ruthless if cheated

This Sagittarius quote warns you! You cannot make fool of a Sagittarian and let go. They make sure you have to regret that action through the rest of your life.

Though Sagittarians are generally calm individuals and don’t make an issue out of any situation, they are quite hard-hearted if someone tries to hurt them.

Think twice before attempting anything wrong, intentionally or unintentionally against them. They are very sensitive and heartless in this regard!

12. Sagittarius have a proactive attitude towards risks

As the Sagittarius quote above sums it, Sagittarians are open to calculated risks. They believe in the importance of having an acceptance towards risks to be successful.

Now that you know it, don’t be skeptical if a Sagittarian around you approves of a risk, they have surely calculated the gains and losses well!

13. Sagittarius are inquisitive and good learners

Traits like curiosity and creativity are inherent to Sagittarius. They are good learners and are inquisitive about anything and everything.

They have deep probing questions in order to understand the phenomena around them well. Their curiosity and gathered knowledge make them creative individuals as they tackle routine affairs.

The way they handle situations is quite an experience for others to learn from!

14. Sagittarius has a flair for spontaneity

As the quote above suggests, Sagittarians are full of life and their enthusiasm motivates others to enjoy and live life to the fullest.

The spontaneity of a Sagittarius is infectious and can put those around into a comfortable space immediately. Their friends admire them for their liveliness and spontaneity.

15. Sagittarius loves Challenge

Challenge a Sagittarian and wait to see the task being executed with double the efforts. Sagittarians love challenges and they prove people wrong with their untiring efforts.

It is highly suggested to not challenge a Sagittarian unless you wish to see a completely different side of their personality!

16. Sagittarius are focused and avoid drama

As this Sagittarius quote puts it, melodrama and useless gossips have no place in a Sagittarians life.

They don’t pay any attention to such stuff, instead of paying heed to the priorities of their families, friends, and workspace.

They prefer not to lose focus and stick to their goals, taking steps for their fulfillment. Sagittarians love objectives and would not like to deviate from them for the sake of any dramatical crap!

17. Sagittarius are time-takers when it comes to commitment

Sagittarius are quite particular when it comes to relationships and commitment. They prefer a slow pace rather than being desperate to cling on to the first person they come across.

They understand that there is no looking back once they commit. Therefore, if you are looking out for a Sagittarius, invest in spending time with her/him and allow time for the relationship to flourish.

18. Sagittarius are good at concealing their emotions

According to this quote for the Sagittarius sun sign, these individuals are good at hiding their emotions. They won’t let you know of their pain and emotions when they are hurt.

They prefer to stay alone when they are hurt rather than finding a shoulder to cry on. They are not really comfortable talking to people and keep things to themselves.

Don’t force them to share if they really don’t want to as they might not see this as a courtesy as you meant it!

19. Sagittarius believes in moving on!

Sagittarius don’t hold grudges for long. Rather, they prefer to explore new opportunities in a situation and tend to move on.

They find no point in discussing complaints for long and march ahead with a fresh spring of positivity and optimism.

Actually, Sagittarians would like to engage themselves in constructive discussions and chats which can provide a pathway to a better future.

20. Sagittarius is ready to help whenever they are needed

This Sagittarius quote reveals a powerful trait of these wonderful species. When it comes to their loved ones, a Sagittarian ensures she has to be there for them.

They understand the need for unconditional support in order to make their loved ones feel comfortable irrespective of the situation they are in.

They don’t need a second opinion to help people in any way they can.

21. Sagittarius have a high degree of openness to experience

Sagittarius are highly averse to routine situations and they hate to work on usual problems. They are always on the hunt for challenging and adventurous situations.

They feel underutilized when engaged in repetitive situations and assignments. Therefore, they need a constant exposure to new experiences in order to gain new insights and perform to the best of their abilities.

My Final Thoughts

As you must have realized reading the Sagittarius quotes above, these are fun loving, optimistic, and enthusiastic people to be with. They are fond of traveling and set high goals for themselves.

In fact, they are considered one of the biggest travelers amongst all Zodiac signs. They can wander around the world, witnessing new cultures, to experience the real meaning of life.

They love challenges and can go to any extent to win them. They have the ability to transform their thoughts into actions too and will do everything it takes to achieve their objectives.

Owing to their free nature and spirit, they make many friends across boundaries. They are very good at sales due to their extrovert nature. They love earning and spending money too!

They are very honest and impatient at times! They will move on and are real explorers at heart. Sagittarians are guided by a strong inner sense of right and wrong.

Jump into a discussion on spiritual matters and you’ll win them over!

Sagittarius men are adventurous (risk taking too!), fun-loving, and travel enthusiasts who are often interested in religion and philosophy.

They are frank, optimists, and courageous, but at the same time, careless and impatient. They will often look out for a partner who’s a patient listener and can appreciate their wisdom and experiences.

Sagittarius women, on the other hand, are expressive, vibrant, and full of excitement. They are fun loving, honest, and independent, capable of speaking their mind!

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