The Lizard Spirit Animal

The Lizard Spirit Animal

lizard symbolism

Lizard Symbolism

The lizard spirit animal is a true survivor. Lizard symbolism seeks to show you that there are powers of survival that are untapped within you.

Just like when the lizard loses its tail during battle, you should also learn to surrender what no longer works for you so that you can be open to the regenerative energies of life.

Only then can your true transformation and rebirth begin.

Common Lizard Meanings

If the lizard is your spirit animal, the message that it wants to tell you is to go with the flow, just like with the jellyfish spirit animal.

When things are confusing and you don’t know what to do, or when you’re in a position that you have worked so hard to achieve but unsure about how to proceed, just go with the flow!

Follow where the flow takes you, but tread lightly. You still need to go about it with shrewdness and perception if you want to come out in one piece.

But never back down. Face your fears, each one of them, even if you have plenty of them.

Welcome a season of rebirth and renewal. Whatever you have lost in the past, this is your chance to win it back or replace it with something new.

Just like the frog meaning, the lizard meaning also highlights the need to be still and quiet when the situation calls for it.

Opportunities can disappear if you’re too busy with something else, so try to take it slow so that life can catch up to you!

The meaning of the lizard also focuses on the need to be sensitive. Like your lizard totem, you should be in tune with your environment to know what’s going on around you and to anticipate things before they happen.

Like the monkey, the lizard spirit animal also reminds you of the importance of having spontaneity and variation in your life. These are the things that keep life new and interesting.

The lizard symbolism wants you to focus on being quick and alert, because you never know when life will throw a curveball.

When this happens, face it with courage and strength because this is an opportunity for you to grow.

Do Lizards Symbolise Good Luck?

The lizard symbolism is a good reminder for you to look out for potential threat.

These threats can come in different forms, and sometimes they can even come from the people who are closest to you.

When you sense these threats, you can benefit from them in remarkable ways.

This can be your chance to show the world just what you’re made of, and this can lead to newer and better opportunities!

Does seeing a Lizard mean Love is coming?

The lizard spirit animal urges you to free yourself from the shackles of the past. It reassures you that by embracing a higher awareness of yourself and your abilities, you make yourself more attractive to love.

You increase the probability of finding the kind of love that you desire and the kind of love that you deserve.

When it comes to love, always look forward to it and envision yourself happy and truly satisfied.

Positive Traits of the Lizard Spirit Animal

If your spirit animal is the lizard, you are also flexible and adaptive to your surroundings. You are a true warrior that can withstand difficult circumstances and situations.

Your lizard totem is quick to escape predators and fast to catch prey.

The same can be said for you when you see threat or danger, or when you spot an opportunity that will bring you closer to your goals.

Just like the lizard symbolism, you go with the flow. You follow where the tides take you.

Wherever you end up, you make the best of it and allow it to change you for the better. You always look for reasons to change and ways to rejuvenate yourself.

Negative Traits of the Lizard Spirit Animal

The lizard spirit animal is a cold-blooded creature, and people who share an affinity with the lizard can also be cold-blooded.

This side of you will only show when you get provoked, but people who know you well would rather not see it.

You are shrewd, sometimes too shrewd for your own good. You are also introverted, which makes it hard for people to connect with you on a deeper and more personal level.

The lizard is also a natural trickster. It uses trickery to confuse or deceive predators.

You also have your moods sometimes when you just want to know what you can get away with. You use camouflage and trickery to manipulate people and situations.

Call on your Lizard Spirit Animal when:

  • You want to get back what you have lost.
  • The meaning of the lizard is clear: whatever you have lost will be replaced with something better and more beautiful. It may not be the exact same thing, but it will be something that you need and something that’s best for you.
  • You feel like you’re doing the same things over and over.
  • When you feel like you’re going through the same cycles again and again, it’s time to introduce something new in your life. Do something that scares you, or something unexpected, because this will give your life the jumpstart that it needs.
  • You need to do some soul searching.

When you start to get restless and unhappy, that’s your cue to find some peace and quiet and listen to the stirrings of your soul.

You don’t need to go far; just find your quiet corner at home and meditate on it.

5 Unusual Facts About Lizard Symbolism

If you were at all concerned as to what lizard symbolism could involve, then there is no need to be as afraid.

In fact, having the lizard spirit animal by your side is going to result in an upturn in your fortunes if you allow it to effectively work its magic.

However, to really get to grips with what this animal can offer you, then we should look at several facts to help build a better picture.

1. It is symbolic of being a survivor.

One of the key attributes associated with lizard symbolism is that it is connected to the idea of being a survivor and also making sure that you are aware that there is some extra strength deep inside of you that has not yet been unleashed.

You are stronger than you know, and you are far more capable of overcoming the odds than you realise.

2. It also means you should go with the flow.

Another key aspect is that it does mean you should really go with the flow in life as much as possible.

Of course, you have to be aware of what you are doing or anything that is actually not going to be working in your favor, but there should be a sense of freedom where you just allow various things to happen as you feel relaxed about it all and know that, should something go wrong, you will be able to deal with it and survive.

3. It should symbolise being sensitive to things.

The lizard spirit animal is also there to tell you that there is a real need to be quite sensitive about things wherever possible.

This is going to entail being in tune with your environment at all times and being aware of what is happening and then reacting accordingly.

You need to be alert and know when to be more gentle with your approach rather than rushing in head first.

4. You need to be fast.

A lizard is able to react to things very quickly, and you need to be the same no matter what the issue or situation may be.

Those that delay can miss out on wonderful opportunities, and you certainly do not want to be in that bracket of life.

5. Be spontaneous and have variety in life.

Lizard symbolism is also closely related to the idea of being more spontaneous in life and making sure that you have some variety in what you are doing.

Just repeating the same thing over and over again is going to be no fun whatsoever and life will become stagnant, which is something that you certainly do not want to happen.

Ultimately, lizard symbolism is all about being able to react and to be aware of what is happening in your life and surroundings at any given time.

It will also be directly related to you having the courage to go with whatever direction life is pushing you into as you have the ability to deal with whatever life is going to throw at you.

My final thoughts on the Lizard Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

What the lizard meaning wants to tell you is to not be in such a hurry to get to your destination. Take a pause, slow down, and smell the roses.

Be in sync with nature and your environment.

When the lizard spirit animal comes into your consciousness, remember to trust your instincts, move fast, act quickly, and adapt to your environment.

Take a long and hard look at yourself and know what drives you. Give it your complete focus and listen to what your heart is trying to tell you!

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