Ten Reasons Scorpio Will Find Love In 2022

If you were born under the sign of the Scorpion, you know that people misunderstand you all the time.

On the one hand, there are people that think that you are this lovemaking dynamo or this emotionally-intense person that they just need to get in touch with.

On the other hand, you are this person that many people fear because they think you have this heavy-handed vindictiveness that will inflict all sorts of unnecessary drama or pain down the road. You can take refuge in the fact that neither of these extreme cases is true.

Scorpio people, just like with all the people born under the other signs of the horoscope, are normal and real people.

What this means is that you are not the stereotype of your sign. You are much more. In fact, while the horoscope may be a living record of thousands of years of observed human behavior, never underestimate the power of individual choice.

The way our lives turn out is always a result of the choices we take. You have to remember that even if the stars say that your life is going to take a certain direction based on certain personality traits, you only meet to make one or two crucial decisions at certain points in your life that really change the trajectory of your life.

You may be looking at two Scorpio people, born on the same date, born at the same time, but they made different decisions and their lives look very different from each other. Does this prove that the horoscope is wrong? Absolutely not!

What this does mean is that there are still the basic reality and tendencies that people work with on a base level, but certain decisions and certain circumstances change the trajectory of the lives those people took.

So, from this vantage point it may seem that you are looking at two totally different people, but when you look at the core of the different emotional and psychological and attitude issues that they work with, it is pretty much the same.

Keep this in mind when trying to understand the info below. Here are ten reasons Scorpio will find love in 2022:

You Demand Honesty

Let’s face it. We live in a world that is very obsessed with appearances. We live in a world where there are a lot of fake people. The interesting thing about fake people is that they’re fake and they don’t even know about it. It’s like they are living their lives on auto-pilot.

They are living their lives based on habit. It’s one thing to get along with people. It’s another to put on a show. And sometimes, when you’re wearing a mask for too long you start confusing your real face with your mask.

That’s right. We live in a world full of confused people.

Scorpio people are very attractive because they demand honesty. They really cut to the chase. They really cut to the core. In many cases, a lot of your questions when you meet people is basic and will basically be reduced to “who are you?” and this can be the most disconcerting and jarring question anybody with a shred of self-introspection and emotional authenticity would ever hear.

This either draws a person away from you (which is most of the time) or they are drawn to you like a moth to a flame. Never back down from your insistent demand for honesty in your life because it may seem that finding true love is an impossible task, but the more you demand emotional honesty, the more you will attract the right person.

Your Intense Loyalty Makes You Very Attractive

The problem with human relationships is that these relationships are often temporary. These are temporary alliances based on certain sets of circumstances and situations. A lot of people would like to believe that they are products of their principles that don’t really change, but the reality is that we are all products of circumstances.

We are so flexible and so versatile that in many cases we assume attitudes and personalities that are not really our own but more like a reflection of the circumstances that we find ourselves in. The biggest tragedy with all these is that your internal world starts impacting your external world which then impacts your internal world.

So, if you build your life on a lie or some sort of emotional compromise, it doesn’t take long for your whole life to basically be unsustainable mess. This is why many people are scared off by people who are very loyal because loyalty often involves you being true to yourself.

Nobody would die for a lie. Nobody would die for somebody who is an actor or who is a liar.

Scorpios’ intense loyalty draws fake people away, but draws real people to them. It involves a lot of emotional authenticity and a deep level of self-introspection.

At the end of the day, truth is what counts and Scorpio people have that intense loyalty that tends to attract people that value the truth.

Your Intense Passions Scare People Away

Scorpios, throughout the history of the zodiac, have always been intense. Emotional intensity is actually the hallmark of being a Scorpio.

If you are a Scorpio and you don’t really feel intense, you may want to examine your life a little deeper. You might want to look at the different circumstances that make up your overall personality and you would notice that there are a lot of passions there.

