The Scorpio Male Personality

The Scorpio Male Personality

Scorpio Male Personality Traits

If you want to better understand the personality type of the Scorpio male this special personality analysis will give you my expert advice on how you can best understand the Scorpio male.

The Scorpio, whether male or female, is one of the most interesting personality types in the horoscope. There are a lot of assumptions and misconceptions about the Scorpio male traits and character. A lot of this, of course, has to do with lovemaking.

A lot of this has to do with rather an attention-grabbing aspects of the Scorpio personality, however, at the core of the Scorpio, is really an intense individual.

There’s a lot of excitement in this intensity. A lot of people, mostly Earth signs particularly Capricorns, are just amazed by Scorpio men.

While they don’t want to have a life of a Scorpio, they like to observe from afar and admire. It’s kind of like watching a movie. Everybody likes action movies. A lot of people like dramas. Everybody wants to be entertained. However, we don’t want our lives to be the entertainment. See the difference?

Scorpio men are a lot of fun to some extent because of the intensity with the way they see the world. This is the key to understanding the Scorpio male personality. Maybe you need to understand a Scorpio male because of romantic relationship. Maybe you need to get inside a Scorpio male because you have a business partner or you work with a Scorpio.

Regardless, it’s a fascinating study in contrast and it can also be a very rewarding experience to have a Scorpio man in your life.

If you had the choice you would want, in most cases, to have a Scorpio man on your side. They make for great and loyal friends. With that said, they can get extreme as well. Seemingly small slights or injuries are not easily forgiven or forgotten. So, keep the following tips in mind while working with or loving a Scorpio man.

Scorpio Men Have Extreme Black and White Views

We all know after spending at least a couple of decades on this planet that the world cannot be reduced to black and white.

There are so many situations and so many things that can happen in life that are totally beyond our control. We really don’t want to cheat ourselves by putting the world in one or two boxes. But, that is precisely the Scorpio man’s worldview.

You either are wearing a black hat or white hat. You are either a friend or a foe. Something is either good or bad.

There’s a lot of theories regarding why Scorpio males tend to think this way. The most basic theory is basically claiming that they are dumb. In other words, they don’t want to explore or they are willfully ignorant.

They don’t want to deal with the different gradations of colour in the world. So, out of sheer ignorance and dumbness, they basically choose to look at the world in a black or white manner.

The problem with this analysis, besides the fact that this is extremely insulting, is the reality that most Scorpio males are actually quite smart. They are actually quite emotionally literate and very intellectually astute.

There are many Scorpios that do well in life both in corporate life, the art world and the academic world. They are by no means stupid and to think that they do not really allow you to understand the true traits and characteristics of the Scorpio man.

A more nuanced analysis of the Scorpio tendency to reduce things to black and white is that it makes things simpler for them. They are intelligent and they are able to handle many different situations.

But in terms of navigation, things are easier when you reduce it to black and white. Keep in mind, the computer or the smartphone that you are using to read this article reduces everything to zeros or ones. This is called digital computing. So maybe reducing things to black and white in certain circumstances might make a lot of sense.

Regardless, you have to approach the Scorpio male with this fact in mind. You don’t want to be put in the black hat camp. You don’t want to be put in the enemy camp. So be very careful with what you say. Be very careful with how you position yourself.

This does not mean you have to lie. This does not mean to sugar-coat everything. You just have to be very mindful of what you are saying or what you’re doing around a Scorpio male.

Scorpio Men Either Love or Hate Extremes

If there is one word to describe the Scorpio male personality, it is extreme.

It can either be extremely driven, or extremely lazy. They are extremely passionate or they could care less. It’s either type of existence.

Many women find this part of the Scorpio male personality extremely attractive. However, keep in mind that these women tend to be young.

When it comes time to have a family or you are a little bit older and more mature, this gets kind of old. So, keep that in mind when considering a long-term relationship with a Scorpio man as it’s not uncommon for Scorpio men to say he loves things and then in the next sentence that he hates other things. In most cases, there’s no gradation. There’s no sliding scale of feelings with men born under Scorpio in my experience!

A Great Friend or A Bitter Enemy

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, one of the biggest challenges for Scorpio men is the fact that they cannot let go. If you step on their toes, one too many times, or you ruffled their feathers, one too many times, you’re going to develop an enemy.

You’re not going to develop a guy that’s just annoyed at you. You’re not going to develop somebody who may have a few unkind words against you. You’re going to develop somebody who will try to destroy you, somebody who will try to harm you.

That’s how extreme it can get. In the worldview of the Scorpio on the other hand, this is completely a normal behaviour. They either understand you and love you, or, don’t get you and they would ignore you, or, they would understand you and they hate you.

There is no grey area. There is no room of colour in their world. So, keep this in mind, if you have a Scorpio boss and you notice you have a tough time getting promoted. Look into this possibility that he has put you in a bad guy category. Once you are in that category, it’s almost impossible to get out.

There are many cases of relationship where the Scorpio man has just basically given up on his partner, either left her or has become emotionally dead. No amount of crying or pleading can turn the fire back on in regards to the Scorpio male point of view unless he wants to.

So, it can get quite complicated when it comes to friendships, work relations, and romance. Scorpios have a tough time letting go. They have a tough time forgiving. They are always looking for revenge so be very, very careful if you decide to cross a Scorpio male.

Scorpio Men are Either Very Driven or Very Lazy

As mentioned earlier, there is no grey area with the Scorpio men. They give it their all. Either they hate you or they love you. Either way, you are going to know immediately.

The moment the person walks in the room, you can feel it. This person is not going to talk behind your back. He’s not going to do any of that.

You will feel it, will know it, and you will have to live with it. That’s just how a Scorpio man is. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If the Scorpio is on your side and you have a particular cause or agenda that you need to champion, there is no better ally than a Scorpio man that believes in what you are doing.

Once you get a Scorpio man committed, chances are you will succeed. This is why Scorpio guys make great corporate soldiers. They make great low-ranked military personnel. They give it all they’ve got.

However, if you give them a reason to think you are a hypocrite or you give them a reason to think you that they are wasting their time, in other words, they are looking for commitment in your part as the leader as well, and if you don’t give them that, watch your back.

Scorpio men do not like to be disappointed.

They do not like to feel that they just wasted their time. They do not like to be made fools of.

With that said, remember in the horoscope system, although there is a predominant personality trait, however, there are many different shades of that personality trait. It depends on when you are born, what other planets are at play, and what phase the moon is when you were born. Just because you are a Scorpio, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have all these traits and characteristics.

The flip side of the Scorpio personality is that they can be very, very lazy. In other words, it’s very hard to motivate a Scorpio man. This can impact your relationship.

One of the most negative traits of the Scorpio man is that sometimes they just don’t have the drive to try whether romantically, supporting your friends, or whatever it is.

That being said I still truly believe that the Scorpio male personality is one of the most interesting personality types in the horoscope.

Keep the tips above in mind and see how your interactions with the Scorpio male personality will play out.

Just remember that you have to be very mindful of the fact that there are two types of Scorpio men in this world. There are Scorpios that are very mellow and get along well with others and don’t seem to display all the extreme qualities of the stereotypical Scorpio and then if there is, of course, the classical Scorpio male personality.

Know which type you are dealing with and work with them accordingly. Otherwise, you can experience something similar to stepping on a Scorpion with your bare foot. It’s guaranteed to not be a pleasant experience!

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