September 11 Zodiac

September 11 Zodiac

What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on September 11?

If you were born on September 11th, your zodiac sign is Virgo.

As a Virgo born on this day, you are a very practical person. You’re not very big on theory, on how things should be, or on grand idealistic pictures of the future.

You’re just focused on what exists now. You wrap your mind around how things are.

For the most part, this works in your favor, believe it or not. However, there are certain areas of your life that can use a bit of experimentation.

You can loosen up a bit, as far as your imagination is concerned, so you can add tremendous value and space to your conception of the ideal or the good life.

Love Horoscope for September 11 Zodiac

Lovers born on this day are perceived as very boring and sticking to the basics.

We’re not only talking about your love life, or your ability to provide; we’re talking about your attitude altogether.

While sticking to the basics and taking care of your responsibilities are important, they’re just a starting point.

If you’re a lover, you should not just focus on physically pleasing your partner, but you should also focus on the greater things.

I am, of course, talking about providing a sense of purpose, exploring the world together, or otherwise, injecting a sense of transcendence in your interpersonal relationships.

Believe it or not, even the most physical, bed, and sensual partner looks for some level of transcendence.

If you’re not able to provide that, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they start looking elsewhere.

Career Horoscope for September 11 Zodiac

People born on this day are best suited for any kind of entry level or mid-level job.

You’re the type of person who just focuses on your needs on that particular day.

Not surprisingly, you don’t really shoot to be promoted. You don’t aim for that ideal job. You see problems one at a time. You have a problem with money, so you look for a job.

You don’t really care whether you love the job or could grow in it; you just need a job.

That’s the kind of mindset you have. If you want to reach the top or earn more money, you need to stop thinking that way.

Even so, since that’s your mindset, you tend to do well at entry level to lower mid-level jobs.

People Born on September 11 Personality Traits

You have an inborn sense of tradition. You believe in staying on the course and sticking with what you already know.

You confuse this with practicality. You believe that things are the way they are, they’re not going to change, and there’s really no need to change.

As long as you’re getting what you’re looking for, no matter how small it is, then you find a way to be content. While this can be practical and useful, it is also very limiting.

Positive Traits of the September 11 Zodiac

You call things for what they are. You are that child in the story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, who speaks the truth to power. You focus on the plain and obvious.

This makes you a very popular person because a lot of people may be thinking a lot of stuff, but you’re the one with the guts to say it.

Negative Traits of the September 11 Zodiac

There are certain situations where pointing out the obvious is simply too obvious. In other words, you’re just wasting your time.

You’re actually at risk of making a big fool out of yourself because you’re pointing out stuff that people already know.

You think it’s speaking truth to power, but you’re really just spinning around in circles.

On the other hand, there are certain situations and contexts where you are overturning some shared delusion or faulty assumption that people have around you. Learn to know, which is which.

September 11 Element

Earth is the paired element of all Virgo people.

The particular aspect of earth that is most relevant to your personality is that earth is the foundation material of humanity.

If you’re going to build a house, you’re going to build it on the soil. If you’re going to plant, you’re going to plant in the soil.

Your focus on the basics is so reminiscent of the earth’s ability to provide for our basic needs. It’s a base requirement. The big challenge for you is to go beyond the basic.

September 11 Planetary Influence

Mercury is the ruling planet of all Virgo people.

The particular aspect of Mercury that is most relevant in your personality is its heat. You could use a lot more heat. A life of passion is the right kind of life.

You tend to lose heat very quickly. You get excited about getting a job, and then you settle. You cool down rapidly, like the dark side of Mercury.

My Top Tips for Those with a September 11th Birthday

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. A little variety is the spice of life.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. You’d make a bigger fool of yourself if you come off as dry, boring, and unimaginative.

Lucky Color for the September 11th Zodiac

Your lucky color is white.

White is very pure. It can be the color of power. Unfortunately, in your case, white is just blinding.

It’s so blinding that you get disoriented, and you just stop where you are. You have a tendency to do that, and you have to stop.

Lucky Numbers for September 11 Zodiac

The lucky numbers for those born on 11th of September are – 67, 1, 86, 26, and 49.

This is Why People Born on 11th September are So Lucky

Virgo people tend to be a little critical, if not altogether cynical – yet a Virgo born on 11th September has a slightly more cheerful disposition than most other members of their star sign.

This gives them a more balanced overview – you’re not afraid to hope, but also pragmatic enough to know how to hope wisely.

People born on 11th September are lucky because they have this balanced outlook.

They like to see the brighter side of things, which itself invites an abundance mentality that itself draws in good fortune. Like attracts like, as they say.

Embracing opportunities as they arise and trusting your gut a little more than the more ruminating approach adopted by most Virgo people means that you’re able to see good luck for what it is, and follow its course without fretting about what comes next. It’s a great way to be.

Final Thought for the September 11 Zodiac

You have a lot to offer. The problem is you are your own worst enemy. You tend to settle for things you shouldn’t settle for. Life is all about pushing our boundaries.

It’s not about sticking to what has been tried and proven. It’s not about contenting ourselves with limiting beliefs regarding what is.

If you really want a life of relentless victory, discovery, excitement, and adventure, focus on inserting a lot more speculation, imagination, and exploration in your life.

Life is too short. Don’t act like a 90-year-old person when you’re just in your 20s.

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