Unfortunately, depending on the culture that you find yourself in, depending on how you were raised by your parents, there might have been a big premium paid for suppressing your level of passion.

The good news is that your passion is not something that you should be afraid of. In fact, it’s your passion that could make you a great artist, a great creator, an inventive person and, last but not least, a great lover. The world can often be a dull, dry, boring and really sad place full of compromise and seeing somebody who is driven by passion is definitely a great change.

By allowing yourself to feel intense passion and to be driven by your passions, not only give you a greater sense of purpose, but also make you more attractive to people who are looking for a deep level of emotional authenticity and emotional idealism.

Your Driven Nature Makes You Stand Out

It’s very easy for humanity to drag each other down. You have to remember that the lowest common denominator in any group is inaction, fear and comfort zones. Unfortunately, this is hardly the recipe for success.

This is hardly the recipe for breaking down barriers, achieving the impossible, dreaming big dreams, making tomorrow happen today. You know the big stuff. Most people would rather be focused on what’s possible and just the bare minimum to stick with the script.

It seems like one day tends to melt into the next day without much spice, without much passion. Sure, people get mad at each other. There’s lots of emotional flare outs, but in terms of being driven by this dream, like a Steve Jobs-type of vision for yourself, that’s quite rare.

Scorpio people have that ability because of that emotional core intensity that they have. They shouldn’t be shy about letting that part of their personality shine out.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t be shy about letting that side of your personality, drive you forward to your goals, to your objectives and how you deal with people. This will not only make you stand out from the crowd, but also enable you to achieve a higher level of success than you are enjoying now.

Your tendency to reduce everything into black and white is not as bad as you think.

At some level or another, human beings are political animals. In other words, we are forced to make compromises and we’re often trained when we were little children to accept something halfway rather than completely missing out.

This tendency to accept a compromise or split the difference can help people out. It prevents people from ruffling each other’s feathers or causing unnecessary drama and conflict. But at the same time, it does kill people’s intense desire to make their dreams come true.

In many cases, your dreams cannot be compromised on. In many cases, you have to insist on a black and white solution. Either you get what you want or you get zero. Unfortunately, most people would rather stay in the middle ground. And, most of them know that this is not a workable situation.

Most of them know that they are really settling but they feel that they don’t have any choice. When you enter the scene and you cut a striking figure and you are the person who says “I’d rather see it black or white; there’s no middle ground”, you stand out. This can be an opportunity for drawing people that deep down share your values and any romance that can withstand the test of time is of course based on shared values, not necessarily physical attraction or emotional dependency.

Your Dislike of Flattery Keeps You Real

Make no mistake about it. Scorpio people are all about keeping it real.

There are a lot of cultures in this world where people flatter each other to kind of lubricate things socially and get things done. Not so with a Scorpio. In fact, if you flatter a Scorpio, it’s like you have insulted that person. It’s better to not say anything at all. This, of course, traces back to the Scorpio’s intense black and white conception of the world. This all, of course, is driven by this high-level intensity and passion that informs almost all aspects of a Scorpios life.

This might make you the odd man out. This might make you look awkward in the eyes of co-workers or other people that you need to get along with. But the good news is that this can actually make you a great leader because when you don’t hesitate to cut out the bullshit and get straight down to business and you are more than willing to accept the news for what it is, it makes you a real person. It makes you a force to be dealt with.

While you may develop a lot of enemies, you will also develop a lot of allies. Your dislike of flattery can make you quite attractive to the right people who share the same ideals as you. This is one way Scorpio can find love in 2022.

Focus On What Is Real and Deep

One of the biggest liabilities that Scorpios often carry with them is that they think that for something to be real it has to necessarily be deep.

Of course, anybody with a little bit of maturity would know that this does not necessarily have to be the case. In many cases, people operate on a what-you-see-is-what-you-get. If you think a person has a very shallow level of happiness because they are very simple-minded, that is who they are. Just because you think that they should go deep doesn’t necessarily mean that there is anything deeper to work with. Some people are not naturally shallow.

