The Gorilla Spirit Animal

The Gorilla Spirit Animal

Gorilla Spirit Animal

The gorilla spirit animal is often mistaken as aggressive and ferocious because of its massive size, but what you don’t know is that it is quite a peaceful and gentle animal.

Just like with the turtle spirit animal, the gorilla symbolism is generous in its wisdom, and you will find that it also imparts protective energies to those who are attracted to them!

Common Gorilla Spirit Animal Meanings

The meaning of the gorilla teaches you to hold your head high and acknowledge the nobility within you.

You have honor and dignity, and you should always remember this when you find yourself in situations that leave you vulnerable to bad behavior.

In contrast to the meaning of the salamander spirit animal, the gorilla also speaks about the importance of leadership.

You should learn to lead with temperance, fairness, compassion, and understanding, and never with hostility or aggression.

The gorilla spirit animal makes use of sophisticated communication to interact with each other, and this says a lot about your interaction with people and the community.

It teaches you to be aware and invested with what’s happening around you, and to be a functioning and responsible member of society.

Does a Gorilla Symbolise Good Luck?

The meaning of the gorilla also speaks about wisdom and generosity, just like the starfish spirit animal.

When you are wise about your dealings and generous in your blessings, good luck and prosperity will always make their way to you!

Does seeing a Gorilla mean Love is coming?

The gorilla symbolism appears to you when you are looking for stability and a sense of security in your life.

You may be actively looking for someone to love and spend the rest of your life with, but you should reevaluate your reasons for doing so.

The meaning of the gorilla reassures you that love will come to you at the right time and for the right reasons. If it’s not happening yet, don’t lose hope!

Use this time to make yourself ready for when the real thing comes along. Trust that it will happen for you soon and that you will have your beautiful love story.

Positive Traits of the Gorilla Spirit Animal

When you are being guided by the gorilla totem, you are outgoing and energetic. You are cheerful and full of life.

You are the life of the party because of your infectious energy. You are social and enjoy being in large groups.

You are always in a good mood because you have lots of friends. You are also popular anywhere you go!

You are clever and smart. You are analytical, which makes you a good problem solver.

You do well in jobs that get you active physically and mentally. You are a natural leader who can command people with your determination, decisiveness, and personal strength.

You are always ready to work and take on responsibilities, and you seldom fail at your job. When you commit to something, you make sure that you finish it and that you are satisfied with the results.

Negative Traits of the Gorilla Spirit Animal

You can be egotistical and aggressive in your desire for attention.  You just love it when the attention is on you.

If you’re being ignored, you can be mean and sullen. You can also be petty and unreasonable.

You are a very active person, and you love to express yourself through physical activities. If you don’t get enough time to do them, it affects your moods and make you overly emotional.

You don’t bother hiding how you feel, and this can rub people the wrong way. You have quite a big personality and you don’t care if you are pushing people away because of it.

You know a lot of people, but your friendship with them tends to be on the shallow side. You like making friends because you like to have your own little following.

You want people to adore you. But you keep your emotional distance, and you do not have any second thoughts about leaving someone when you meet someone new and interesting.

Call on your Gorilla Spirit Animal when:

  • You need to demonstrate strong leadership qualities.
  • There’s no shortcut to being a good leader. You need to work hard for it and foster good relationships without acting like you are better than the rest.
  • You need to communicate your message effectively.
  • It’s important to listen well if you want to communicate well. Listen to the words that are being said, as well as the ones that aren’t.
  • You are lacking thoughtfulness or compassion.

Be the kind of person who lends a helping hand before people come to you for help. Be aware of what others are going through and do your part in making their lives better.

5 Unusual Facts About Gorilla Symbolism

If you initially try to think about the concept of gorilla symbolism or the gorilla spirit animal, then there is a good chance that you will think about strength and power over and above anything else.

However, there are actually so many different facets to this spirit animal, many of which you will have never even contemplated at any point.

1. It is far more gentle than you thought.

Gorilla symbolism is far more gentile than the size and power of the actual gorilla may indicate.

Yes, there can be an aggressive side to it all, but there is also a sense of loving and caring that is often overlooked. This is all about trying to show that first impressions do not have to be true.

2. Think more positively about yourself.

The gorilla spirit animal is also focused on getting you to think more positively about your own self as this will then have a positive impact on the rest of your life.

You are encouraged to hold your head high and to feel more noble about yourself than you may have been doing up until this point.

There is also the idea that you have your dignity about you, and you are implored to remember that when it comes to you dealing with any situation that you may be in.

3. Leadership is going to prove to be important.

This may be less of a surprise to you, but leadership is going to be a key aspect of gorilla symbolism.

However, there are ways and means of you being the leader, and those methods are also going to be important to how successful you are.

There has to be a sense of being completely fair at all times and to also be compassionate to others.

You cannot be a tyrant or there will be some issues that will develop either now or in the future.

Never be hostile or aggressive as that is not going to allow you to get the kind of response you were searching for.

4. Gorilla symbolism is also about good luck.

Gorilla symbolism is all about the idea of good luck, but this is because of the way in which you have been dealing and interacting with others.

You are generous and have a sense of wisdom about it all that ultimately leads to you getting the kid of results that you were searching for.

You may be making your own luck, but at the end of the day your actions will lead to positive outcomes.

5. You are pretty good at problem-solving.

The idea of gorilla symbolism is that it means you are going to be good at problem-solving and have the patience and mental ability to deal with any problem placed in front of you.

You experience in life will serve you well to such an extent that you will look forward to problems and puzzles instead of shying away from them.

Gorilla symbolism is not all about power and strength even though that can play a role. Instead, it is more flexible and gentle than you may have been expecting, but then that is not going to be a bad thing.

My final thoughts on the Gorilla Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

Take your life to the direction that is right for you. Pay no mind to what other people are saying and just do whatever is in your best interests.

The gorilla meaning appears to you as a confirmation that all your plans are going well, and any endeavor that you want you to pursue will be solid and steady.

Stay grounded as you accomplish your tasks and believe that your inner strength will get you through the difficult parts.

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