Sagittarius: Nine Things to Accept Before You Can Love Unconditionally

Sagittarius: Nine Things to Accept Before You Can Love Unconditionally


Love has to be unconditional. There is no such thing as romantic love that is conditional.

Think about it.

Would you love somebody only if they did certain things? Would you want somebody to love you that way?

Conditional love is not love at all, if you think about it. It’s more like a contract.

It’s more like a pre-agreed give and take where if you do something, then somebody will do something for you.

While a real relationship is all about give and take, real love is more than give and take.
Real love must be based on solid trust.

You can’t love somebody completely if you can’t love them unconditionally. There has to be a lot of trust and faith involved.

Sagittarius people will have a tough time loving unconditionally if they can’t accept certain things. They have to wrap their minds around this fundamental truth.

Otherwise, they would be unable to give full love.

This is a serious issue with Sagittarius people because Sagittarius people are one of the most socially gifted signs of the horoscope.

You can throw these people in any kind of social situation, and they would end up making quick friends.

These may not be the deepest friendships. These may not be the most fulfilling relationships. But these are real friendships nonetheless.

That’s how gifted Sagittarius people are.

The downside to their easy social skills is the fact that their relationships and friendships are normally shallow.

There just seems to be some empty space there that they can’t seem to get past. There seems to be some line that they can’t get over.

If you are a Sagittarius person and you’re looking for a deep, profound, and truly liberating love, here are nine things you need to keep in mind.

These are the nine things you need to accept before you can allow yourself to love unconditionally.

Accept That There Is No Such Thing As a Perfect Partner

By believing that there is a perfect person out there for you, you are just setting yourself up for a lifetime of disappointment.

Worst of all, you will always second guess the people that you do end up with. You might end up comparing them to an imaginary person you wish you met.

This is unfair to that person and, if you think about it hard enough, it’s unfair to you.

You need to focus on people as they are instead of how you’d like to imagine them to be.

Love Is a Product of Willpower

Love is a product of you choosing to be in love. There is really no other way around it.

Love is a statement of willpower. If you want to be in love, you can be in love. It really is that simple.

Think about it. If you can only be in love with a certain person, then most people would not be in love. Why?

People die all the time. People move away all the time.

So if they can only love one person and, for some reason or another, that person is unavailable, then they would have no love in their life.

Well, people fall in love all the time. People break up with somebody they thought they loved, and then they find somebody else to love.

This is proof that it is positive that love is a product of your willpower.

Use that willpower to start loving unconditionally.

Understand That You Can Fall in Love With Anyone Given the Circumstances

This is a natural extension of what I said earlier.

Since love is a product of willpower, then your ability to love can transcend any circumstance.

This means that your ability to fall in love is quite flexible.

Maybe this soul mate that you thought was completely right for you screwed up. And all of a sudden, circumstances change and you fall in love with somebody else.

It really all boils down to willpower. It really all boils down to choice.

You have to allow yourself to fall in love.

Accept That Loving Someone Unconditionally Means Total Acceptance Not Just Tolerance

It’s very easy to confuse tolerance and acceptance.

Tolerance is simply saying, “I don’t like what you’re doing, but I’m going to allow you to do it.”

Put in another way, “What you’re doing doesn’t apply to me, but you’re more than free to do it.”

This is not acceptance. Acceptance means, “You are free to be who you are and I accept you fully. I will love you fully, and there are no walls between us.”

Know the difference.

Accept That Loving Someone Unconditionally Means Total Commitment

When you love somebody unconditionally, it means you are totally committed to that person.

It means you accept that person fully, and you’re not going to impose yourself on that person.

It also means that you would be loyal to that person as that person exists.

You’re not going to be loyal to something that you wish that person could become.

Accept That Love Always Carries Risks

Try to understand that once you pull the trigger and allow yourself to unconditionally love somebody, you are always taking a risk.

Why? You might miss out on the right person for you.

Mr. Perfect might just be around the corner. Ms. Perfect might be at your next job.

However, if you fall in love unconditionally, you put that possibility aside and you commit to that person you give your heart to.

Love Requires Willpower and Sacrifice

Just as love is a reflection and product of willpower, love also requires willpower.

This means that you have to give love even if you don’t feel like giving. It means you have to be loving even if it’s not convenient.

This is when you know you’ve matured as a human being.

If you keep looking at your relationships based on your needs, then your relationships will never grow. They will never mature.

Unconditional Love Doesn’t Mean Condoning Self-Destructive Behavior

You can love somebody unconditionally. But this doesn’t mean that they can inject heroin in front of you.

This doesn’t mean that they can snort cocaine in front of you.

Unconditional love also has standards.

You love the other person so much that you want them to live their life to their fullest potential.

This doesn’t mean you’re imposing your values and standards on them. No.

This means that you care for them and you want them to care enough about themselves to be aware of their self-destructive behavior.

Love Can Sometimes Be Harsh

This is one fundamental truth about unconditional love.

You have to remember that love doesn’t always feel good. Love isn’t always convenient.

In many cases, love can often be a struggle.

It’s okay to be in a relationship that has ups and downs. That’s part of being in love.

You have to be prepared for this because this means that you have reached a higher level in your awareness of love.

Otherwise, you will always be judging your relationships based on standards that don’t exist.

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