Most people, actually, are not very deep thinkers. You throw them the right amount of food, the right amount of drinks, the right kind of drinks and the right kind of entertainment, they are set. Why agonize over much more complicated level of spiritual, emotional and intellectual engagement when there’s really nothing there?

As Gertrude Stein used to say, “there is no there there.”

This is very frustrating to the Scorpio because Scorpios often confuse emotional authenticity, emotional depth and spiritual reality with being real; but this often conflicts with reality.

The good news about all this is that you tend to filter out people very quickly. You can still be friends with quite a number of people, but it would be a shallow friendship.

It’s only the people who really understand you wholly get you on a deep level that can stand a chance of actually becoming romantically involved with you in 2022 considering the fact that it is very easy to get emotionally hurt. That is a very good thing.

You Take Things Personally

One of the oldest stereotypes about Scorpios is that you can piss off almost all signs of the horoscope except the Scorpio. If you step on a Scorpion, you have hell to pay. You better be prepared because the payback is going to be rough. It may not happen overnight. It may not take place quickly. But you can be sure that when that person pays you back, he is going to hit you where you live. He or she is going to make sure that it hurts and, most importantly, that it crushes you.

The interesting about the Scorpio personality is that payback is not a one for one kind of deal. In other words, if I take out your eye, I don’t just owe you one eyeball. I may owe you my life. That’s how intense the Scorpio focus on revenge is. And to make matters worse, the things are more intense when it comes to emotional issues with Scorpio.

So it’s one thing to hurt Scorpio physically and they would be able to pay you back at somewhat close or just a little bit over the actual physical injury you did them. But if we’re talking about emotional damage, get ready to get your world rocked.

Now, why am I mentioning this in terms of the reasons the Scorpio will find love in 2022? Well, this tendency to take things personally can be very scary to many people. But it can also attract certain people that are looking for deep levels of emotional commitment.

These are people that have already been burned by people who tend to develop shallow emotional bonds. They’re looking for somebody that is intense enough that it would be very deep and they are more than willing to roll the dice of a bad break up and nasty consequences for that deeper level of commitment, dedication and emotional intensity.

Competition Drives You

This particular analysis of the Scorpio personality applies more towards group settings like work. Work, after all, accounts for a large percentage of romantic introductions and romantic possibilities.

If you analyze people’s lives, nine times out of ten they met the person that they end up with either at school or at work.

So, whether you are in an academic setting or work setting, the Scorpio tendency to focus on a competition actually makes them quite attractive and appealing. The problem with competition is that many people think that it’s negative.

Many people think that competition necessarily pits people against each other.

This is not always true. Competition also involves competing against yourself. The best kind of competition actually is not so much against some other person, but competing against your limits and your comfort zones.

Viewed from this perspective, the Scorpio tendency towards competition is actually quite intoxicating. In fact, it’s quite inspiring. The reality is that many people are resigned to doing the bare minimum to push their lives forward.

As a result, they live quiet, frustrated and desperate lives that basically would settle for lousy results, lousy income, and lousy net worth. But the reality is that their lives are the effects of their choices and seeing somebody that’s really visibly driven to succeed, not necessarily in terms of money, but in terms of proving something to him or herself, can be quite inspiring and highly attractive.

You Repay In Kind Many Times Over

As mentioned above, the Scorpio repays many times over. So if you stab a Scorpio in the back, expect the same treatment but many times over. If you offend a Scorpio, expect a huge payback of the worst kind. Now, you might think that this is completely negative and I’ve already outlined some situations where this could be viewed in a positive light.

However, this also has a more obvious positive element to it. The fact that somebody is willing to repay you many times over when you do something bad to that person implies that that person will likewise repay you in kind many times over if you do something positive to that person.

This is precisely how the Scorpio personality is oriented. It takes only one act of kindness for this person to keep repaying you many times over. In fact, it doesn’t take much for you to gain the intense loyalty of a Scorpio as long as you work kind to this person in a very genuine way.

It’s not uncommon for Scorpios to go down with the ship for people that they are loyal to.

That’s how intense they are. If you are a Scorpio and this is obvious that you do this, it’s not hard to imagine why members of the opposite gender will find you desirable as a life partner because the reality is that many relationships are often contractual in nature.

In other words, somebody will only love you as much as you love them. And if there is some sort of imbalance, or because you get tired, you get sick, the relationship falls apart or changes in a negative way.

However, if you are in a partnership with somebody that is able to repay you in kind many times over, it’s easier for the relationship to sustain. It’s easier for the relationship to really last until death to you part. That is a key aspect of the Scorpio personality that makes it attractive to other signs in 2022.

11 replies on “Ten Reasons Scorpio Will Find Love In 2022”

Imelda Green said on

I want to hear from all my Scorpio readers – ask a question or leave a comment xx

    Very nice. It’s an emotional month. Can any man handle my love in the 21st. The majority of 21st century men are damaged and immature

    These are the reasons that drives every man away. As a Scorpio woman I’ve been really unlucky in love the past years. Wish to get a break and meet a nice warm-hearted man…is it too much to ask for?

      I feel your frustration! Most guys really do not understand us and I think it’s because this generation, flippant, nonchalant attitudes are more admired than intensity. You’re taken as a weirdo or something if you’re too driven, too loyal and too honest. I love hard but unfortunately, I’m now learning to scale it all back.

      Scipleaires said on

      I feel you I’m a strong Aires female. They want me but only once or twice they still call talk friend zone once a month. Why are they scared of a confident woman

    Мария Зиборова said on

    Dear Imelda!

    Great Thanks to U… This article is very fascinating and profound…reviels various aspects, advanteges & disadvantades of Scorpion soul’s nature…
    I lerned a LOT out of it…though u know Scorpios do care & seak 4 data abt their zodiac sighn))
    Thank u 4 d oppotunity 2 better & deeper understand my & my zodiac fellows nature))
    U r great astrologist & surely Ur articles shud b highly appreciated 4 its original, individual & precise content))

    Highest regards,

      Wow. This is very interesting. As a Scorpio woman, I especially like that you add that we are not slaves to our stereotypes! I’ve been in a crazy, up and down relationship with a Cancer-Leo Cusp man for five years now, I wonder if our relationship will get stronger or will I stumble into someone new?

        Мария Зиборова said on

        Rchl, hello!
        I’m not sure ur personal question applies 2me)) and wish u all d luck in love u can get!
        Looks like u support d idea of Scorpio being TOTALLY INTENSE in love)
        And still..I wonder & ask myself sometimes, weather its not toooooo much, demanding & exhausting, even cruel towards people we “love”….
        And 2 ourselves, after all))

        Kindest regards,

          Renee Terrell said on

          Your take on the scorpio, is so correct. Because unlike others i seek to understand my self and others. So i am usually in tune with those whom i allow into in my life, it does not take long for me to filter them out. Becsuse the moment i meet them , unknow to them i sm screening them to see if we hsbe sny connection. I am slso s great listener, do i pay closr attention to what they say, snd what they choose to put a big emphasis on. And you are also so correct on stating how we cut through the chase. Good view piont.

Piscesgirl said on

I have been dating a Scorpio man (single dad) for 2 months but doesn’t want to commit just yet. I’m a Pisces woman (single mom). we have an amazing chemistry, we’re always laughing and have lots of passion for each other. How long should I wait for him to make his mind?

Scipleaires said on

They will when they are ready as simple as that, my causal bed actions with Scorpio man very clear no girlfriend straight casual. Avoided seeing me for a month then in a beat around the bush way comes out with being exclusive completely out of the blue. But their usually very loyal so he’ll probably be commit long before ever saying it out loud

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